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East End Advertiser lies about Brick Lane ad Crossrail exposed

notocrossrail | 22.05.2006 12:23 | Globalisation | Social Struggles | London

The lies told by the East End Advertiser and other corporate media in relation to the Crossrail plans prior to the local elections on behalf of Labour have now been exposed. The Brick Lane area is and remains under threat from the Crossrail plans as it is the only area to continue being a target for tunnel alignments and a harmful ventilation and intervention shaft. On Tuesday May 23, a Crossrail committee of MPs will come to Brick Lane to see the site after 12pm.

The Crossrail scheme, which has been exposed as catering for the rich City while harming the East parts of London in order to gain compulsory purchase powers and exploit land development opportunities.

The characters or Britain's taxpayers money grabbing oligarchs who are behind the scheme include usual suspects such as ex-lawyer Adrian Montague, the guru of PFI schemes that have cost taxpayers billions and Bechtel, a company which was chosen without legal tendering has a record of costly and poorly delivered projects is well-documented both in the US and countries like Iraq.

For more information about the Crossrail scam, see

Unfortunately, the original Corporatewatch story has been interfered with.