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remembers . . . . to have a future

11-07-2006 17:47

latest news, nuclear review, comment, plus

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Krauthammer Has It All Wrong: The Constitution is for War and Peace

11-07-2006 17:19

He and the President are trying to justify dictatorship on the cheap by claiming that “everybody does it” during wartime, and then things go back to normal…except there is no war now, and the fake “war’ on terror will never end.

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Media Perpetuates 7/7 Mythology

11-07-2006 17:12

The mainstream media appear to have absolutely no interest in telling the truth about quite what happened in London on July 7

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Mumbai blasts

11-07-2006 16:48

Mumbai financial district hit by 8 bombs on train/s.

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No Pasaran! - Commemorating the Spanish Revolution

11-07-2006 14:53

Liverpool Social Forum presents a night of film and talk commemorating the Spanish Revolution and its heroic struggle for equality and freedom, against fascism and militarism.

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Leeds PSC: Visit Palestine Film Night 19th July

11-07-2006 14:47

Join us at the Common Place Leeds from 7pm for a presentation from an activist about life in the Tel Rumeida area of Hebron and resistance to the illegal wall from Palestinian villagers. THEN see the amazing film "Visit Palestine".
Light refreshments provided!

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For Gaza - EDO Arms Dealers Locked Out

11-07-2006 13:46

Early monday morning heavy duty locks were placed on the gates of a Brighton arms factory producing weapons for the Israeli military

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How US Wars are Sold

11-07-2006 12:03

One of the oldest representative democracies of the world changed in the First World War into a controlled undemocratic form of state.. The myth of the surgical war originated in 1991.. Local television stations eagerly accepted the free propaganda films of the government.

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'Zarqawi Successor' in Jail/Destroying A City for 'Victory'

11-07-2006 00:15

Another Bush/PNAC Regime LIE is exposed. As usual, the bulk of the media remains silent.

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Diabetes and Depleted Uranium - Italian Embassy Cover up Continues

10-07-2006 23:48

US - A Nation In Distress
The Consul asked Dr. Mishra 1) Who is your sponsor in Italy, 2) What is your hotel in Italy and 3) what is your interest in Leuren Moret, in diabetes and depleted uranium? Dr. Mishra had said nothing about diabetes, depleted uranium or Leuren Moret.

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The Build Up To World War 3 Begins In Shanghai

10-07-2006 17:33

The growth of the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organisation), particularly the meetings emphasis on security and defence and the new membership applications, are creating worldwide tensions similar to the standoff before the Second World War.

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Five more US soldiers charged in rape-murder atrocity in Iraq

10-07-2006 17:16

Four active duty US soldiers have been charged with participation in the “rape and murder of a young Iraqi woman and three members of her family,” the US military stated in a news release on Sunday. A fifth soldier is accused of dereliction of duty for failing to report the crimes.

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Palestine Today

10-07-2006 16:29

Today in Palestine

Palestine Today service of the International Middle East Media Centre on Monday the July 10th, 2006

Israel’s massive assault on Gaza continues leaving three persons killed and four injured as Israeli warplane fires missiles into residential areas, Across the West Bank, the army continue their campaign of house raids and taking people prisoner while in Hebron they issue orders to close 1000 Palestinian shops. These stories and more coming up stay tuned.

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"Brian Haw: The Polished Mirror"

10-07-2006 15:53

Tony Blair is forced to drive past Brian Haw’s five-year-long peace vigil on the eastern edge of Parliament Square each time the prime minister travels from Downing Street to the House of Commons. Yes, Virginia, there is justice in this world after all. We needn’t wait for God nor history to judge the PM, as he suggests.

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U2's Bono and Anti-Venezuela Video Game

10-07-2006 04:53

...from the Venezuela Solidarity Network:

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School Students Picnic for Peace!

09-07-2006 15:45

Discussion and Banner Painting
On Saturday 8th July, 10 school students from around Liverpool met in a city center park, to picnic for peace! The picnic, which was organised by newly set-up Liverpool School Students Against War (SSAW), began at 1pm and was based around the slogan "Hands up for Peace".

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Emergency in Palestine - Call for Action!!

08-07-2006 21:47

Protest outside the Foreign Office, Whitehall, London
Wednesday 12 July 5.30pm-7pm

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Solidarity Park Gig Experiment

08-07-2006 15:33

We are a Wiltshire based anti-war band who worked with Maya Evans,we are playing a gig in London to see if a band with a specific anti-war agenda can generate an audience as established artists in the UK seem very quiet on the War in Iraq and the linked erosion of civil liberties in the Uk

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Bring the Troops Home FAST! 3,000 Join Sheehan in a Fast

08-07-2006 05:04

3,000 people from all over the world
have joined Cindy Sheehan and
Code Pink in a fast to bring the
troops home "FAST".