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Cameron is attacking poorest pensioners as well

StopIDS-DWPbreakinglaws | 02.03.2015 13:32 | Public sector cuts | Repression | Social Struggles | London | World

Has anyone noticed that IDS is punishing some Pensioners for asking Qs?

Has anyone noticed that IDS is punishing some Pensioners for asking Qs?

The UK DWP has been cutting pension credits - which are underclaimed any way, thus leaving IDS (Iain Duncan Smith with £Billions of unclaimed dosh) - by breaking all known laws. This post is about gathering info from those whop either know of or have themselves been victims of IDS penalty cuts (see more below)

It appears that on the surface Cameron has been making promises that the Right Press e.g. Daily Mail, Daily telegraph, have been interpreting as helping pensioners.

However, the truth is that Cameron has been penalising some of the poorest and the most deprived pensioners

Cases of the DWP cutting the most basic pension credit do not feature even in the Daily Mirror built these are happening.

It is known for instance that the DWP does not care much about the laws stressing the point here - even existing UK laws - let alone about the Human Rights Act. Unlike the other UK laws, the Cons treat the Human rights Act as an extra, as it is based on the ECHR although some central human rights protections are left out of it - remember Jack Straw now, who was involved in drafting the HRA itself Because the County Courts and the High Court have allowed IDS almost a free hand and let him do whatever he is hatefully driven to do to drive the poor further into the gutters of destitutions, starvation and worse.

One case has come to the Notice of campaigners which perhaps highlights the Murdoch Agenda being operated by Iain Duncan Smith’s ex-Sun executive as the key PR strategist.

It concerns a pensioner being told that they will be getting only a third of their most basic, minimum weekly pension credit.

This means they will get less than £60 instead of the nearly £150 they have been getting so far.

This follows the pensioner containing to demand the release of vital DPA and FoiA information to which they are legally entitled and which information and data they need as central proof of the many years of illegality and damages they have been caused by the DWP already.

The information the pensioner has been seeking, requesting from the DWP relates to contemporaneous evidence of his being treated illegally, prejudicially and also being lied to by DWP staff repeatedly thus causing him severe losses, damages and distress over a long period of time .

Instead of complying with the laws and delivering the FoiA and Data Protection Act request the pensioner has been making

It would be interesting to hear about other cases where pensioners have been treated by the DWP in the same illegal cruel way



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