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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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apologies to john heartfield

17-08-2003 15:10

operation enduring nightmare

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Scotland DSEiI contact

16-08-2003 22:38

Actions againts DSEI, Europe's largest arms fair, will be taking place from 6th - 12th September 2003. There is now a Scottish contact for the event.

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PRESS RELEASE: International Protestors to Target UK Arms Fair

15-08-2003 18:19

15 August 2003, for immediate release

Thousands of people, from all over the world, are expected to travel to London in September to shut down Defence Systems and Equipment International (DSEi), Europe’s largest arms fair, which is to be held at ExCeL, London Docklands from 9 – 12 September 2003.

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Scotland for human beings

15-08-2003 10:44

In case anyone missed this.....

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WALL OF PROTEST, Washington, D.C. thanks UK for its creativity in posters

14-08-2003 19:49

Panoram of the whole board
A wall of protest posters has sprung up this summer in the heart of the Washington DC Adams Morgan community. The wall is being tended to by peace-loving war-hating people in Washington. The posters come from around the world. Activists in the UK have created a major part of the material being posted.

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Accommodation for DSEi protests

14-08-2003 09:37

Accommodation for people travelling to protests against the arms fair in September is being organised by a Disarm DSEi working group.

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Uranium from Niger?

13-08-2003 17:19

Smoking gun and deviations.
Who faked the Niger Uranium documents?

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ISM-related book launch

13-08-2003 12:54

A launch party to celebrate the official release date of Ted Curtis' book, 'By theft & murder: a beginner's guide to the occupation of Palestine'.

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Trident Ploughshare Update

12-08-2003 23:39

Just five years ago Trident Ploughshares began its open, accountable and nonviolent campaign against Trident, Britain's weapon of mass destruction. Since then our activists have been involved in over 2000 arrests. High profile actions, like the disarmament of the research barge Maytime in 1999 by the Trident Three and the series of highly successful mass blockades at Faslane, have increased public awareness about the UK's nuclear weapons and promoted debate.

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The Wall Video

12-08-2003 22:11

Extract from The Wall video, filmed in the West Bank, Nov 02

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Extract from The Wall video, the West Bank 2002

12-08-2003 22:04

Extract from The Wall video, filmed in the West Bank, Nov 2002.

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Gov report on Irish arms trade controls available

12-08-2003 21:13

Minister Ahern's review of Ireland's export controls

"Mr. Michael Ahern T.D., Minister for Trade and Commerce today (Wednesday 6th August 2003) said that the review of Ireland's export controls system for dual-use and military goods is progressing..."

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Coulport News - 12th August

12-08-2003 18:12

The Trident Ploughshares International Disarmament Camp continues with arrests now totalling 34. Ulla Roder today appeared in court where a new trial date was fixed.

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Corporate Watch on DSEi Arms Fair

12-08-2003 14:42

Debunking some of the corporate marketing speak and quotes around DSEi - Europe's biggest arms fair due to be held 9-12th September in London.

From the new August Issue of Corporate Watch

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Globalise Resistance DSEi Protest + Prop Making Weekend

12-08-2003 14:02

Info from Globalise Resistance (GR) on their activities for DSEi anti-arms fair protests in September. GR are one of over forty groups organising against the arms fair.

Main GR demo plus Prop Making Weekend.

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Coulport News 11.08.2003

12-08-2003 10:58

chained to the wheelchair
Another report about actions at the Trident Ploughshares International Disarment Camp 02.08.-15.08.2003.

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Mancester DSEI contact

12-08-2003 09:24

Actions againts DSEI, Europe's largest arms fair, will be taking place from 6th - 12th September 2003. There is now a Manchester contact for the event.

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Weapons of Mass Destruction

12-08-2003 07:21

Where are they?

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Iraqi Civilians Continue To Be Killed

12-08-2003 06:39

Iraqi civilians have accused U.S. forces of being trigger-happy and nervous, often firing sporadically into homes and crowds especially after they come under attack.

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Impeachment Is Not Enough

12-08-2003 01:47

By now its clear to everyone, that Bush lied to congress about weapons of mass destruction. He lied to the American people. He had aides lie to the Untied
Nations. He lied about the connection between Iraq and bin Laden. He lied about Nigeria. He lied about chemical and biological weapons. He lied about the
underlying reasons to wage war. He lied blaming others for his lies. He lied about his staff; they are all a bunch of convicted felons and retreads from his daddy’s
administration. He lied and good men died because he lied