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Solidarity needed at Yorkley Court Community Farm

Reclaim the Fields | 03.03.2015 22:37 | Ecology | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | London | Wales

Residents of Yorkley Court Community Farm would like to say a huge THANK YOU for the support & solidarity received so far…


For the last two and a half years people have been occupying land at Yorkley Court in Forest of Dean, with the aim of establishing a sustainable community farm. The land ownership has been contested due to a complex and unique scenario in the farm’s history.

On the 26th February, a judge granted a possession order to an un-liked local millionaire property developer. A timeframe for eviction was given.

The house has been taken over by Brian Bennet and the other areas of the land are still being defended.

Yorkley Court Community Farm has been (and still is) an inspiring example of reclaim the fields, bringing to light issues & putting into practice food sovereignty, agroecology, access to land, permaculture, anarchism, collective living & more… It is a site of struggle that needs your solidarity.

*What you can do:*

- Get to the site on the 12th March at midday. The date for the full eviction attempt.

- Donate via this link. Funds are needed urgently:

- Visit & stay at Yorkley Court. Every day is unpredictable. There are many practical jobs, from building to cooking, even just making cups of tea & listening is a very welcomed thing!

- Participate in the Activist Training Skill Share and Workshop Camp that has been organised. Everyone with a passion to learn or a skill to share are welcome to join us, please email if you would like to offer a workshop. Confirmed workshops include:

Climbing and Rope work training – every day from 10am
Building skill share – every day all day
Legal Observer Training – Sunday 8th

- Contribute something that is on the wish list:

Tin Food
Waterproof Boots
Climbing Equipment
Polly Prop rope
Cammo Net
Jerry Can

- Spread the word about Yorkley Court Community Farm. Encourage your friends & comrades to visit: or like YorkleyCourtCF on facebook. Follow @yorkleycourt on twitter. Spread the infographic here:

- Promote this benefit gig so that we can raise urgent funds:

*Information for people coming:*

- Bring sensible clothes, sleeping stuff and tents.
- If you need financial support to be able to visit please email – we really appreciate all visitors & will do our best to cover your costs if needed.
- You are welcome to interact with the emerging situations in anyway you feel comfortable (in terms of resisting eviction & securing the site). We reject problematic divisions of labour. All support is appreciated.

*Contact Details:*

Facebook: YorkleyCourtCF
Phone Number: 07522025889
Twitter: @yorkleycourt

Reclaim the Fields
- e-mail:
- Homepage:


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