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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Are We Witnessing the Start of a Global Revolution?

27-01-2011 19:50

"Understand that the “War on Terror” is a complete lie, a concoction meant to obscure the imperial attack on the worldwide insurrection of the people’s revolt the imperialist ruling class knew would be coming. Of course 911 was a false flag attack perpetrated largely by imperialism to serve as a defense against this revolt. But before that the outlines of this “defense of the system” was likely behind the crash of a jumbo jet in the ocean when an Egyptian pilot, with no record of radical ideas, supposedly crash dived a fully loaded passenger plane shouting, “God is great.” One can review and study these manipulations and begin to see the strategy and heartless efforts being waged by our rulers in a desperate attempt to maintain our world in bondage. The U.S. will claim to be defending democracy and human welfare while attempting to utterly crush both."

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Senior woman anti-nuke campaigner jailed for 45 days in Scotland

27-01-2011 10:11

Nuclear weapon - ICJ could find no lawful threat or use
Georgina Smith, aged 81, jailed for second time over refusal to pay for 2006 'redecoration' of High Court in Edinburgh

Georgina Smith was sentenced yesterday (Wednesday 26 January 2011) to 45 days' imprisonment by Fort William Sheriff Court to for refusing to comply with a compensation order for damage for painting the sandstone wall of the Edinburgh High Court in Scotland in 2006, during the year-long Faslane 365 campaign. Georgina and Helen John had already served sentences in Cornton Vale prison in relation to this action, but had refused to pay the compensation order.

Check back here for details of where to send letters and cards of solidarity. In the meantime, messages of support can be sent to media [at] . These will be forwarded to Georgina.

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The PA is and arm of Imperialism/Zionism

26-01-2011 18:50

"The Palestine Papers reveal that Fatah was obsessed with maintaining political supremacy over Hamas, with Israel’s cooperation, especially following the 2006 electoral victory of the Islamist movement. Documents obtained by Al Jazeera also show the extent to which the Palestinian Authority cracked down on Hamas institutions to weaken the group and strengthen its own relationship with Israel."

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Crisis of Civilisation: Trailer & Website Launched

26-01-2011 15:12

Details of a new UK film inspired by Dr. Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed's recent book "A User's Guide to the Crisis of Civilization: And How to Save It"

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Channel 4 news report on ClownCop 'Lynn Watson' - aka Officer A

25-01-2011 19:01

7.10 pm tonight, Channel 4 news report on Lynn Watson as a rebel clown occupying Leeds

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Careers Group defends inclusion of arms company BAE Systems in careers events

25-01-2011 11:54

Protesters unite under the Ban BAE banner
The Careers Group (University of London) organises the Guardian Graduate Fair which last November exhibited numerous companies including BAE Systems (the worlds largest weapons producer. Students and campaigners protested in front of the BAE stall and at their presentation and an open letter signed by student representatives was presented to the Careers Group and The Guardian asking for the company to be excluded from future events. (To read open letter see We have received a vague response from the Careers Group defending the inclusion of the arms company at the event and we have responded with another letter, both of which are available to read here.

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Barclays Shut All Day, After Lively Protest.

24-01-2011 22:57

on the move
Protestors clashed with police and security guards during a picket of banks in Broadmead and Cabot Circus.

About 80 people, many wearing guy fawkes masks and others dressed as clowns, joined the rolling demonstration to highlight the banks’ involvement in the arms trade.

They gathered in Castle Park before marching down Union Street and into Broadmead, at first followed by two patrolling police officers.

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24-01-2011 18:41

12 February · 12:00 - 15:00

5-7 Red Lion Street Norwich NR1 3QH

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Target Barclays - Bristol

23-01-2011 23:25

Protesters in Bristol successfully shut down Barclays in Broadmead after entering the building and some conflict with police and security guards.

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Fresh US-led military offensives have completely destroyed a town in Afganistan

22-01-2011 20:27

before & after ..

Fresh US-led military offensives have completely destroyed a town in southern Afghanistan, as public discontent continues to grow over civilian casualties.
The US-led military alliance says the operation targeted Taliban militants in the violent Kandahar Province. Media reports, however, say most of the victims in Tarok Kolache town were Afghan civilians.
According to the Daily Mail report, the bombing completely erased the town and its surroundings from the map. -- Thousands of Afghan nationals residing in Iran have taken to the streets of a northwestern city to decry the “suspicious” anti-Tehran protests in Afghanistan as an “enemy plot.”

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Demonstration outside Chilcot Enquiry

22-01-2011 14:40

Tony Blair caged
21 Jan 2010. Stop the War Coalition called for a demonstration for Tony Blair's appearance at the Chilcot Inquiry. A small gathering met outside the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, Westminster.

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Middle East Peace Envoy Calls For More War

22-01-2011 09:41

Middle East peace envoy Tony Blair uses his appearance before the Chilcot Inquiry to call for another and suggests war in the Middle East.

