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Manchester's MPs Must Oppose Government Data-Sharing Powers

Dave Page | 25.01.2009 23:43 | Social Struggles | Technology

Local campaign group NO2ID are calling upon Manchester's MPs to oppose radical data sharing powers, to be debated in Parliament on Monday as part of the Coroners and Justice Bill.

These would allow Government ministers to take any private information about Manchester's residents, collected by any organisation for any purpose, and share it with anybody of their choosing, with no debate in Parliament. For example, the Minister for Health could access Tesco's club card database and see who's buying more wine than average.

Manchester NO2ID Logo
Manchester NO2ID Logo

Combined with the Government's plans to record details of every e-mail you send, every website you visit, and every phone call you make, this legislation creates the Database State, where everything about you can be known by every branch of Government, and organisations of their choosing, without your consent.

Manchester co-ordinator Dave Page said "The Government is trying to sneak this legislation into a boring Bill, and it will affect everybody in Manchester. People will not be able to trust any organisation to keep their personal information out of Government hands, and the Government admit that they cannot keep that information safe from identity thieves and hackers.

"The so-called safeguards in the legislation are meaningless words put there to placate the unwary. Neither the people affected nor the Information Commissioner can stop this data sharing, and MPs cannot debate or amend the sharing orders."

Manchester NO2ID supporters have written to John Leech, Gerald Kaufman and Tony Lloyd to protest the plans, and the group co-ordinator has contacted Paul Goggins and Graham Stringer. The Bill will begin Parliamentary debate on Monday and the group is calling for further scrutiny and rejection of the data sharing clauses.


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NO2ID is the UK-wide, non-partisan campaign opposing the government's planned ID card and National Identity Register. We bring together individuals and organisations from all sections of the community and seek to ensure that the case against ID cards and the database state is forcefully put forward in the media, in the corridors of power and at grassroots level. We continue to actively campaign on all fronts for the abolition of the ID scheme and repeal of the Identity Cards Act 2006.

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