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Picket of Greek consulate in Glasgow

Ethel MacDee | 09.12.2008 10:15 | Repression | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements

Picket in solidarity with Greek rioters and strikers.

Map to Greek consulate, Glasgow
Map to Greek consulate, Glasgow

The Glasgow Anarchist Federation calls for a picket outside the Greek consulate on Wednesday to coincide with our fellow workers general strike in Greece.

Since the cold blooded murder of young Alexandros Grigoropoulos on Saturday Greek cities have been alight with the flames of anger. We cannot allow the Greek state to attempt to stifle this anger by simply arresting the murderous police officers. The entire system of governance is to blame. Like the police in this country who feel able to murder youths the Greek police are simply better armed.

Join us this Wednesday outside the Greek consulate to voice your anger at this heinous murder.

The Greek Consulate is located at

1 Kirklee Quadrant


Tel: 0141 334 0360

We shall gather there from 2pm this wednesday as our fellow workers in Greece down tools in a general strike to express their disgust with the police and the state.

Please bring whistles, drums and anything else that will make a noise.

Ethel MacDee
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