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Just criminals with medals (by Latuff)

25-05-2004 13:54

Iraq war comics
Copyright-free comix by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Iraqi people and their struggle against occupation.

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Roger Morris: A Call to Conscience

25-05-2004 13:03

Please circulate this article widely, to friends, family, lists, the papers (Guardian and Independent?) and American Embassies, MPs...

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Ron Cobb Cartoons from 1968

25-05-2004 11:29

"Mah Fellow Americans..."
So, what's changed in 36 years...

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Go To Hell Bush!!!

25-05-2004 02:24

European leaders are now under fire by the Bush to bail his ass out of Iraq. The Bush administration is seeking support for a UN resolution for a US led multination security force to uphold order in Iraq. Over sixty years ago the leaders of France and England confronted another madman in Munich. Instead of standing firm they agreed to sell out Czechoslovakia after Hitler assured them that he had no aims for further expansion. However, before the war was over Hitler had conquered all of Europe. Tyrants are never satisfied.

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Audio: US Marine Speaks Out on Iraq

24-05-2004 22:38

Ex-Marine Staff Sergeant Jimmy Massey talks about his time in Iraq where he admitted the U.S. treatment of Iraqi civilians is fueling the Iraqi resistance. In a recent interview he said "I felt like we were committing genocide in Iraq."

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Berg video filmed from inside AbuGhraib prison

24-05-2004 17:05

The video footage of an American citizen's execution has raised numerous questions concerning its authenticity as evidence grows that the event took place from inside the U.S. controlled Abu Ghraib prison.

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Abu Ghraib Abuse Scandal gets worse

24-05-2004 16:38

click on the links below-

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Paxman interviews Chomsky

24-05-2004 09:34

A short interview with Noam Chomsky, including transcript and video stream (Realplayer, low bandwidth). Jeremy Paxman, conducting the interview, is obviously trying to do what he can to hit Chomsky with the "tough questions", in notable contrast to his extremely subservient interview with Tony Blair before the war started...personally, I'd appreciate it if Mr. Paxman would secure another interview with Mr. Blair and ask some real questions this time.

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Holocaust revival (by Latuff)

24-05-2004 07:28

Ariel Sharon bringing back ghosts of Holocaust...
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their resistance against U.S. backed IsraHell's ethnic cleansing.

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More On Torture Of Women In Iraq

23-05-2004 23:46

RE: Black Women's Rape Action Project; Women Against Rape
More photographs have come to light, which have been sent out recently with our statement to women legislators in US and UK about the rape of Iraqi women by the military. Please demand an answer from your MP, and send them our statement (, and send us their reply.

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On that Iraqi wedding party and more

23-05-2004 15:28

Here are more reports on Iraq not highlighted in our corporate press. Please spread them around. Jamie

ZNet | Iraq
Wedding Party Massacre in Iraq
by Rory McCarthy; UK Guardian; May 21, 2004

Mahdi Nawaf shows photographs of his family members - father, wife and six children - killed in a US attack on what is claimed was a sleeping village Photograph: Anna Niedringhaus/AP
The wedding feast was finished and the women had just led the young bride and groom away to their marriage tent for the night when Haleema Shihab heard the first sounds of the fighter jets screeching through the sky above.

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Northampton End the Occupation Demo

23-05-2004 12:28

Local Stop the War group held a small demonstration on the high street.

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Reports that USUK torturers and killers will grant themselves immunity

23-05-2004 05:16

How many Tim Mcveaghs will come home this time ?
..after the handover. OK, but that will only apply in Iraq. The ringleaders, Bliar and his hangers-on can still be prosecuted at home for the illegal attack and killing of 8,000 or so and maiming of many more Iraqis.
Maybe they think they can move to Iraq.
How can they sleep at night? How can their spouses and families live with them?
How did they become so delusional, insecure and stupid?

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Angry police shove peaceful protestors

23-05-2004 01:29

The crowds gather on the road. Most people stood up till the police got to work.
When nearly 1000 pro-Palestinian activists gathered opposite Downing Street gates, little did they know that they would see a truly momentous attempt at a mass sitdown end with Police lifting and shoving demonstrators around. Even Jeremy Corbyn MP suffered perpetual pushing from police who were increasingly keen to move the barriers closer to the kurb.

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Nearly 3000 say "Stop the Torture"

22-05-2004 23:52

Theatre of War
With only 2 weeks notice, activists and friends gathered to take part in STWC's emergency Stop the Torture demonstration. A typical mid sized march, it ended with the inevitable rally in Trafalgar Sq.

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Art of War : European Union

22-05-2004 16:43

European Union
European Union

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Once upon a time in Rafah (by Latuff)

21-05-2004 23:59

Kids talk
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their resistance against U.S. backed IsraHell's ethnic cleansing.

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Rage against Sharon brings new life to Parliament Square

21-05-2004 23:24

After Brian Hawe's arrest, the square picks up again, this time with help from members of Palestine Solidarity Campaign and International Solidarity Movement. Numbers have varied from night to night, but Friday's was the lowest, with around 20 taking part.