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Sévèke: Keystone Cops or Spic & Span Cover Up?

Henk Ruyssenaars | 19.11.2005 13:28 | Globalisation | Repression | Social Struggles

Twenty-four hours after the daily scrubbing and cleaning with special vehicles* and the second sweep by hand of the municipal 'Garbage and Cleaning Service' DAR, detectives again faked to investigate a political murder on the same Spic & Spanned spot...

Sévèke: Keystone Cops or Spic & Span Cover Up?


Twenty-four hours after the daily scrubbing and cleaning with special vehicles* and the second sweep by hand of the municipal 'Garbage and Cleaning Service' DAR, detectives again faked to investigate a political murder on the same Spic & Spanned spot...

by Henk Ruyssenaars

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The Netherlands - Nijmegen - Nov. 19th - 2005 - Exactly one day after the very busy central post office area as usual had been 'Spic & Spanned' by the municipal street cleaners with their special hosing down and rotating brushes vehicles* - the people in charge of the 25 detectives team investigating the brutal political murder of the famous local activist, Louis Sévèke, decided to have the same part of the street cordoned of "to renew the investigation."

Pretending to be looking for - what they knew - were non-existent 'traces' of the murderer who was seen waiting there. - When my photographer and I later in the day again visited the area, chalked arrows and lines on the post office side walk were still visible.

According to eyewitnesses and the daily working schedule* of the municipal cleaning service DAR there should not be a trace of 'garbage' left in the portals and on the places where the special murder squad now 'renewed' the investigation 'looking for evidence' as the state's spokeswomen and -men officially and via their mainstream and commercial media broadly announced. The area around the post office - I was there again, yesterday and the post office is visited by hundreds of people daily - this area is cleaned twice daily by the DAR: once mechanically and once by hand. Every day, and Thursday morning too.

One of the many eyewitnesses is the local FPF correspondent - born 5 decades ago and bred in Nijmegen, who knows the city and local alternative circumstances very well too: " I am willing to take an oath in court on this. I saw the street cleaners from DAR with their 'electric dog' cleaning vehicles with my own eyes: as usual cleaning and sweeping that whole area, the broad sidewalks, streets and the crossing at the post office. Even around and behind obstacles on the sidewalks, like the flower stall opposite the post office.

I always drive that same street from my house to the Bruna bookshop in the Central railway station here, where I every Thursday morning pick up a French paper (Figaro Litéraire) to which I am subscribed. And every Thursday morning around 08.30 when I'm driving there I see them cleaning the area, and last Thursday morning too." the FPF correspondent confirmed.


In the United States FBI director J. Edgar Hoover was feared because of his collecting negative information and facts, to be used and abused, for instance for blackmailing his possible opponents and others. A dirty method since than called 'Hooverism'. The so called 'murder investigation' however, looks like 'Hooverism the other way around'. Instead of gathering evidence, it's destroyed whilst the people are made to believe that the investigation is thorough, painstakingly careful and accurate. Well, it's not.

Proof is also the fact that the investigators have security camera pictures, but have 3 1/2 days later not shown video or other picture material, not even a composite kit drawing 'to help the investigation': "We have put that material on the shelf until further notice, it's going to take a while before we have analyzed it." it's officially said: ''We want to hear the 45 witnesses first''.* On the Nijmegen police web site there's an alleged rapist in a July case however, who gets his composite kit drawing published - [Url.:]


People don't even know whether the professional assassin is 5 or 6 feet tall, what his complexion is or how Sévèke's 'hit man' was dressed. It's only know that the man was 'white male with a sporting bag' of which there are some tenthousands in this city. Identity information the police normally always gladly and fast distributes - it saves work for the police too - even if it's only the robbery of a tobacco shop by some petty criminals.

When the case two days later was presented on TV - "we have an agreement with him" the police spokesman said - it looked like a lousy performance on purpose in a commercial TV 'Crime Watch' program called 'Buro Misdaad' - in English 'Crime Desk'. The program was started some weeks ago by ex-cop and crime journalists John van de Heuvel. He normally works as a crime reporter for the lousiest and biggest circulation papers, De Telegraaf.

But his 'Crime Desk' program - according to the police - 'did not turn up a single tip'. They'll repeat the sham next week in a similar program on Dutch TV, (Opsporing Verzocht) - Answers to the questions and observations in this article most probably will not be served: real and honest information is not to be expected.


It's a strange fact too, that some people who happened to be there and took pictures of the murder scene with their mobile phones, say they have turned over those pictures to the police at their request. Apparently they are already lost as evidence, because in an article in the state information paper 'De Volkskrant' - the police denies having received or seen any pictures given to them. [Denial of pictures - Volkskrant - in Dutch -]

Sévèke's assassin, waiting for his victim with his sporting bag containing the murder weapon at the central post office, which proves the murder was planned in advance - has by many witnesses been seen last Tuesday night, according to the police. Just before nine o'clock and eighty meters from the spot where political firebrand Sévèke professionally and calmly was liquidated with two shots. The shots were very loud, people who heard them said, apparently no silencer was used.

One eyewitness - who has been questioned by the police - says he saw the killing and according to him "a sawn-off shotgun* was used.'' - [ ] - On national TV this witness - Rambeau - (Rambo?) was seen and heard saying: "I saw both horrible wounds in his chest from the two blasts."

The section report by the State Forensic Institute confirms the two shots, but not their character nor place. - [Autopsy report in Dutch - Url.:] - No empty shells seem to have been found at the scene of the crime, because from witnesses nor police anything is heard or seen about that matter.

Logically the question arises: why would the killer transport a revolver or pistol in a sporting bag? A handgun is normally carried on the body, and a pistol can be equipped with a small bag contraption which 'catches' the empty shells after firing so they are not left as evidence.

A 'coup de grâce', a final shot ended his life, and with it his fiery but always correct and legally based opposition to those malignant powers maltreating many in The Netherlands. Louis Sévèke - their victim - will be buried next Tuesday.

The title* of being the "Cleanest City of The Netherlands" - was won by Nijmegen last September 4th.

Certainly it's a great honor, but aren't the 'cleaners' exaggerating?

Henk Ruyssenaars


* Working scheme DAR: twice daily machine and hand sweeps of the center of the city of Nijmegen - Url.:

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* Alleged rapist merits police composition drawing - Text in Dutch - - Url.:

* Renewed investigation - Sorry in Dutch - Nijmegen police web site - Url.: Tweede sporenonderzoek in zaak Sévèke - Url.:

* Nijmegen 'Cleanest city in Holland' - in Dutch - Url.:

* Map of murder place van Welderenstraat and it's Post office area - look for the Post's horn logo - Url.:

* The (mostly forbidden) 'Lupara' is one of the most known examples os 'short' shotguns - Url.:

* Sawn off shotguns like the Lupara are still being made - Url.:

* The weapon is usually used with buckshot which has become a less popular round over the last few decades. It is a shot round with pellets large enough to take down large game such as deer. The role of buckshot has been taken over by more efficient slug rounds. Buckshot is described by pellet size, from #4 (smallest) to #000 (largest). #000 and #00 are referred to as 'triple aught buck' and 'double aught buck' respectively.

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