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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Menwith Hill - Peace demonstrators arrested under SOCPA

03-04-2006 10:44

Two Keighley women arrested under section 128 of SOCPA at Menwith Hill, near Harrogate.

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Torture Victim Tells How He Was Brutalized In Iraqi Ministry

02-04-2006 21:51

A first person account by a young Iraqi man of how he was tortured in the Ministry Of The Interior after being jailed for crimes he didn't commit.

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Arrest at Civil Disobedience Action in London today 02/04/06

02-04-2006 19:10

According to the London Metropolitan police one man was arrested at the Voices Civil Disobedience against the violence in Iraq today.

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Building Bridges in Iraq

02-04-2006 16:02

This is all cut and paste except for the transcribed excerpts – if anyone could type out the whole thing, with an US spellchecker, please do so ( my keyboard is sticky, even this has taken hours) and I'll repost it all on military sites. This is the sort of testimony that could really end this war and nip the next one in the bud.

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02-04-2006 11:34


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More Condi protest pics

01-04-2006 12:03

Crowds gather on the steps of the Metropolitan Cathedral

An amazing 2000 people turned out to let Condoleeza Rice, Jack Straw et al know that Liverpudlians don't want to be nice & hospitable to a high-ranking representative of an imperialist aggressor, responsible for the needless tragic deaths of a hundred thousand Iraqis, two thousand-plus of their own soldiers, and hundreds of British soldiers. Not to mention the continued detention without trial of British men, along with hundreds of others, in Guantanamo Bay, and the deliberate rendition of prisoners for torture in countries with terrible human rights records.

There was a huge amount of energy, good humour and determination in the crowd. Banners made every possible word play on Beatles references and 'Rice'. A sound system blasted out "Give Peace a Chance", Steve Earle "The Revolution Starts Now" and the Star Wars theme. Even after Ms Rice entered, many of the crowd stayed around, and were even joined by latecomers.

Add your own pictures - hit the "Publish Your News" link! Were you at the front of the crowd? Show the rest of us what we were booing at!

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Rice visited BAE arms factory?

01-04-2006 11:39

In the BBC Have Your Say discussion about Condoleeza Rice's visit a couple of comments mention that she visited BAE Systems arms factory.

However, couldn't find any reports about this - if anyone read any, please add links/references below, ta

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Liverpool Unites To 'Unwelcome' Terrorist Mastermind Rice

31-03-2006 19:36

A crowd of at least two thousand Liverpudlians and welcome guests flocked to the Catholic cathedral on Hope Street to protest against neo-Condi's gala gig at the Philharmonic. In a show of awesome potential power, we decked the steps in a sea of defiant humanity. The message was loud and clear: terrorists and torturers are NOT welcome on Merseyside! As one speaker yelled, "We're not havin' it"!

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Condi Rice evening demo pics

31-03-2006 18:03

Condi Rice evening demo pics

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Report & pics from LIPA demo

31-03-2006 14:53

"Hit the road Condi" banner

The big scouse unwelcome for US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice kicked off with protests around LIPA (Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts). Small groups of protestors roamed the streets handing out flyers for the main demo this evening, while others carried a coffin around. 40-50 protestors gathered at the Hope Street end of the LIPA building for an hour this afternoon, then proceeded round to the car park gate at the back. Numerous passing motorists honked their horns in support. Protestors scattered around the block in futile attempts to discover when & where Condoleeza Rice would be making her entrance.

Police were heavily present, plenty of mobile camera vans, but the protest mood was peaceful and cheerful, the police kept to themselves. Private security guards manned the gates of the LIPA carpark, using scanners on the bags of LIPA students and guests as they were admitted. A banner appeared from one the the LIPA building windows "Don't Fuck the Whore, Fuck the War".

Protestors then marched down into the city centre, noisily drumming up support for the demo later.

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Lunchtime Protests Against Condi Visit to LIPA

31-03-2006 14:29

1pm - where's Condi?
A smallish but high-spirited group of protesters gathered around Paul McCartney's LIPA (Liverpool Institute For Performing Arts) on Hope Street, where Condoleezza Rice was due to visit at 1pm.

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Thursday - photos of demo outside Condi's hotel

31-03-2006 10:35

On Thursday evening protesters gathered outside Condis Hope street hotel to start the events on this 2 day unwelcoming event. Large numbers of banners and loud chanting ensured it had a large profile.

(originally posted in comment on earlier article)

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Dirty, Dangerous & Expensive

30-03-2006 21:38

Keith Taylor - A Principal Speaker for the non-heirarchical Green Party
Green Party Principal Speaker, Keith Taylor is to give a talk about Nuclear and Renewable Energy at Angel Row Library in Nottingham on Thursday 6th April, 2006.

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At last the Silence is being Broken: UK War-Plans exposed by the World's Media

30-03-2006 16:59

At long last, the warning cry about the Bliar's dangerous state-of-mind and foreign policy is being picked-up by the media.

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30-03-2006 16:27

QT news welcomes new support
A review of news, opinion, and photography recorded, from the Indymedia Newswire. With times and freqs for tuning in anywhere you can, at your leisure. Free to rebroadcast. The world & recorded for the community archive! QT news welcomes new support from News Reader Crystal Jones. Thanks for the help Crystal! Welcome to the team.

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30-03-2006 15:52

Greens fear we maybe witnessing the build up to an attack on Iran. Two B-2 Stealth Bombers and two B-1B multi-role bombers have been spotted at the Fairford RAF base over the last week (i). The base, in rural Gloucestershire, last saw action in 2003 when B-52 bombers flew from there to bomb Iraq. It is the largest USAF bomber base in Europe and the only one with maintenance facilities for the B-2.

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Images from March 18 Demo 2006

30-03-2006 15:10

Girl with Respect 'Don't Attack Iran' banner
Pictures from Demonstration against Iraq occupation and attack on Iran - Saturday 18th March 2006, London. International Demonstrations.

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Blair = Thatcher = Kissenger = Pol Pot

29-03-2006 19:42

'Blue Peter' are in the news for banning the holders of Blue Peter badges from reduced rate tourist attractions since the badges started going on sale on Ebay.
A moral stance against capitalist exploitation ? If that was true why do they hide their footage of Thatcher endorsing genocide ?
I know this article isn't really news - it also isn't available anywhere else even when it was news, and it is still relevant. Besides, I'd hate for the Socialist Worker to have better information than IM.

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Come to Liverpool for Condi Rice protests!

29-03-2006 13:55


Condoleeza Rice, Secretary of State and former National Security Advisor to the Bush Administration will be visiting Liverpool on 31st March. Why don't you come too? Visit the Culture of Capital, see the sights, and help us give a great big scouse welcome to Condi the warmonger/torturer-in-chief!

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