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17-12-2006 01:50

Good fucking luck Democrats.

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The Liquid Terror Bomb Mastermind - Aquitted

17-12-2006 00:06

Rashid Rauf, the proclaimed mastermind behind the "liquid terror bomb" plot from the summer of 2006 is not to be proscuted for terror offensives due to a lack of evidence:

Pakistan drops terrorism charges against key suspect in Heathrow bomb plot

On December 13, in an extraordinary turn of events, a court in Pakistan dropped terrorism charges against British-born Rashid Rauf.

Rauf is the alleged “ringleader” of the most infamous terror plot ever apparently uncovered in Britain—the plan to explode a number of transatlantic airlines en route from London’s Heathrow airport.

Details of the court hearing are extremely limited. But according to reports, a judge at an anti-terrorism court in Rawalpinidi said that the case against Rauf did not “fall into the category of terrorism.”

Rauf’s lawyer, Hashmat Habib, said no evidence had been provided to back up claims that his client was part of a conspiracy to hijack airplanes, and the judge agreed to strike out the two charges against Rauf relating to terrorism. “That practically means that Rashid Rauf has been acquitted of charges relating to terrorism,” Habib said.

Craig Murray, who spoke in Sheffield recently on:

Legality, Morality and the War on Terror

Has written the following article about Rashid Rauf.

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EDO Trashed Again

16-12-2006 14:55

EDO MBM are Brighton's very own arms manufacturers...

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Capitalism. The Guardian myth?

16-12-2006 12:12

A comment I posted on the Guardian website underneath an article on the recent allegations of corruption towards the BAE arms manufacturer. I understood the debate to be centred on a choice, "Morality/Legality or Jobs". Some people saying... "We need to insist our government sticks to law" others saying "fuck that it will disrupt the economy and many, many people will be unemployed." Both reasonable arguments, no one seemed to be asking why that choice was necessary.

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Processing Information

16-12-2006 08:12

U.S. Vice-President, Dick Cheney, today praised the outgoing U.S. Secretary of Defence, Donald Rumsfeld, for his contribution in spreading ‘democracy and liberty’ to the Middle East; Cheney also claimed that Rumsfeld was the “best” Secretary of Defence in U.S. history – additional evidence that the U.S. administration is INSANE is no longer required!

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BAE Systems Scandal: Email Tony Bliar!

15-12-2006 16:21

Look, he is ready and waiting to listen to us!
Hello everyone,

I have attempted to formulate an email/letter to send to Tony Bliar which captures the nation's feelings regarding the latest BAE/Saudi scandal which he has now pulled the plug on. I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to reproduce and amend this letter as you see fit, and send it to him. This is a democracy, he needs to know what we think!

He can be contacted here!

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Omissions In the Iraq Study Group Report

15-12-2006 10:41

What's most striking about the ISG report isn't what it says but what it leaves out. Beginning in 1991, the US conducted an unending war of aggression in two phases, with a dozen years of punishing and unjustifiable sanctions sandwiched between them, against a country posing no threat to us or its neighbors following its long and costly war in the 1980s with Iran (that the US urged Saddam to wage and supported him throughout) from which it needed financial help to recover but hadn't gotten enough to make a significant difference. It began after Saddam misread US intentions regarding his troubled relations with Kuwait, allowing himself to be deceived by the first Bush administration into believing we had no interest in how he chose to settle his justifiable dispute which Washington had a hand in creating.

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No ifs, no buts - corporate crime is completely fine!

15-12-2006 03:12

No ifs, no buts - unless Blair says so.
A major criminal investigation into alleged corruption by arms dealer BAE Systems was halted yesterday when Tony Blair claimed it would endanger Britain's "national security" if the inquiry went any further.

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Zionist inversion of values (video-cartoon by Latuff)

14-12-2006 21:26

Another example of moral inversion, largely used by those who support the State of Israel and its crimes.

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US man caught in anti-US army terror plot

14-12-2006 18:30

Below are three reports showing that US and Europeans were caught organising ‘Islamofacist’ terrorism in Iraq against US soldiers. No doubt, they will claim it is all an elaborate undercover operation.

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Blair backs plan for no-fly zone over Darfur

14-12-2006 15:55

"Military action in another oil-rich Muslim country almost four years
after the Iraq invasion would be risky. But some officials in
Washington and London suggest it might be the only way to deal with
the situation in the western Sudanese region."

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SOCPA - brian haw - day three

14-12-2006 02:09

one of the banners removed
at marylebone court today, the defence barrister completed his submission to have the proceedings stopped on the basis that brian haw has no case to answer. judge purdy told the court that he had a lot of case law to study and would adjourn until the new year. a date of 22nd january has been set for the decision.

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Media release : David Hicks torture details

13-12-2006 21:12

Media release : David Hicks torture details

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Faslane Nuclear base successfully blockaded for over 2 hours

13-12-2006 19:01

Monday the 11th of December saw one of the most successful blockades of the Faslane nuclear submarine base since the start of the Faslane 365 campaign. The blockade was a joint effort between a group of Trident Ploughshares and the crew from Faslane Peace camp.

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We fought the law and... eh... we won? Fairford coaches appeal victory

13-12-2006 13:25

For what it's worth, the Law Lords have upheld the claim by the fairford coaches passengers that the right to "freedom of expression and lawful assembly" were violated when the filth turned back coaches and forced their return to London during an anti war demonstration at RAF Fairford.

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Protests Outside the Russian Embassy in London

13-12-2006 11:22

Iranian ex-pats stage a protest outside the Russian embassy in London to protest at Russia's continous support for the mullahs in Iran.

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SOCPA - day 2 - brian haw court case

13-12-2006 01:17

police raid in may 2006
in a fine performance this afternoon, brian's defence barrister made a submission for the magistrate to throw it out of court on the basis that there is no case to answer. the result of this should be settled in the morning.

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help needed to repeal socpa law

13-12-2006 01:15

the serious organised crime and police act bans 'unauthorised' protest near parliament. baroness miller has had the first reading in the house of lords of her bill to repeal it. please help publicise this, and let the bbc know it's an issue that's important to you.

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The Iraq Study Group: Official damage control and cover-up

13-12-2006 00:11

The Anglo-American Empire’s rampage across the Grand Chessboard has stumbled and derailed under the management of George W. Bush. The Iraq Study Group will restore it. That spells increasing danger for the world.

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US - UK Military Command Conflict: US wants David Richards Fired

12-12-2006 19:47

The American supreme commander of Nato, (General Jim Jones) has let it be known, that the British commander of the Nato force in Afghanistan (Lieutenant-General David Richards) "would have been sacked if he had been an American officer".