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Greece, Thessaloniki: Communique from the Ocupied School of Theatre

occupied school of theatre | 09.12.2008 09:07 | Analysis | Education | Repression | Social Struggles | World

Alexandros was our friend, our brother, our son, our classmate and our comrade.*** please repost it to other indymedias ***

15 years old boy is murdered

Alexandros was our friend, our brother, our son, our classmate and our comrade.The murder of the 15 years old Alexandros was the last straw for all the cases of young peoples' murders either for talking back to the cops, or for not stoppingin a roadblock, or even for being in the wrong place the wrong moment -as Alexandros did.
The murder of the 15 years old Alexandros was not an isolated incident, as the home Secretary stated with audacity. His statement completes practically the announcement of the former minister of Justice (Polydoras) that is a matter of time until a policeman will loose his temper and will shoot. But all the elements and all the witnesses indicate and forces us to think that a single verbal attack may be enough for a cop to loose his temper and shoot.
The murder of young serbian student Bulatovic in 1998 in thessaloniki by a cop, the murder of young Leontidis  by a cop at Cassandrou street in 2003, the death of 24 years old Tony Onohua after being chased by civil cops at the area of Kalamaria  the summer of 2007, the murder of 45 years old Maria in Lefkimi after the attack of police agaist the people who were struggling against the waste disposal facility, the murder of the pakistan migrant at Petrou Ralli street in Athens the last month, the every day humiliation and violence against each petty transgressors at police precincts all over Greece, shooting against the participants of university students' demonstrations the last year, the violent supreccion of demonstrations, the police's teared gas fueled war, the violence against anyone protesting [..] And, of course, the every day murders of economical and political immigrants by the border patrols. Even the deaths in the freezing agean waters, or the minefields in Evros: all these paint the picture of the greek police.
The murder of the 15yr old alexandros caused a wave of anger and despair from hundreds of thousands youth and citizens of any age. It's not just the disgust and the griefing at the death of a young man. It's the common consience that we all share as brothers, friends and parents, that there is a bullet with our or our beloved's name on it waiting for the ill-fated rendezvouz. We live in a social reality where that rewards the worthless crooks that manipulate us, politicians and involved clergy. Where we all try to survive in a tommorow without a future.
We handed the future and the managment of our society to people without morale nor rules, without respect for mankingd.
In such a reality the murder of the 15yr old alexandros was the last straw that that overfilled our rage.
But rage isn't just an emotion. It is a fight for social justice. A justice that is evident now that as long as it's absent from the social reality there will be no social peace, because with such submission and such social inequality only graveyards can claim social peace.
Just because we are young like alexandros, just because we want to dream with dignity where the state and the authorities seed submission and despair. Because we want to live and not just get by this winter, we are enraged and fight for all these.
So we may not forget Alexandros nor have another dead alexandros from a cops bullet.
So no peace  with those that destroy the future of youths, no intervention, no crocodile tears for the hypocritical ministers. Love for life, hope for people. A daily social fight with our classmates, our friends, our families and our comrades for a societas civilorum without guardians for a society of solidarty.
We call every citizen, every student and worker to march with us against the goverment-backed assassins.
We call the schoolmates of alexandros in Thessaloniki to honor the memory of their peer and to abstain from the schools at Tuesday, the day of Alexandros' funeral.
Demonstration at Aristelous on Tuesday 10th of December, the day of the funeral.Thessaloniki 6/12/08
Assembly of the Occupied School of Theater.

PS: the schools are closed all over greece since 8/12. The prisoners of Diavata Prison in Thessaloniki who were on hunger strike a few weeks ago, send a message that they will stand on our side in the struggle. Today (9/12) is the funeral of Alexandros Andreas Grigoropoulos at 3pm in Athens. We wil march in the central streets of Thessaloniki at the same moment. All Greece will be on the streets.

occupied school of theatre