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UK Coal Industry Braced for 48hrs of Protests

E.on | 24.11.2008 13:07 | Climate Camp 2008 | Climate Chaos | Globalisation | Social Struggles

Today the ‘E.on Face Off’ direct action campaign was officially announced to the press (see press release below). The direct action campaign will start with the 48 hours of action against E.on and New Coal (Friday 28th / Saturday 29th Nov).

Get together, get creative, and plan an action!

For target ideas and action resources see -

If you would like a pre-made leaflet to use on the day – you can download one from -


Climate activists launch ‘E.on Face Off’ direct action campaign

November 24th 2008: For immediate release

The stage is set for a face off between climate activists and the UK coal industry, with 48 hours of action kicking off at 12.01AM on Friday 28th November 2008 [1].

The protests, called by the Camp for Climate Action [2], are part of an ongoing struggle to prevent a return to coal powered electricity generation in the UK, and will be the first major salvo of a new campaign to stop the construction of a new coal fired power station at Kingsnorth in Kent [3].

Susan Moore, of the Camp for Climate Action, said today: ‘With these protests, we are launching an ongoing direct action campaign designed to cause maximum disruption to all aspects of the construction of Kingsnorth power station. E.on, companies in its supply chain, and anyone associated with new coal in the UK are all potential targets. Burning coal is the dirtiest way to produce electricity, and we refuse to stand by as the green light is given to a new generation of coal fired power stations’.

Campaigners have been spurred on by their recent victory against Kingsnorth’s owners, E.on. This month, a national wave of student protests forced E.on to abandon its graduate recruitment tour [4]. Activists are now preparing to step up the campaign against E.on and new coal by targeting both their day to day operations and their brands.

‘We are going to hit E.on where it hurts, by damaging their brand. Once we expose E.on’s greenwash, and people see the company for what it truly is – one of the biggest climate criminals in the UK – we will start to see people changing their energy suppliers and organisations refusing their dirty sponsorship money’, said the Camp for Climate Action’s David Elliot.

Activists have used the internet to organise and advertise the 48 hours of action, launching a new website (, and using social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace. The new website provides activists with resources for direct action and information on key targets, such as addresses for the Coal Authority, E.on and UK Coal offices, and schedules for FA Cup games. The 48 hours of action have intentionally been organised to coincide with the 2nd round of the E.on-sponsored FA Cup.

Organisers predict dozens of actions across the UK during the 48 hour period, but details of the planned actions are being kept under wraps.


For more information visit:
Telephone: 07772 861 099 and 07932 096 677

Notes for editors:

[1] Full details available at:

[2] The Camp for Climate Action ( has called the 48 hours of action. Rising Tide, Plane Stupid and the Campaign against Climate Change are all supporting the call and mobilising their supporters.

[3] E.ON have applied for Government permission to build the first new UK coal-fired plant in thirty years at Kingsnorth in Kent. If built, this power station would produce the same amount of carbon dioxide as the world's 30 least polluting countries combined. The new government Department for Energy and Climate Change is currently deliberating over whether to give the go-ahead for a new coal power station at Kingsnorth, and an announcement is expected soon. The Kingsnorth decision is likely to influence plans for six other coal-fired power stations: Longannet, Cockenzie, Tilbury, Fiddler’s Ferry, Ferrybridge and Blyth. See:

[4] Anti-coal protests at graduate careers fairs around the UK have forced E.on to cancel the remainder of its recruitment tour. The energy company has seen at least seventeen of its careers events disrupted over the last month. For more information see

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