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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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protesters detained on Connaught Overpass

09-09-2003 14:28

Report phoned in from Sheffield anti-DSEI protestors currently on Connaught Overpass [west of Exel Centre].

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Short DSEi update 3

09-09-2003 13:40

Update of DSEi action 14:30

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Photos of DSEI attendees

09-09-2003 13:34

A peek through the fences on Tuesday morning

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Internet Cafe List

09-09-2003 13:27

Here a list of Internet cafe's in the area around DSEI

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Children at local schools near Excell are prevented from leaving school bt Polic

09-09-2003 13:24

In the schools local to Excel conference centre housing the DSEI arms fair, the pupils have been forbidden to leave the school at lunch time.
They have been told that if they leave the school premises they could face expulsion.
Some children have left the school grounds and were escorted back by the police.
Police officers are stationed in local schools to enforce this curfew.

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Short DSEi update 2

09-09-2003 13:11

14:09 DSEi action update

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Video of Disarm DSEi demonstration, Tuesday 9th

09-09-2003 12:53

Here's a 1 minute long video of this morning's anti-DSEi demonstration that took place in Victoria Dock Road near the Excel building where the arms fair is taking place. The video show when police lines are brought in to block the demonstrators from approaching the Excel building.

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Short DSEi update

09-09-2003 12:38

13:20 update on DSEi action.

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Arrest count - update on legal situation from DSEi radio

09-09-2003 12:38

Update on the number of people arrested so far in anti DSEi actions...

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Live from the Excel Indymedia Centre

09-09-2003 12:19

This is a report live from the anti-DSEI actions at Excel.

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BBC report on UK arms trade

09-09-2003 11:04

As Europe's biggest arms fair opens in London, BBC News Online takes a look at the importance of the UK defence industry.

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anti-DSEI actions

09-09-2003 10:31

As part of the on-going anti-DSEI protests, between 0800 and 0830 this morning, three co-ordinated affinity groups attempted actions against three companies involved in the arms trade.

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Arms designers shut down

09-09-2003 10:00

On Thursday 4th September military systems designers ESDU International shut down early before a demo by Hackney No Borders. Another small success in the run-up to shutting down DSEi.

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Something fishy in Iraq

09-09-2003 03:01

For the last four months, the US forces in Iraq have taken an average of 1.4 fatal casualties (cas) per day, according to US Central Command (CENTCOM). Occasionally, there have been three day periods with no dead. But CENTCOM has now not reported a single death for the last seven days. What is going on?

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DSEI - have we done it the wrong way?

08-09-2003 23:14

Inside here you can buy anything from a bullet -
I'm thinking we should have done all the serious blockading during the setting up process not after all the traders and weapons are already safely inside.

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Executive Orders and Oil Profits

08-09-2003 16:53

Another nail in the coffin of the ludicrous theory that the US invasion of Iraq had anything to do with weapons of mass destruction or "liberating" the Iraqi people.

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Street Theatre pics !!!

08-09-2003 16:04

De Vere Cambridge. Imminent botcott ???
monday pics: outside de vere

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Street Theatre welcomes NATO delegates

08-09-2003 15:31

On Monday morning, delegates to the NATO military committee meeting in Cambridge were greeted by a lively show of the street theatre "performing for peace".

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audio report from BAE action

08-09-2003 13:59

audio from todays anti-DSEi arms fair lockon action at BAE's HQ in London

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short mpeg video clips from BAE action

08-09-2003 13:30

two short mpg video clips from this morning's lockon action at BAE headquarters in london