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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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BAE-Saudi corruption allegations set DSEI in context

11-09-2003 12:32

Allegations in the Guardian of a corrupt slush fund that BAE has used for over a decade to "entertain" Saudi elites.

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Corporate Media on DSEi protests

11-09-2003 12:01

Links to other media reports around the world about the DSEi protests.

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DSEI - silverlink stopped - try to block DLR

11-09-2003 11:13

silverlink withdraw from the service all their trains (and that include the line to the DSEI) - try to block DSEI and delagates won't be able to use public transport.
One person with a D-lock can stop entire DLR network for 1h.

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DLR train action

11-09-2003 11:09

1 minute

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An angry arms dealer

11-09-2003 11:01

1 minute

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twin towers tribute

11-09-2003 10:39

One day only Homepage tribute

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DLR shut down this morning

11-09-2003 09:55

DLR trains aren't running through to Excel this morning

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Singing for Peace

11-09-2003 08:46

Hundreds of DSEi 'delegates' queuing to enter the Arms Fair were serenaded on Wednesday morning with their own song written specially for the occasion.

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DSEi Critical Mass

11-09-2003 07:59

Moving off from Bank
A report back and photos from the critical mass cycle ride which coincided with the protests against DSEi

Photos are 'copyleft' only in relation to radical and progressive non-profit use.

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activists detained at charring cross

11-09-2003 02:35

activists detined at charring cross

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Sheffield: Grassroots Anti-War Network Launch Meeting

11-09-2003 02:33


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Dali Lama says Iraq War May Be Justified

11-09-2003 00:32

The exiled Tibetan leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner said some wars, including the Korean War and World War II, helped "protect the rest of civilization, democracy."

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11-09-2003 00:27

Weapons on display inside DSEI

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11-09-2003 00:16

Weapons on display inside DSEI 2003

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Police violence at park gates

11-09-2003 00:04

Police use violence to force protesters into park...

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Running battle on Victoria Dock Rd VIDEO

10-09-2003 23:08

Video of running 'battles' (crap media exagerated term) on Victoria Dock Rd at around 1:30 ish....

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Canning town kids vs mounted cops VIDEO

10-09-2003 22:38

Short video showing Canning town kids being chashed out of their local park by mounted filth.... (can you believe these scum?, really makes me sick)

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Activists Infiltrate DSEi

10-09-2003 21:11

Today (September 10th) at 3:30pm, a group of Oxford peace protestors have disrupted a display of military hardware at the Defence Systems & Equipment International (DSEi) Arms Fair taking place in London Docklands’ ExCeL Centre.

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DSEI: RTS party pictures

10-09-2003 20:21

3 pictures

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DSEI: IMC Liverpool pictures

10-09-2003 19:04

5 pics