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Edinburgh-Greece Solidarity picket pictures

embra | 09.12.2008 00:40 | Repression | Social Struggles | World

demo report, and further action this Wednesday 10th Bristo Square

50 people turned out from Edinburgh and Glasgow to protest at the Greek Consulate in Edinburgh. There was a demonstration for 3 hours outside the consulate, with banners and placards reading "Greek police murder children!", "Disarm the Greek police!", "The Greek state kills!" and "End State Violence!" amongst others.

A petition was written and handed in to the Greek consul, expressing grief and anger at the killing, and calling on the consul to denounce the murder. The demonstration, chanting in Greek and English, then marched down to the city centre, where it ended.

The protests in Greece and worldwide are not just about the murder of this16 year old boy by police, although this is of course a good reason to demonstrate, but about years of police brutality and repression in Greece and around the world.

The next demonstration will start at the Teviot building on Bristo Square, in Edinburgh on wednesday at 3pm. Please make it a long!

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