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The Dark Political Alleys of Torture

richard kobzey | 25.11.2005 12:03 | Globalisation | Repression | Social Struggles | World

What makes me worthy not to be tortured in some CIA prison, if I will not stand vehemently opposed to such evil? Will I stand up when it is too late?

If they are trying to decide if they should charge you with a crime, let them investigate the matter on their own time.

We are not required to submit to privacy with those who might possibly be exploiting their position in order to lead us into a dark political alley. So many people get screwed over for speaking without family, friends, witnesses, or lawyers present. With witnesses it is much more difficult for politically deployed agents to twist your testimony around in court. Let them deal with this difficulty, rather than you incurring the difficulty of disproving what your nervous psyche supposedly uttered in some dark political alley.

Whether or NOT one is charged with a crime, when one is alone, one should not speak but verbalize this determination and firmly expect the agents to refrain from intimidation or further questioning. Until one is charged with a crime, it is one’s right to continue walking. If you have the desire to be helpful invite them to a popular coffee spot.

Remember too, that your psychological state is yours to maintain and yours to protect yourself from legal disadvantages.

Torture is an absolute abomination of the Fifth Amendment. If torture is overlooked when people are suspected of terrorism, corrupt politicians will be looking to label dissenters terrorists. I am afraid that this is already happening. Democracy must organize itself to cut off the lifeblood of those who hold such gruesome command.

Those who are illegally detained by US and international authorities rightly ought to be defended in the International Criminal Court, and deserving of restitution. When such crimes become the order of any democratic administration, democracy receives a deadly wound.

Are innocent people serving time while being tortured?

Who is at all interested in preventing government sanctioned torture from coming to his or her neighborhood?
If anyone needs help deciding if I am guilty of demanding that the game of politics must be made to remain transparent and fair at any attention-getting cost, they will have to decide that in court.

Let my accuser choose between meeting with me in court, or joining Michael Moore, Cindy Sheehan and I for a long overdue dialogue.

When the great terrorist comes charging at me, what will I be charged with?

Who will scuttle me away into the dark alley where the abomination of desolation begins?

What makes me worthy not to be tortured in some CIA prison, if I will not stand vehemently opposed to such evil? Will I stand up when it is too late?

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