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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Civil diobedience scenes yesterday.

20-11-2003 10:32

Fountain pool at Trafalgar Square was dyed red.
Various scenes of civil disobedience from yesterday's anti Bush protests.

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Video of Protests at Buckingham Palace, Wednesday

20-11-2003 04:10

Here is the Reuters video of the Buckingham Palace protests of Wednesday, November 19, 2003.

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Counter Insurgency Rebel Clown Army deployed against bush!

20-11-2003 02:52

Spotted on maneuvers in london today (wed 19th)

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Fountains run blood red - traf sq

20-11-2003 02:03

fountains in trafalger ran blood red this afternoon during the protests against George Bush's state visit to britain

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Street Party Mayhem

20-11-2003 01:43

Cops block Tottenham Court Road
Report and pics from the Sambatistas Roaming Street Party.

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Edinburgh Stop Bush Evening Protest report

20-11-2003 01:26

National demo in edinburgh against Bush's State visit attracts thousands!

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Bush Visit Protested in Bradford

20-11-2003 01:15

Bradford saw a notable amount of Anti-Bush protest throughout Wednesday 19th November. This included a rally, a visit to the police station and a strange occurance with the bus stops, or should they be...

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It's Still a Jungle Out There: Congo's Slow Move to Recovery

20-11-2003 00:33

As aid workers arrive with their food and medical supplies, they are often greeted by rifle-toting rebel militias. Sometimes, the rebels simply observe; sometimes, they liberate the supplies for themselves. Historically, it has been supposed that most of these rebels are not Congolese but rather from neighboring countries, particularly Rwanda and Uganda. Although those neighbors deny any recent involvement, a United Nations report issued this week disagrees.

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19-11-2003 23:52

Details of Todays Stop Bu$h protest in Canterbury

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O-I-L women's peace action - trafalger square 1pm

19-11-2003 23:05

OIL banner
A couple of pics from the women's picnic from this afternoon

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Part of Bush Demo in Manchester - Video

19-11-2003 23:04

Video clip of part of the 10,000 strong demo in Manchester on 19th Novemeber 2003.

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couple of critical mass pics from parliament

19-11-2003 22:51

giving it a go getting to number 10
pix from this mornings critical mass, which just kept on and on all day, forming, reforming, splitting and re-appearing - well done people!

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Digicam video clip of royal coach moving off

19-11-2003 21:47

Just a short not very exciting digital camera video clip of alternative royal coach.

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Action at the 4 Courts in Dublin

19-11-2003 21:41

19th Deirdre Clancy, Nuin Dunlop, Karen Fallon, Damien Moran & Ciaron O'Reilly will once more appear for mention in the Four Courts.

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'No-Bush' demo in Nottingham

19-11-2003 21:40

'No-Bush' demo in Nottingham in Market Square. Starting with a public trial of this bloke for crimes at 12:00 noon and at 5pm, a sit-down and march around town.

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Swindon: Bush greets shoppers

19-11-2003 21:04

"How did my oil get under their sand?"
Shoppers and workers in Swindon town centre this lunchtime were slightly bemused to find George W Bush explaining his plans for global domination via a megaphone. A closer inspection revealed that he was actually a Swindon Stop the War Coalition activist in a rubber mask.

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Esclusive George W Bush intyview from Chicken Nugget News!!

19-11-2003 20:59

Dubya was nice enough to almost grant me this interview this afternoon on the Mall.