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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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They hate our freedoms

21-11-2003 22:30

Thank you UK!!...but we don't want him back here either.....

check out the police brutality in the US at the Miami FTAA protests!

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Sketches of Fairford trial

21-11-2003 21:47

courtroom sketch 1
Sketches of the trial of the Fairford Gate 3 at Gloucester Crown Court.

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Anti-Bush Protest in London

21-11-2003 20:31

Assembling in Malet Street
Some pics and a short report from a member of the 250-strong Oxford contingent who went to London on 20 November to protest against the visit of George Bush.

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AntiBush Protest London 20 november 2003

21-11-2003 19:44

Some pictures tha I took on AntiBush Protest London 20 november 2003

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Trafalgar Square photos

21-11-2003 18:44

At 4:30 pm
These photos were taken yesterday on Trafalgar Square in the late afternoon and evening.

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"Bush Free Zone" banner hang - pictures

21-11-2003 18:40

Climber hanging the "Bush Free Zone" banner
At 8:30 am on November 20th at Admiralty Arch, Oxford activists unfurled a banner reading 'Bush Free Zone' and decorated with a (Bush choking) pretzel, and handed out leaflets which quoted the memoirs of George Bush Senior where he said occupying Iraq would be "unilaterally exceeding the United Nations' mandate," and "Had we gone the invasion [of Iraq] route, the United States could conceivably still be an occupying power in a bitterly hostile land."

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Police greet protesters at Westminster and Whitehall

21-11-2003 18:24

police lineup by Westminster Bridge
These photos were taken around 6 pm on 20/11.

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Die-in and staged wedding of Bush and Blair in Oxford

21-11-2003 18:20

Wedding procession
Here are a few pictures of the die-in and the staged wedding between Bush and Blair that took place on Cormarket Street in Oxford, Thursday November 19th.

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Anti-Bush Protests in Sedgefield - reports from chasing bush site

21-11-2003 18:17

Reports and updates from today's visit by Bush to Sedgefield from the ace Chasing Bush website.


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United Against the War Wolf

21-11-2003 16:42

United against the American war wolf 300,000 demonstrate against the war monger George Bush. It was the biggest demo on a working day in living memory!

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Picture of anti-Bush demo

21-11-2003 16:37

Crowdshot down Malet Street
Pictures taken at the start of the anti-Bush demo in London on Thursday 21 November.

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Today: Radio show on ESF / Anti-Bush / FTAA 5pm-6.30pm

21-11-2003 16:32

Tonight the weekly slowsmall peasants radio show on Resonance FM (104.4fm) in London is about grassroots mobilisations.

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Korean conscientious objector against Korean troops in Iraq and faces arrest

21-11-2003 16:12

WRI Logo
A Korean CO faces arrest after declaring his conscientious objection in protest against the deployment of Korean troops in Iraq.

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World regime change wish as bush is toppled

21-11-2003 15:38

Short video of bush statue coming down plus american burning their passport.

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U.S. Energy Bill Stuffed with Fossil Fuel Industry Subsidies; Warming Continues

21-11-2003 15:20

Despite not being afforded the benefit of a public hearing, the massive $31.1 billion energy bill being debated in the U.S. Senate today has garnered massive public opposition, and with good reason. Call your senators today. Tell them which way you recommend they vote.

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Aberdeen protest agains Bush visit

21-11-2003 14:50

About 80-100 people demonstrated in Aberdeen against the Bush visit

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21-11-2003 14:47

Currently around 600 ships a year are broken world-wide. Around 90% of these go to one of five shipbreaking countries - India, Bangladesh, China, Pakistan and Turkey, where environmental and worker safety standards can be appalling.

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Various shots from the Stop The War demo in London 20/11/03

21-11-2003 14:35

Police in Pall Mall
Various images from in and around the Stop The War demo in London, protesting against Bush's state visit to Britain.

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Guardian: Operation Rockingham

21-11-2003 12:20

In an interview in the Scottish Sunday Herald in June, Ritter said: "Operation Rockingham [a unit set up by defence intelligence staff within the MoD in 1991] cherry-picked intelligence. It received hard data, but had a preordained outcome in mind. It only put forward a small percentage of the facts when most were ambiguous or noted no WMD...

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Iraq - Killed today

21-11-2003 09:37

11/20/03 ABC: US troops kill insurgents after ambush
US forces using helicopters and tanks have killed 10 people who had attacked a civilian coalition convoy in the north-central city of Samarra on Wednesday
11/20/03 Yahoo(AFP): US soldier, seven Iraqis killed
A suicide bomber killed at least four people in Iraq ... while a US soldier also died as insurgents hit back following a US onslaught
11/20/03 HinduTimes: 2 killed in Iraq classroom explosion
Two Iraqi children were killed and two wounded when an explosion ripped through a classroom near the Shiite Muslim pilgrimage city of Karbala, medical staff said on Thursday. etc. etc.