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For A New Student Movement - Conference on April 18th

Student Coordination | 19.03.2009 19:19 | University Occupations for Gaza | Palestine | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements

On April 18th, students and activists from all over the country will meet to decide where to take the student movement next. The programme is still open to workshop suggestions, so email us to get involved!

After the wave of occupations and the national demonstration against fees; as Vice Chancellors and the government declare their intention to double fees; as cuts and redundancies rip through our campuses; and as the NUS fails to relate to any of these issues or give leadership to students - it's clear that the student movement is at a turning point.

The thousands of students who are being drawn into campaigns need to co-ordinate our actions nationally: we need a national, fighting student movement!

A group of activists from the university occupations, student union officers and activists from Education Not for Sale have called a national meeting on the 18th of April to discuss the way forward and co-ordinate our actions.

We will hear speakers from the student movements in Europe and a speaker from the UK workers' movement - but this meeting won't be about listening to endless top table speakers: we want an open discussion from the floor, between student activists, to decide on what to do next and hopefully create a permanent co-ordination, network or federation of fighting student unions and activists.

We want the organising process to be open and transparent - all are welcome to take part! Get in touch
at, or

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