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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Adam Price MP calls Blair a Liar!

19-03-2005 13:58

Iraq Occupation Focus held an international teach-in on 5th December 2004in London. It offered all those opposed to the US–UK led occupation of Iraq a unique chance to learn, discuss and prepare for future actions'.

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Are the Central London webcams being censored?

19-03-2005 13:41

In 2003 it was suggested that London webcams covering the Anti-War March were being censored by the police.

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18-03-2005 16:48

£5bn for war, yet no money for pensions. Support the striking public sector workers.

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Rage Against Raytheon in Reading

18-03-2005 16:02





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Offensive and Defensive Aggression: Herbert Marcuse

18-03-2005 15:49

In this 1970 interview in the midst of the Vietnam aggression, Marcuse insists that affirmation of life is the distinction between offensive and defensive aggression. The physician cutting off a leg and a pilot ordering passengers are examples of defensive aggression.

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18-03-2005 15:19

UK: Spinwatch can reveal that we have our very own fake journalists operating in the UK. The government pays for their wages and they provide news as if they were normal journalists rather than paid propagandists.

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M.Howard of the Arms Trade.

18-03-2005 14:05

Reply from Tory leader M.Howard to constituent's letter re Amnesty Intl Control Arms campaign (and the Intl Arms Trade Treaty etc).

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Trafalgar Square peace camp (pics).

18-03-2005 13:44

The camp.
Some scenes from the camp and some of its meetings, music, comedy, poetry.

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Week of action targets plunderers of Iraq

18-03-2005 13:00

Join us, the corporate pirates, in a week of action on 1 - 6 April to oppose the corporate plunder of Iraq! We have a series of events planned for this week and anyone who wants justice for the people of Iraq is welcome to join us.

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Support Comunidad de Paz San José de Apartadó on the 8th anniversary 23 March

18-03-2005 10:41

Comunidad de Paz San Jose de Apartado
Solidarity with Colombian Peace Comunities

Support the Comunidad de Paz San José de Apartadó on their 8th anniversary on 23 March

Out of the horrors and suffering of displacement in Colombia, eight years ago - on 23 March, 1997 - was born a new hope. War Resisters' International sends greetings to the Comunidad de Paz San José de Apartadó as it celebrates its eighth anniversary.

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Open Letter to STWC from Political Association of Iranian Refugees

18-03-2005 10:12

Iranian refugee group criticises STWC for refusing to give platform to voices equally critical of US imperialism and the stutus quo in Iran.

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Great Peace Posters To Download

18-03-2005 08:08

Great peace posters on this website - 'Another Poster For Peace'.

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18-03-2005 01:04

Sing this song on the tune of the theme song of "Bob the Builder" aloud at any rallies especially the coming big one!

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Wolfowitz at the World Bank: An Empire without a Global Economic Policy?

18-03-2005 00:30

A momentum to break open debtors' prisons that the Washington Consensus built in the global south has been building up, demonstrated by Argentina's ability to compel 75% of its creditors to accept 35 cents on the dollar. The nomination of Paul Wolfowitz for WB presidency can only invigorate the global justice movement, which will have an inviting target at the IMF and the WB's 2005 Spring Meetings on April 16-17 and their 2005 Annual Meetings on September 26-27 -- both in Washington D.C. At the same time, the Wolfowitz nomination, like John Snow's performance, underscores the empire's lack of global economic policy. To be sure, there is no lack of clarity in the domestic business agenda, but all elements of the domestic agenda (the class action "reform," the bankruptcy "reform," the medical malpractice liability "reform," tax cuts, Social Security privatization, etc.) either do nothing to defuse or make bigger ticking economic time bombs -- the ballooning housing bubble, mounting consumer debts, the credit bubble, the widening current account deficit, rising oil prices, the falling dollar, and so on -- that may go off any time.

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Rachel Corrie anniversary memorial at Caterpillar, Solihull: report and pics

17-03-2005 18:12

Yesterday, a small Westmidlands PSC delegation went to lay a wreath outside the Caterpillar European Financial Headquarters in Hockley Heath/Solihull in memory of Rachel Corrie who was killed by an Israeli Caterpillar bulldozer in Rafah, 2 years ago today.

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Film: Women In Black womens day action, Bristol UK

17-03-2005 13:59

Women In Black hold a silent vigil for peace and justice in Bristol, UK. The vigil was held on International Womens Day (08.03.05).

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Ex Brit Ambassador joins fight against NWO - stands against Straw man

17-03-2005 11:19

Ex Ambassador to Uzbekistan uncovers lies by Straw and MI6 - intends to defeat him on his own patch at election time (yeah, right!)

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(US) "brand" - My Lai, Nicola, and the psychosis of genocide

17-03-2005 08:59

Second USUK Falluja massacre - AFP

The concept of brand is the problem.
Viewing a nationality as a product goes to the core of the basic problem issue of a psyche that believes that ownership and marketing is all.
Ownership of responsibilty is surrendered.........