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Smash EDO benefit gig tomorrow

28-02-2009 11:07

As a part of the "Artivism" week of events there will be a benefit gig for Smash EDO tomorrow, 1st March, at the Prince Albert, Trafalgar Street, Brighton from 8.00pm.

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Maqbool Butt Day

28-02-2009 10:52

Maqbool Butt
A public meeting commemorating martyrdom of Maqbool Bhat, a socialist Kashmiri freedom fighter and leader and screening of a short documentary, Che of Kashmir, based on his life and cause.

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Nuclear warhead plant application on Burghfield flood plain – Latest news

28-02-2009 10:43

A planning committee meeting on Wednesday is set to approve plans for a new nuclear warhead facility on a flood plain at Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) Burghfield, near Reading, Berkshire. The proposal has received a record number of objections from the public, drawing the attention of mainstream media.

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Obama's Iraq "withdrawal" in a nutshell (by Latuff)

28-02-2009 09:45

Obama's Iraq "withdrawal
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Targeting Israel with Boycotts, Divestment, Sanctions, and Prosecutions

27-02-2009 22:59

Enough is enough. After 61 years of Palestinian slaughter, displacement, occupation, oppression, and international dismissiveness and complicity, global action is essential. Israel must be held accountable. World leaders won't do it, so grassroots movements must lead the way.

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Ornella Sabin, 1of 9 activists on trial for decomissioning Brighton arms factory

27-02-2009 22:58

Audio Smash Edo
Dialect Radio is a Bristol (UK) internet broadcasting Co-operative run by volunteers. Our main activity is our weekly current affairs and arts magazine programme Dialect, which is recorded at our Queen's Square studios and posted for download every weekend. Want to volunteer? Volunteering Bristol, Royal Oak House, Royal Oak Avenue, Bristol. BS1 4GB Tel: 0117 989 7733. Listen on air: 93.2 FM (BCFM), Saturdays 7 or 8PM. Sundays 7 or 8AM

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All night demo at EDO to commemorate the anniversary of the Invasion of Iraq

27-02-2009 18:19

Remember the War?

The invasion of Iraq began on the night of 19th/20th March 2003. Since then over a million people have died as a result of the invasion and occupation. EDO have been making money out of the suffering of the people of Iraq. The company produce components for the Paveway III and IV, the most used missiles in the 2003-4 bombardment

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Campaigners to Agrexco: We don't want your bloodstained flowers

27-02-2009 14:15

As Palestine solidarity campaigners continue to hold protests and take direct action against Israeli exporter Carmel-Agrexco, the Israeli government tries to 'confuse' the boycott campaign against the company by allowing it to export flowers grown in Gaza in a Valentine-special PR exercise.

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Victory for Plymouth Occupation!

27-02-2009 13:09

Students of Plymouth University have successfully won most of their demands in just 4 days of negotiation with their university management.

The following is an extract from their blog.

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Cardiff occupation ends, claims victory!

26-02-2009 16:09

I have received the following press release from the Cardiff occupation, which has now ended after three days. They are claiming victory after some of their demands were met.

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Israeli forces open fire on Palestinian farmers and internationals in Khoza’a

26-02-2009 12:28

Palestinian farmers, accompanied by international Human Rights Workers (HRWs), were fired upon by Israeli forces in the village of Khoza’a, near Khan Younis, this morning. The farmers and HRWs were attempting to work on land around 300m from the ‘Green Line’.

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The illegal business of Apax Partners

26-02-2009 11:07

A small protest was held last week outside Apax Partners' offices in central London (see Below is some background information on the UK-based private equity giant, which holds a majority stake in Israeli agricultural co-op Tnuva, which, in turn, owns 25 percent of Israeli exporter Agrexco Agricultural Export Company.

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Sheffield University ignores student opinion regarding army recruiters!

25-02-2009 18:44

Although there have apparently been discussions where several students have voiced their opinion supporting a ban of army recruiters from University campus, the University of Sheffield Careers Service could not care less. They have circulated an almost provoking email and have once more allowed army recruiters to hold interview sessions with students, which might even take place on campus.

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Plymouth University Occupied!

25-02-2009 10:46

Around 20 students from the University of Plymouth have occupied room 202 of the Smeaton building, in the middle of campus.

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Black Sea: Pentagon's Gateway to Three Continents and the Middle East

24-02-2009 23:12

map of Black Sea
The Black Sea is a vital geo-strategic area for the NATO in conjunction with its missions in Afghanistan, Darfur, Iraq and Kosovo.

With the inclusion of Romania and Bulgaria into the Alliance, the Black Sea has been incorporated into NATO's Article 5 (collective defense) operational zone. For two years now it has been repeatedly mentioned that Bulgarian, now joint Bulgarian-US, air bases may be used for attacks against Iran.

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Cardiff student occupiers settle in for the night...

24-02-2009 22:44

After a hard days occupyin' Cardiff student group 'Cardiff Students Against the War' are now settling in for a night in their new TAZ in the Shandon Lecture Theatre, Cardiff University.

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Cardiff University students occupy!

24-02-2009 13:52

Around 30 students from 'Cardiff Students Against War' have occupied the large Shandon Lecture Theatre in the main building.

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NATO summit 2009: A democracy free zone

24-02-2009 12:45

When the alliance of democracies meets, there is no space for democracy on the streets

When NATO celebrates its 60th birthday in Baden-Baden, Kehl and Strasbourg on 3 and 4 April 2009, there will be a lot of nice speeches about the values of democracy, and the need to defend democracy against a multitude of threats. But while NATO might talk about democracy, democracy will be temporarily suspended in huge areas of Baden-Baden, Kehl and Strasbourg.

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Andrew Beckett: Decommissioning the arms trade

24-02-2009 11:18

Comment is free

Decommissioning the arms trade

When government agencies cloak arms exports to Israel in secrecy, we have a moral and legal right to prevent their damage

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The Other Israel: Israeli refuser speaks in Sheffield - Wednesday 11th March

23-02-2009 18:54

Tamar Katz, an Israeli student recently released from prison, speaks in Sheffield about the struggle of Israelis to resist and undermine their government's war-machine and its colonial project in the occupied territories.

Wednesday 11th March, 7:30-9pm @ Arts Tower Lecture Theatre 6, University of Sheffield