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Cameron's Child Sex Abuse Announcements Tuesday 3 March 2015

Vexatious | 03.03.2015 14:04 | Policing | Repression | Social Struggles | London | World

Child sex abuse and violence against children in several English local Council areas and David Cameron's highly-publicised stunts staged today

Cameron's stunt today Tuesday 3 March 2015 over child abuse Council colluders etc does not go far enough

UK PM and Neo-Cons leader in the Palace of Wasteminster David Cameron has announced yet another slogan to suit his leadership and to keep the Neo Cons in power. But Cameron needs to show that he even understands the basic facts of what foes on in the legal 'system' that he is banking on, even as a slogan, even rhetorically. Unless Cameron shows that he understands the crimes that are the combined legal professions - the licensed lawyers and the over-licensed judges in place - children will not be any safer under his pronounced measures than they are now or have been for decades
All licensed law traders are guilty over the (so far publicly known and undenied|) English local Councils’ complicity with the criminals that have violated, abused and destroyed the children.
All elected councillors are likewise guilty.
All the CPS decision-makers are equally guilty.
All the staff in the tokenistically involved Magistrates, Crown and County Courts over the years that allowed the criminals and wrongdoers to remain unaudited and legally free are even guiltier than the offenders and the wrongdoers themselves.
What has Cameron to say about any of these groups and their identifiable members?
Unless Cameron provides answers immediately on the liabilities of these key groups, he will be
Treated with the maximum disbelief, derision and incredulity and his overhyped announcements today will go down as examples of his own clack of morality and ethical fibre in view of the fact that he is in post as ‘Her Majesty’s ‘ custodian of Government.