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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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More Photos from anti-war demo...

21-03-2004 19:00

HERE are some photos from Saturdays anti-war demo...

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More anti-war march pictures....

21-03-2004 18:57

March 20th Demonstration Pictures..

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More Menwith Hill photos

21-03-2004 17:46

Police at the main gate
Photos taken from the main gate protests at Menwith Hill this Friday. Appologies for the poor quality of photos but they were taken with an old camera in poor low light levels, and have been later adjusted for clarity.

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Excellent Free Anti-War mix

21-03-2004 17:18

I found this excellent antiwar mix, and its free to download and distrabute.

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One-Year-On Demo

21-03-2004 17:11

Leaving Hyde Park
On 20 March 2004, tens of thousands of protesters reminded Tony Blair that the ongoing, illegal war in Iraq has not been forgotten

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Photos from Trafalgar Square March 20th Anti-War

21-03-2004 17:05

One year since the Iraq war began, tens of thousands of people gathered in London's Trafalgar Square to remember the year that has been and protest the UK's continuing involvement in the war.

More photos at

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People at M20 Anti-War demo in London

21-03-2004 15:23

Bush and Blair puppets of Capital
Here there are four photos of people and props at the M20 anti-War demo in London.

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Protests In Baghdad and Worldwide

21-03-2004 15:04

Links to reports from around the world.

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Chris Eubank represents STW - disgrace

21-03-2004 00:23

'Tony Blair is one of the greatest politicians in the world but...' says the star of McDonalds adverts Chris Eubank.

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Photos of the Anti-War march in London, March 20th 2004. (set 2)

21-03-2004 00:17

Photos of the Anti-War march in London, March 20th 2004. (set 2)

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Photos of the Anti-War march in London, March 20th 2004. (set 1)

21-03-2004 00:15

Photos of the Anti-War march in London, March 20th 2004. (set 1)

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Short report on Stop the War March in London

20-03-2004 23:00

Short report on London anti-war march.

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Hello? So what's happening now in London?

20-03-2004 22:29

Where's the coverage of the demo's going on today?

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Greenpeace Anti-War Banner Climb Up Big Ben

20-03-2004 20:12

On the anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq, two of our volunteer climbers scaled Big Ben and held a banner, reading 'Time for the truth', under the clockface.

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The day after Menwith Hill - update

20-03-2004 15:34

Menwith Hill Action - Update on arrests, police behaviour, the success of the event and a call for info form those that were there.

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Online action Alert - happening now!

20-03-2004 15:28

Members of allied groups in the Progressive Webgroup Alliance who are unable to attend the "real world" demonstrations are today making their voices heard in an online action, if there is anyone reading this who would like to join the action, please see below from the Progressive Webgroup Alliance mailing list

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Fairford Coach passengers will appeal recent High Court ruling.

20-03-2004 03:23

This is a press release from the Fairford Coach Action.

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Few more Menwith Pics from later on

20-03-2004 00:57

A tail of too many coppers and balls
The police have arrested who knows how many protesters so far, clearing a couple of gates. Some pictures from the continuing protest.

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Demo for Menwith Protestors at York Police Station

20-03-2004 00:24

Protest on Fulford Road outside Nick
Six of those arrested at Menwith Hill were taken to Fulford Nick in York. Protesters from the city came to demonstrate for their release.

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San Fran Action Shuts Down Bechtel Headquarters on Anniversary of Iraq Invasion

19-03-2004 23:25

Global Mobilization Against US Occupation and "Corporate Invasion" of Iraq