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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Transport to Menwith from Leeds URGENT

21-03-2003 17:12

URGENT transport for Menwith URGENT

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Dundee's Thursday anti-war protests

21-03-2003 16:11

article from local media outlet

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Dropping cluster bombs on Scottish Parliament!

21-03-2003 14:58

Hail a new movement....THE CONETTIESTAS!!!

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Scottish anti-war press coverage

21-03-2003 12:49

coverage of anti-war protests in Scotland by press.

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M20 Sheffield Video Clips

21-03-2003 12:09

Four short video clips from Shefield Anti-war demonstrations held on 20th March 2003. (article 1)

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glasgow action thursday 20032003

21-03-2003 12:05

glasgow action thursday 20032003
photos and a few lines of text of the action in glasgow city centre thursday evening: great first response! (article 1)

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Day X - Thursday March 20th - Edinburgh

21-03-2003 11:23

Day X - Thursday March 20th - Edinburgh
Pictures of demonstrations in Edinburgh on Day X - Thursday March 20th.

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Manchester blockades

21-03-2003 10:36

Road blockades took place all over Manchester today

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army recruitment centre hit by paint balls

21-03-2003 10:10

Nottingham army recruitment centre is seeing red, literally as it is hit with several paint balls. The entire 'shop window' front is covered with red paint. Police 'protect' the building for the rest of the night!

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what happens in Sheffield when war breaks out

21-03-2003 00:05

Striking Sheffielder reflects on a day of stopping the traffic, being inspired by teenagers and dancing a lot.

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20-03-2003 21:19

The Aberdeen Coalition for Justice not War called for an "informal Peace Rally" at 5pm at St Nicholas street (which is in the centre of Aberdeen beside Marks and Spencers) on the day that the war would start.

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Day of protest and disruption in leeds.

20-03-2003 20:31

Activists casue traffic mayhem - Midday Demo halts traffic and storms City Hall - Evening Demo sees hundreds of Workers on the streets.

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Leeds brought to a standstill by anti-war protest

20-03-2003 10:08

About 40 anti-war protesters are blocking a major roundabout in into Leeds, bringing traffic to a standstill into and throughout the city.

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Manchester pupils and students run amock!

19-03-2003 14:19

The student demo arranged for Albert Square, Manchester today turned into an impromtu reclaim the streets.

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Manchester's Princess Parkway blocked by anti-war activists

18-03-2003 08:52

Princess Parkway, one of the main roads into Manchester city center was from 8am today blockaded by anti-war activists. They errected a tripod of poles in the middle of the road while one person hung down from the apex. Traffic quickly stacked back causing chaos.

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Chetwynd Barracks, Nottingham : Stop the War protest against molilisation.

17-03-2003 21:52

Chetwynd Barracks, Nottingham : Stop the War protest against molilisation.
Stop the War protest:
People marched and gathered at Chetwynd Barracks, Nottingham to protest. The Barracks are the Britsh Army centre of mobilisation of the reserves
(article 1)

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Edinburgh anti-war protesters stormed the castle and blocked the main street

17-03-2003 16:20

Edinburgh anti-war protesters stormed the Castle today and blocked the entrance, later leaving to block the main street with a sit-in protest.
School students went on strike and joined in the protest against the War against Iraq.

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Sheffield Armed Forces Careers Office Protest 17 March 2003

17-03-2003 14:46

Sheffield Armed Forces Careers Office Protest 17 March 2003
Protestors staged a die-in outside the Armed Forces Careers Office in Sheffield (UK) today. (article 1)

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16-03-2003 14:39

Make sure it’s not business as usual when war breaks out. The morning after war breaks out, bring Manchester to a halt during rush hour by blockading local road junctions! By disrupting the working of the city we are stopping business from carrying on as usual while the government wages a war the people don’t want.

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Leeds Anti-War Demonstration 15 March 2003

15-03-2003 22:03

Leeds Anti-War Demonstration 15 March 2003
Thousands marched through the streets of Leeds today to oppose the threatened war with Iraq. (article 1)