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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Blair in Nottingham

14-07-2006 14:45

Give the Warmonger the Welcome he Deserves!

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1,500 Demonstrate Against G8 and Bush & Merkel's pre-G8 meet

14-07-2006 13:15

Around 1,500 demonstrated yesterday (Thursday 13 July, 2006) against German Chancellor Angela Merkel and US President Bush's meeting in Stralsund, on the Baltic coast in north-eastern Germany.

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Collective punishment: Trademark of Israel (by Latuff)

14-07-2006 12:06

Collective punishment: Trademark of Israel
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of the brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed Israeli terror.

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New pamphlet: "War and Revolution: the Hungarian Anarchist Movement"

14-07-2006 08:32

The latest KSL pamphlet gives you a chance to learn about Hungarian anarchists in the Budapest Commune of 1919, and the stories of figures like Ervin Szabo (anarchist librarian and anti-war conspirator), Otto Korvin (agitator) and Ilona Duczynska (the assassin who didn't).

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Pfc. Chris Gorman: I refuse to go back to Iraq, because this war is illegal

14-07-2006 05:06

Interview with Christopher Gorman, a religious Conscientious Objector who is refusing to return to Iraq.

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7/7 and Britain's Terror Paradigm

13-07-2006 23:30

This is the transcript of a public address by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed, author of The London Bombings: An Independent Inquiry (Duckworth, 2006) at the first parliamentary meeting calling for an independent public inquiry into the 7/7 terrorist attacks. The meeting was held in the House of Lords, 12th July 2006, chaired by Lord Rea. The event was sponsored by CAMPACC ( and supported by London Metropolitan University's Human Rights and Social Justice Research Institute, Stop Political Terror, and several other campaign groups. Panelists included 7/7 survivor Rachel North, antiwar activist and author Milan Rai, international lawyer Professor Bill Bowring, among others. Also participating were 7/7 survivors Holly Finch and John Tulloch. In this address, Nafeez Ahmed, who teaches international relations at Sussex University, explores the reasons why an independent public inquiry is needed, and also explains why the government doesn't want one.

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RAF Fairford requires volunteers

13-07-2006 22:58

I know you people already do do a lot of voluntary work, but airshows are such fun it might make for a great weekend. Get you applications in tommorow !

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13-07-2006 19:54

The time for rhetoric is long since past. The G8 must comply with years of obligations and commitments made to “Common Security” – peace, human rights, environment and social justice. The Following is a proposed Alternative G8 St Petersburg Declaration of Common Security

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Iraqis Call for Timetable, America Cracks Down

13-07-2006 17:21

Both Bush and Bliar LIED when they said they'll leave "when the Iraqi Government asks us to" (wink, wink!). They no doubt thought that the BILLIONS pilfered from the Iraqi Treasury they were using to bribe Iraqi politicians would create another Iraqi Puppet Regime.

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"Never Again" Gone Mad In Israel

13-07-2006 17:18

Keep in mind that this most recent offensive in Zionism's decades-long War was called for and planned months ago.

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"What issue would YOU like to raise with Tony Blair when he comes to Nottingham?

13-07-2006 15:34

Need inspiration? Basra 22/3/03
The Nottingham Evening Post [unreliable source] reports (13/JL/06) Tony Blair is to visit Nottingham this month to give a speech.
Details as to where, when and to whom not stated.

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Punk night to support the Peace Cycle to Jerusalem.

13-07-2006 13:34

Saturday 22nd July at the Sumac centre, 245 Gladstone Street, forest Fields, nottingham.(8.00 start), Chimp Biscuit and Skanx (and others) will play help raise money to support the 2006 London to Jerusalem Bike Ride.

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What is our Tent?

13-07-2006 12:09

The suicide assassin fancies himself as a victim and as almighty because he knows God is on his side.. Inter-disciplinary non-political groups could develop common strategies for countering the psychology of worldiwde regression.

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The Israel-Lebanon War July 2006

13-07-2006 08:56

Once again

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9/11, 3/11, 7/7, All False Flags: Now 7/11 Terror

13-07-2006 08:11

Signs are that the Mumbai train bombing is a false flag terror operation to heat up the war of civilizations on the Muslim world and keep India in line.

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Does ex-leaderr of the Tories know what standards of justuice mean?

12-07-2006 21:36

Michael Howard, MP, spoke today [Wednesday 12 July 2006] in the House of Commons [UK] debate on the so-called NatWest Three that was prompted by the procedural steps taken by the Lib Dems. In his speech, Howard reportedly stated this, "It surely would be an affront to our standards of justice and everything this House should stand up for if these men were to find themselves in a Texas jail for up to two years before they even have the opportunity of answering the charges against them."

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Come to the UK Forum for Non-Violence

12-07-2006 11:43

We are holding a festival of non-violent resistance on the weekend of July 21st in London. Read on for more details!

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Australia installs its man in East Timor: Jose Ramos-Horta

12-07-2006 10:54

150,000 refugees regime change in Dili
Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer greeted Ramos-Horta’s inauguration with the announcement that Canberra could now consider pulling out some of the Australian-led military force of 2,500 soldiers—in other words, mission accomplished. The concern of the Howard government has never been for the welfare of the East Timorese people. Rather the political instability, which has been deliberately fanned by the Australian media and which created 150,000 refugees, was only ever a pretext for masking the real objective: regime change in Dili.

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National Demonstration - 'No Trident Replacement,' 'Don't Attack Iran'

12-07-2006 09:49

Time To Go
23 September, Manchester: CND and the Stop the War Coalition are holding a national “No Trident Replacement, Don’t Attack Iran” demonstration on the eve of the Labour Party conference. Please join us to say NO to another war of aggression in the Middle East.

Saturday 23 September 1pm
Albert Square, Manchester

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The Trial of the Pit Stop Ploughshares Ongoing at Dublin's Four Courts

12-07-2006 06:10

5 members of the anarcho-pacifist Catholic Worker Movement are presently syanding trial in Dublin charged with "$US 2.5 million criminal damage without lawful excuse" to a U.S. Navy War Plane en route to the invasion of Iraq at Shannon Airport (3/2/03). This is their third trial.