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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Smash EDO Press Release - Woman in Court for Singing outside Bomb Factory

26-02-2008 09:36


For more info contact Andrew Beckett or Chloe Marsh

tel 07875708873 or email

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Will Turkey be complicit in another war against another neighbour?

25-02-2008 09:43

This paper is an attempt to redress the information deficit and highlight especially the psychological operations being directed at Turkey to pave the way for conflict with Iran, so that the Turkish and world public perceive the danger and act in time to avert it. Circulation to all interested and concerned parties is encouraged.

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US/NATO military shipping heroin out of Afghanistan

24-02-2008 16:53

The global proceeds of the Afghan drug trade is in excess of 150 billion dollars a year. There is mounting evidence that this illicit trade is protected by the US/NATO military.

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Full Text: IAEA Report on Iran

24-02-2008 14:46

The IAEA's document in full, since much of what the media says comes from relatively few sources, and misrepresents what the report says, consistent with the media's overall treatment of this issue.

Note that the only outstanding issues are those arising from accusations made by Israel and the United States, and there is no evidence thus far to back them up.

Israeli Extremists STILL Trying to Start Iran War

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Pics of "End the siege on Gaza" Demo

24-02-2008 12:57

Pics from the demo against the Gaza siege, Saturday 23rd February 2008, in front of Downing St.

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Hands Off Iraqi Oil - Wrexham demo

23-02-2008 21:33

There was a demonstration outside the Shell garage on the A541 Mold Road in Wrexham this morning as part of the international 'Hands Off Iraqi Oil' day of solidarity action. Despite small numbers, we managed to make ourselves very visible thanks to the conveniently placed pedestrian crossing.

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Pine Gap 4 Convictions Overturned! - All Outta Jail!

23-02-2008 20:19

Pine Gap is a NSA/CIA Warfighting Base located near Alice Springs, NT, Australia

Hi everyone
Today the Pine Gap 4 were aquitted under the Special Defence Undertakings Act of 1952.

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Israeli Extremists STILL Trying to Start Iran War

23-02-2008 15:48

How I love that word, "demand" in this article!

Now, if these sanctions are to be passed by the Security Council, which unfortunate member of the Knesset gets to make those trips to Beijing and Moscow to get China and Russia to go along with further sanctions?

No one.

Because Israel knows that Russia and China will not change their positions on further sanctions.

How this may shake out is with Israel declaring the UN "irrelevant", which they will use as a justification for unilateral action.

Israel, of course, has one little, tiny problem which is not addressed in this article

Russian officials have stated that any attack against Iran will be considered an attack against Russia.

War with Russia, anyone?

I would like to hope that the policy makers in Israel are weighing this very heavily in terms of what their next actions will be if no further UN sanctions come about.

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Israel's New Plan to Attack Lebanon

23-02-2008 15:46

Israel's ruling Extremists, facing increasing international condemnation and pressure to engage in talks aimed at ending its decades-long war and program of annexation, seem to be using further aggression as a way of preventing a process whereby it would be forced to give back much of what it has stolen.

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Marylebone Road protest against Total Oppression in Burma

23-02-2008 15:03

Ten protesters held a demonstration at Dorset House Total petrol station at 170-172 Marylebone Rd on Thursday calling on the French oil company to stop fuelling oppression in Burma with hundreds of millions of pounds a year to the brutal regime. Total has for many years been the largest western supporter of the military regime. Villagers forced as slave labour to build Total's gas pipeline nicknamed the soldiers oppressing them as the "Total Battalions".

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Canada's Secret War in Iraq

22-02-2008 13:40

Canada - Seeking Our Place/Falling Flat on Foreign Affairs

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Four Arrests at EDO MBM student demo this morning

22-02-2008 12:02


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Brighton arms dealers EDO MBM blockaded for the 2nd time this year!

22-02-2008 06:39

Four anti-arms trade protesters are currently blocking entrance to Brighton arms manufacturer EDO MBM's second site in Fishersgate, near Brighton. All four demonstrators have used super-glue to secure themselves to all entrances!

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The Great Rwanda "Genocide Coverup"

21-02-2008 21:22

As George Bush begins his much bally-hooed African safari, he has already begun to heap praise on Rwandan President Kagame as a “model for Africa .” But, recently issued French and Spanish international “war-crimes” warrants and new evidence at the UN Rwanda Tribunal have exposed Kagame as the war-criminal.

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Large Potential Albanian Oil and Gas Discovery Underscores Kosovo's Importance

21-02-2008 18:16

On January 10, Swiss-based Manas Petroleum Corporation broke the news. Gustavson Associates LLC's Resource Evaluation identified large prospects of oil and gas reserves in Albania, close to Kosovo.

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Rambo IV sneak premiere at rampART burma night, TONIGHT

21-02-2008 17:56

Tonight (21st Feb, 8pm) at rampART there is a sneak premiere of the new Rambo film along with short films about the situation in Burma (now called Myanmar) and campaigns to force Total Oil to end it's economic support of the military junta.

Films start 8pm at 15-17 rampart street.

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Benefit for Falsane Punx Peacenik Free Festi

21-02-2008 13:41

Benefit for the Faslane Punx Peacenik Free Festi on Saturday 23rd February at the Wagon and Horses (Adderley St, Digbeth - By the Rainbow Pub) Birmingham

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Opening a Pandora's Box: Kosovo "Independence" and the Project for a "New Middle

20-02-2008 19:52

Caucasus breakaway regions
Western public opinion has been misled. Unfolding events and realities on the ground in the former Yugoslavia have been carefully manipulated.

Germany and the U.S. have deep-seated geo-strategic interests in dividing Yugoslavia. Washington, D.C. and Berlin have also been the first governments to recognize the secessionist states, which resulted from the breakup of the Yugoslav federation.

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Flashback: F15 2003 - London Anti-War Demo

19-02-2008 17:25

Photos from the 15th February 2003 No War on Iraq demo in London.