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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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EU envoy warns Gaza could become the next Somalia

09-02-2008 23:20

Israel's ruling Extremists will not end their war to wipe Palestine off the map.

The world will have to take action to force them to bring it to an end.

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Nuclear-Free Mirage: Spotlight Must Shine on Israel

09-02-2008 23:18

In defiance of the security council resolution 487 of June 1981, Israel has not placed its nuclear facilities, whether civilian or military, under IAEA safeguards.

Moreover, Israel has ongoing biological and chemical weapons programmes.

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Munich: thousands against NATO security conference

09-02-2008 21:58

Thousands of anti-militarists (3,000 according to the police, 8,000 according to the organisers) have today protested against the annual NATO security conference in Munich, South Germany. A demonstration went ahead despite police attempts to ban it. Some 3,700 police were in attendence.

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Kilburn Get Total Out of Burma protest 7th February

09-02-2008 17:01

Eight protesters targeted Kilburn Total petrol station on 7th February at 409 Kilburn High Rd to demonstrate against the French Oil and Gas company. Total funds the brutal regime with hundreds of millions of dollars a year. Total's gas pipeline in Burma was built with slave labour from Burmese villages that were bullied and "relocated" by the junta's army for the pipeline (See

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United States Military Academy at West Point (by Latuff)

09-02-2008 01:31

Visitor from West Point
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Upcoming Guantánamo events in London - no extradition to Spain!

08-02-2008 14:35

A variety of events coming up in London over the next week calling for the closure of Guantánamo Bay and for Jamil El-Banna and Omar Deghayes not to be extradited to Spain following years of torture and abuse in GTMO and Bagram. Organised by the London Guantánamo Campaign

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Students Against EDO pay them a visit

08-02-2008 13:42

This morning at 10.30 10 activists from STUDENTS AGAINST EDO arrived at the EDO MBM factory on Home Farm Road, Moulescoomb for a suprise noise demo.

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Congressional Black Caucus Grades Plummet on War, "Terror" and Trade Bills

07-02-2008 21:00

The "tripwire" bills showed great fissures in the Black Caucus on so-called Free Trade, willingness to cave to the Bush administration and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on funding the Iraq war, and on a bill that threatens a witch hunt in search of the sources of domestic "extremist belief systems" and violence-inciting "propaganda" on the Internet.

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"We are here to expose Lockheed Martin, makers of weapons of mass destruction"

07-02-2008 20:41

Trident Ploughshares peace activists again expose Lockheed Martin's UK headquarters near Victoiria Station. US Corporation maintain the first strike Trident nuclear missile system and are developing its replacement.

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No Attack on Mosul!: An Emergency Statement of Intellectuals and Activists

07-02-2008 17:13

Bush’s failure in Iraq requires a new “success”. While the blood-soaked US occupation in Iraq declares one victory after another since nearly five years, it stages massacre after massacre of the people of Iraq.

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Brian Haw, Peace Champion, to speak at Oxford Union

07-02-2008 12:35

Peace in parliament
Brian Haw, the peace activist who has been camped at parliament square for the last 6 years, has walked to Oxford for a historic debate at the Oxford Union whether it is right to fight for Queen and country.

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Petition against the nomination of Tony Blair as President of the European Union

07-02-2008 11:14

I duly copy and publish this article:

We, European citizens of all origins and of all political persuasions, wish to express our total opposition to the nomination of Tony Blair to the Presidency of the European Council.

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Wrexham: Animal, People & Environment Fayre - this Sat.

07-02-2008 07:28

Want to find out what’s going on in Wrexham for animals, people and the environment?


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Towards Iran War: New False Flag Planned?

06-02-2008 20:07

Interesting how detailed the 'warnings', designed to scare the public, are, yet these same agencies already know they won't be able to stop this? Another attack will not only show Bush/PNAC to be complicit or incompetent, but will expose as pointless everything they've said and done these terrible seven years.

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Gladio – Death Plan For Democracy

06-02-2008 19:58

"The detention in Istanbul last week of alleged members of a shadowy Turkish ultranationalist group has revived charges that elements within the Turkish security apparatus have long tried to destabilize the country through a campaign of bombings and assassinations. These allegedly include false flag operations that have been attributed to Kurdish separatists and violent Islamists... The Turkish media have claimed that the latest arrests follow intelligence reports that the gang was planning to carry out a series of high level assassinations...what Turks call... deep state has its origins in what are commonly called Gladio operations " - Mass Arrests Expose Operations of Turkey's "Deep State" - By Gareth Jenkins

The use of proxy mercenary forces to terrorize nations into submitting to US political demands has been the cornerstone of American foreign policy since at least the era of the Berlin Wall, and it still is.

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Update on Smash EDO Conspiracy Case

06-02-2008 00:27

the Smash EDO conspiracy case is now set for July 28th

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Ballymurphy 11 Daughters Campain Tour Report

06-02-2008 00:19

A report on the speaking tour, organised by the Troops Out Movement, by two daughters of people murdered by British soldiers in Belfast

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"Independent Kosovo", a Territory under US-NATO Military Rule

05-02-2008 16:33

Camp Bondsteel

While the European Union and the US, have acknowledged that they would be "opposed" to a " unilateral" declaration of independence of Kosovo, the secession of Kosovo from Serbia is already de facto. It is part of a US-NATO military agenda. It is the culmination of the 1999 NATO led invasion. It responds to US-NATO strategic objectives.

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Aldermaston byelaws - judicial review update

05-02-2008 16:26

"We claim the right to freedom of assembly"
On 1 February 2008 Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp(aign) took their Judicial Review of the Aldermaston Byelaws 2007 to the High Court in London. Lord Justice Maurice Kay and Mr Justice Walker decided to hear the case against the Secretary of State for Defence in full.

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Act Against Iraq Poverty (Updated)

05-02-2008 12:16

The Iraq Solidarity Campaign has repeatedly warned both Iraqi and Western governments about the growth of poverty in Iraq