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Reuben | 09.03.2005 16:52 | Repression | Social Struggles | Zapatista | Cambridge | London

In 2002 Venezuela's President was deposed by a military coup backed by the Business sector and supported by the USA. Two days later he returned t power as thousands of venezelans marched on the Palace. This will be shown vividly by the amazing film The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.

Film screening and Discussion on Venezuela, Its Coup and Its Revolution!

Organised by the Hands Off Venezuela Campaign Tuesday 15th March 7:00 PM Friends House, Jesus Lane, Cambridge (Next to the ADC Theatre)

In 2002 film makers Kim Bartley & Donnacha O'Briain were making a documentary about Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. On April the 11th the documentary took a twist as Chavez' democratically elected government was overthrown by a military coup.

Taking advantage of the unique opportunity that was thrown up Kim Bartley & Donnacha O'Briain proceeded to film events as they unfolded. They were in the Presidential Palace to film the arrest of President Chavez by the military high command. They remained in Caracas to record the emergence of the new regime, the and its overthrow on April 13th as thousands of Venezuelans from the Shanty towns around Caracas marched on the presidential palace to bring an end to the military regime. This film gives a great insight into the struggles currently taking place in Venezuelan society and contains some amazing footage of political upheavals.

Discussion With Jorge Martin

Since 2002 the power struggle's in Venezuela have continued as theopposition continually by big business and the US Government has sought to remove Chavez. . At the same time the has been a massive expansion in social programs aimed at empowering the poor ranging from literacy programs, to land redistribution and the formation of agricultural co-operatives. The film will be followed by a discussion lead by Jorge Martin - the secretary of the Hands off Venezuela Campaign who has seen first hand the developments taking place in Venezuela. People will be able to raise points and ask questions.

This is an opportunity not to be missed to see unique footage of a coup taking place and being overthrown.

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