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United States Has a Choice in Tunisia

21-01-2011 12:31

The Tunisian Intifada has proved that democracy and regime change can be homemade, without any U.S. intervention. Ironically any such U.S. intervention now is viewed in the region as a threat of a counterrevolution that would preempt turning the Intifada into a revolution. U.S. hands-off policy could be the only way to democracy in Tunisia. But a hands-off policy is absolutely not a trade mark of U.S. regional foreign policy. However, the United States has a choice now in Tunisia, but it is a choice that pre-requisites a U – turn both in the U.S. approach to Arab democracy and in its traditional foreign policy.

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Report of Smash EDO noise demo 19/01/11 - More petty arrests

20-01-2011 15:07

EDO is a Brighton based arms manufacturer owned by ITT. They produce bomb release equipment for the US, UK and Israeli armed forces.

The Smash EDO campaign aims to close the factory down. Every Wednesday, since 2004, activists have gathered outside the factory gates to bang pots and pans

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Report of Occupation of Waitrose in Solidarity with the Abu Rahma family

20-01-2011 14:41

Jawaher Abu Rahma - Killed by teargas inhalation on 31/12/10
On Monday 17th January 2011 activists entered Waitrose in Western Road, Brighton, filled trollies full of Israeli frozen goods, sharon fruit, herbs and peppers and occupied the store.

Large photos of Jawaher and Bassem Abu Rahma were displayed and shoppers were told the story of the resistance of the village of Bil In, the expropriation of its land and the murder of those involved in the popular struggle.

Fliers were handed out calling on shoppers to boycott Israeli goods

The Bil In popular committee has called for renewed boycott action after the death of Jawaher Abu Rahma on 31st December 2010.

A day of global day of action has been called on February 10th against companies supplying tear gas to Israel - Jawaher was died after inhaling CS gas.

On Saturday 22nd there will be a demonstration in Churchill Square from 1pm in rage at the murder of Jawaher, and the increasing violence against Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza

Read the boycott call from Bil In at

For more detail see

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Christian peace activist jailed for 30 days over arms fair protest

19-01-2011 16:27

Chris (left) with fellow citizen disarmers in September 2010
Message from Chris's wife:

"Chris was jailed today [19 Jan] for 30 days for non-payment of a fine relating to a protest at the DSEI arms far in 2009. Details below. He has been sent to Wandsworth Prison. Heathfield Road ,Wandsworth, London SW18 3HS,020 8588 4000. I don’t have a prison number yet, but will send one out when I do."

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An account of Marco Jacobs' time in Brighton

19-01-2011 15:57

"Marco Jacobs" was active in Brighton

Marco Jacobs was an undercover officer in Brighton in 2004/5

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Report of Smash EDO surprise demo to commemorate the Gaza massacre

17-01-2011 16:28

This morning , Monday 17th January, a small group of us held a surprise noise demo at EDO MBM to tell the arms dealers what we think of them.

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The Logic of Imperial Insanity and the Road to World War III plus many mirrors

17-01-2011 12:28

"Obama wasted no time in rapidly accelerating America’s imperial adventures. While dropping the term “War on Terror” from usage, the Pentagon adopted the term, “overseas contingency operations.”[4] This was to be the typical strategy of the Obama administration: change the appearance, not the substance. The name was changed, but the “War on Terror” remained, and not only that, it was rapidly accelerated to a level that would not have been possible if undertaken by the previous administration.

The current expansion of American imperialism globally has been rapidly accelerated since Obama became President, and seems intent on starting and expanding wars all over the world. When Obama became President, America and its Western allies were engaged in a number of wars, occupations and covert destabilizations, from Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, to the Congo, and Obama took office in the midst of Israel’s brutal assault against Gaza. From the beginning of his presidency, Obama immediately justified Israel’s vicious attack against innocent Palestinians, rapidly accelerated the war and occupation of Afghanistan, expanded the war into Pakistan, started a new war in Yemen, and supported a military coup in Honduras, which removed a popular democratic government in favour of a brutal dictatorship. Obama’s administration has expanded covert special operations throughout the Middle East, Central Asia and the Horn of Africa, and is paving the way for a war against Iran.[5] In fact, the Obama administration has expanded Special Operations forces into 75 countries around the world (compared with a height of 60 during the Bush regime). Among the many countries with expanded operations are Yemen, Colombia, the Philippines, Somalia, Pakistan, among many others.[6] Further, in recent months, the Obama administration has been saber rattling with North Korea, potentially starting a war on the Korean Peninsula. With the creation of the Pentagon’s Africa Command (AFRICOM), American foreign policy on the continent has become increasingly militarized."

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Jan 15th Reports of Anti-War Actions taken on the Anniversary of this 20 Year On

17-01-2011 10:50

- White House, Whitehall, London, Dublin, Menwith Hill, Wellington, Christchurch, Brisbane
***VID (3 mins 14 secs) 100 folks vigil outside the White House at 7 pm Saturday Jan 15th. (Martin Luther King Day in the United States midnight London, Dublin,), the exact prime time for U.S television that the 20 year ongoing war on Iraq began Jan 15 1991.