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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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NATO ministers in war crimes hearing, The Hague

26-01-2004 23:43

Former Dutch PM and Foreign Minister forced to give evidence in court on NATO bombing of Yugoslavia

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When Occupation Isn’t Enough: Ethnic Cleasning Techniques

26-01-2004 23:11

Why some men and women refuse:

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Case against anti-war protester dismissed

26-01-2004 21:08

Police’s treatment of school students was outside the law.

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Police Frame James Thorne: Trial this week

26-01-2004 16:32

Your Manchester comrade James Thorne is being tried on a trumped up assault charge after police violently dispersed a peaceful protest last June. All support on 29/30 January at Manc Magistrates Court warmly appreciated.

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Fight Global War! Fight Capitalism! ... in munich 2004

26-01-2004 01:24

Every year on the second weekend of February the leading warmongers meet in Munich: at the former called "Wehrkundetagung", meanwhile renamed "Munich Conference of Security policy" generals and politicians from member states of NATO and other military powers like Russia and China come together to discuss the military aspects of capitalist world division/capitalist globalisation. The host is nobody else than Horst Teltschick, a former foreign policy expert in the government of Helmut Kohl. Today he works for the "Quandt-Stiftung". The Quandts are main shareholders of the transnational group BMW. It's a natural course of action that friends and competitors of the armaments industry are also invited to this illustrious party.

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"Take your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty republicans!"

25-01-2004 21:49

I find the similarities between the pro-war republicans, who never seem to
see a war they didn't like, to the gorillas in the movie "Planet of the Apes".
Perhaps because the movie was made during the Vietnam war is the reason for
the striking similiarities. Then as in now, republicans were the pro-war party,
while the democrats were anti-war.

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eyewitness account from Nablus

25-01-2004 10:52

I received this account from a friend of mine living in Nablus. She and I are both Jewish and are increasingly appalled at the way in which the Army perpetuates the cycle of violence. Out of these 100s of traumatised victims, I wonder how many got to the end of the day and thought 'We must have understanding for the Jewish people, and maybe not all Israelis are soldiers, maybe some are normal people'? If there were any, it would be a miracle. If none of these victims contemplate suicide bombing, it will also be a miracle and no thanks to the Israeli Army. But I hope ridiculously that these miracles somehow happen.

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Inspiration at Budrus

24-01-2004 22:13

"This is part of the campaign to isolate Palestinian activists from the outside world and crush their resistance. However, we maintain that Jews who stand against injustice must have equal rights with Jews who support it." IWPS

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Human Rights Groups Denounce Civilian Claims Process as ''Kafkaesque''

24-01-2004 18:52

Two human rights groups have issued a searing indictment of the U.S. military's system for compensating Iraqi civilians victimized by American troops.

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Suicide and the aftermath of the New Year invasion of Nablus

24-01-2004 18:46

The aftermath of the Israeli military invasion of Nablus City and Balata Refugee Camp over the New Year.

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24-01-2004 15:02

Hundreds March in Israel to Plant Trees

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23-01-2004 23:53


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Four arms fair protestors jailed

23-01-2004 18:52

A group of 11 people were on trial for staging a peaceful blockade at DSEi arms fair on 9 September 2003. 4 were sent to prison for one day rather than go against their consciences and pay fines and court costs.

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Dry Drunk Confirmed?

23-01-2004 17:59

This article I wrote ties in Paul O'Neill's recent revelations with BUsh's obsessions about his father.

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Court Support Vital in BIG TRIDENT CASE

23-01-2004 17:50

The Three Trident Ploughshares activists who broke into Devonport on 2 occasions to try and damage (upgrade) a Trident Sub that is being "re-fitted" are in court and need support urgently.

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ISM Reports: Budrus: Hundreds March To Plant Olive Trees

23-01-2004 17:21

The Latest ISM Report

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23-01-2004 14:47

In the interests of peace, a Motion has just been
tabled in Parliament, which calls the
United States Government to account for breaching the
Geneva Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention.

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What's wrong with America... and how we can fix it

23-01-2004 05:43

Excerpts from 'The Empire of Ignorance, Hypocrisy and Obedience'.
why the US lacks religious freedom...
the seven basic tools of US foreign policy...
poverty in the US...
why money doesn't make one happy...
and more.

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Jenin: a town of wasted hopes

23-01-2004 00:04

Eyewitness report from Jenin in Palestine by two British observers.

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Tom Hurndall Vigil - Video Clip

22-01-2004 22:44

Broadband-encoded video clip of the vigil for Tom Hurndall outside manchester Town Hall on 14th January 2004.

Apologies for wrong date on Indybay site which has been corrected.