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Salonika 7 Hunger Strike: Solidarity Action

Free Salonika 7 | 19.11.2003 00:49 | Thessaloniki EU | Indymedia | Repression | Social Struggles | London

Seven people arrested last June during the anti-EU Summit demonstrations in Thessaloniki, Greece, are still in prison awaiting trial. Five on them have been on hunger strike for over 41 days and are currently hospitalized in critical condition. A solidarity action has been taking place in Edinburgh since Monday 17th November

Leaflets describing the situation of the detainees were distributed on Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th. A petition addressed to the Greek ministers of Justice and the Interior demanding the immediate release of all seven prisoners was also circulated for signing. We are going to be on High Street (near St. Gyles Cathedral) collecting signatures for as long as Simon Chapman, Suleiman Dakduk, Carlos Martinez, Fernando Perez, Spiros Tsitsas and two unnamed juveniles are in prison.

You can address your concerns at the following e-mail addresses:
Greek Embassy in the UK:
Greek Consul in Edinburgh:

Any offers, ideas, suggestions for further action are welcome at:

Free Salonika 7
- e-mail: