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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Devonport Blockade - Press Release

29-10-2010 10:16

Press Release for the forthcoming blockade of Devonport Dockyard by anti-nuclear campaigners.

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MI6 chief: We need intelligence operations to stop Iran developing nuclear weapo

29-10-2010 07:41

MI6 Chief Sir John Sawers delivers his 'Britain's Secret Frontline' speech
"Stopping nuclear proliferation cannot be addressed purely by conventional diplomacy. We need intelligence-led operations to make it more difficult for countries like Iran to develop nuclear weapons," Head of MI6 John Sawers said in the first public speech by a serving UK secret intelligence service chief.

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Do you have friends in the Forces?

27-10-2010 21:58

Following orders just wont wash - soldiers: Legal Right to object to war

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Iran’s "green wave" opposition and its ties to global geopolitics

27-10-2010 16:54

Politics makes for strange bedfellows. Within the framework of the events leading to the Green Wave was a face-off within the Iranian elite between one side which wanted to preserve current policies and another that was formed by an alliance between Iranian business interests and civil liberties organizations. In the second camp of Iranian capital and civil liberties, the former group hid behind the latter group. This alliance between Iranian capital and groups demanding greater civil liberties may come as a surprise to some, but it is neither a historical nor political anomaly. Many movements and revolutions have been configured through such alliances.

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Disrupt the arms trade - anti-BAE action, 3rd Nov.

27-10-2010 14:23

On the 3rd November (next Wednesday), the lovely lads from BAE will be enticing Oxford grad students into a career of death-dealing!

The benefit? £24,000 - £28,000, bonus (discretionary), welcome payment, pension scheme, 25 days holiday
The cost? Working for a company that sells killing machines indiscriminately, corruptly and illegally!

Fight war, not wars!

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5 Days to go to the Devonport Blockade, Plymouth

27-10-2010 13:57

About the Big Blockade of the nuclear submarine refit complex at Devonport Dockyard on 1st November 2010. Organised by Trident Ploughshares, backed by CND amongst others. All Welcome.

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US Activists demonstrate outside Home of ITT CEO

27-10-2010 12:58

A coalition of US activists demonstrated in the home neighbourhood of ITT chief executiveve, Steven Loranger, last week. US campaigners are targetting ITT, the owners of Brighton's EDO MBM, because of their involvement in the design and manufacture of drone technology and their pro-war lobbying activities. One of the participants in the 40 strong demonstration said of Loranger, "We're here today to inform his neighbors about how his personal ambitions impact all of our lives,"

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Ongoing Iran War Preparations? Arabian Sea: Center Of West's 21st Century War

27-10-2010 07:07

The monumental expansion of arms sales and the buildup of naval and air power in the Arabian Sea region are unprecedented. They are also alarming to the highest degree.
The West, America and its NATO allies, are escalating military operations across the area, from Asia to Africa to the Middle East.

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Why 9-11 Truth has won - The coming of the flood

26-10-2010 18:48

I recently wrote in MWC News arguing the case for Why 9-11 Truth Has Won, due primarily to the weight of irrefutable scientific proof of the two key elements that evidence controlled demolition of the three WTC Towers – free fall collapse and the presence of thermite, explaining the total absence of structural resistance. For this and for other reasons the successful demand by the 9-11 Truth Movement and others for a new, wider, proper investigation is only a matter of time. The flood would come. The recent political squabble in Australia represents further breaching of the dam wall that will bring that flood.

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British mercenaries not welcome in Switzerland

25-10-2010 14:47

AEGIS - Yet another letterbox company in Switzerland
The British private military company AEGIS Defence Services has silently relocated its headquarters to the Swiss border city of Basel. In theoretically 'neutral' Switzerland, however, the company's arrival has sparked controversy and opposition.

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Smash EDO: Halloween noise demo this Wednesday!

25-10-2010 12:40

This is just a short reminder that this Wednesday (the 27th of October) Smash EDO are holding the yearly HALLOWEEN NOISE DEMO between 4-6 outside the factory on Home Farm Road. Come dressed in your scariest Halloween mask and be ready to spook them out!

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Australian Union President, Kevin Bracken – A true working class hero!

24-10-2010 20:41

Secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia Kevin Bracken
Secretary of Maritime Union of Australia Kevin Bracken has received literally thousands of thank you's from around the world for his brave stance for 9/11 Truth! Standing his ground even after being directly verbally bashed by the Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard saying he was "stupid and wrong" and having his own leadership comrades buckle at the knees if the face of unfounded ridicule. Rather than running for cover Kevin with his chin in the air has reiterated his position defying any to debate him on the issue! As usual all media presstitutes have refused, as there is obviously "no debate to have". It seems that the vast majority of the public disagree and would like to see such a debate but none of the so called "journalists" dare to tread such a path.

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London Campaign Against Arms Trade at the Baby Show

24-10-2010 15:05

London Campaign Against Arms Trade descended on the Baby Show to raise awareness of their links to the DSEi arms fair

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President Ahmadinejad galvanizes Lebanon's Palestinians

24-10-2010 08:10

Lebanese people welcome President Ahmadinejad, 13 October 2010
Nearly a week now since Ahmadinejad’s departure, the 12 Palestinian camps and two ‘gatherings’, especially among the young people, are still abuzz with often excited discussions of his visit. What President Ahmadinejad brought to the under-30 generation in the Palestinian camps is more hope, energy, and self-confidence.

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Chavez to Assad: We should speed up the birth of a new world order

23-10-2010 18:42

Chavez and Assad hold a joint press conference in Damascus, 21 October 2010
The alliance between the anti-imperialist countries of Latin America and the Middle East is asserting itself.

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Southampton protests Round-up - Anti-cuts demo & arms traders disrupted at fair

23-10-2010 17:55

Fight War - Not Wars!
This past Wednesday students, residents and activists protested across Southampton over both the presence of Arms companies at a University careers fair and the Coalition government’s imminent cuts with a well attended demo at the Bargate.

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US troops and Iraqi torture

23-10-2010 16:01

Secret US files - torture
US troops ordered not to investigate Iraqi torture ........ United States troops were told not to investigate allegations of torture by Iraqi security forces, according to documents found in the war logs. A comprehensive trawl of the secret military files show that US soldiers witnessed, or were told of, more than 1,300 cases of detainee abuse by Iraqi authorities. But following the Abu Ghraib scandal of 2004, they were given explicit orders not to investigate unless coalition personnel were involved.
The logs reveal that more than 180,000 people were detained in Iraq between 2004 and 2009. This is equivalent to one in 50 of the male population. In comparison, the number of people detained in Afghanistan, which has a similar population, was 7,500. Most of those detained in Iraq detentions were in state-run centres. ..... .....

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Lisbon calling: Portugal gets ready to host NATO summit

23-10-2010 15:58

We are fast approaching the next NATO summit, which will gather in Lisbon, from the 19th to the 21st of November, Barack Obama and the leaders of the other member-countries. Their goal is to adopt the new “strategic concept” of the organization. And we can already notice the growing bustle.

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Where the Hell is the Progressive Rebel Party?

22-10-2010 18:30

Teabaggers are being “bagged” back into the same old two party system—that is not just corrupted but corroded—so the joke will ultimately be on them—exactly in the same way that the joke was on progressives, who equally thought a corporate owned “top-down” Democratic Party was going to deliver a new deal of any kind—even as the bottom up got many of them elected into office.