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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Judge rules on Bradley Manning Torture Hearing - declines to dismiss charges

12-01-2013 16:41

Judge Denise Lind. Illustration by Clark Stoeckley

Bradley Manning was back at Fort Meade, Maryland, US for another pretrial hearing this week and military Judge Denise Lind issued her ruling on the unlawful pretrial punishment motion. This part of the case was dealt with at a long hearing in November and December, during which Bradley Manning gave evidence in person. He spoke about the punitive conditions he was held under at Quantico marine brig in Virginia from July 2010 until April 2011. Many other witnesses testified, including numerous brig staff. The defence motion called for all charges to be dismissed or, failing that, for 10:1 sentencing credit for the time Brad was mistreated.

For more information, see this Indymedia feature on the torture hearing

Brad's court martial continues on 16 and 17 January with another hearing, this time a continuation of the defence motion calling for charges to be dismissed on the grounds of lack of speedy trial. By the time the case reaches trial, put back again to at least 3 June, Bradley Manning will have been held for over three years.

Join the solidarity vigil in London on Wednesday 16 January at 2pm at the US Embassy.

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Syrian Army hits gunmen around Syria

11-01-2013 16:02

The Syrian Air force and artillery have targeted several dens of Free Army militia in several areas in Damascus countryside, Aleppo countryside and Edlib countryside, causing large losses of the gunmen and the destruction of their vehicles. Our correspondent in Damascus Countryside confirmed that more than 50 insurgents got killed in targeting their dens by the Syrian Arab Army in Saqba, Duma, al-Sheifounia, Duma and Marj al-Sultan, where other militants were killed during clashing with the Syrian Army units in Zamalka, al-Ziabia and Hijjira.

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Three Kurdish Women activists were shot dead in Paris

11-01-2013 11:16

Atrocity of Turkey war machine
Atrocity of the Turkey's Terror War machine in Paris.

Kurdish activists said the killings were carried out by forces in the Turkish state itself who wanted to derail the talks.

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8 Jan: Vigil for Bradley Manning at US Embassy London at start of another court hearing

03-01-2013 22:50

courtroom illustration by clark stoeckley

Bradley Manning is back in court at Fort Meade, Maryland, US from Tuesday 8 - Friday 11 January.

Vigil at the US Embassy in London 2pm Tuesday 8 January.

The entire soundtrack of the Collateral Murder video will be played.

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Buenos Aires: Candle Light March for Syria

31-12-2012 14:21

Candle Light March for Syria
Syrian Community in Argentina, Buenos Aires Hold Candle Light March in Support of Motherland ...... The Syrian community and students in Argentina held on Sunday a candle march outside the Syrian embassy in Buenos Aires in solidarity with motherland, Syria, expressing support to the Syrian leadership and national army.

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Google's Role As Internet Censor

29-12-2012 21:29

Biased link placement, cooperation with illegal wars,
activist link censorship, lawsuits regarding
censorship are some of the many issues involving Google.

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Time For Justice – A call from Palestine to EU citizens

27-12-2012 19:17

On the fourth anniversary of Israel’s 2008-2009 war on Gaza in which it killed 1400 Palestinians including 300 children, a call urging EU citizens to ask their representatives to suspend the EU’s trade agreements with Israel, until it complies with international law has been issued by grassroots networks and organizations across Palestine.

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Oscar Wilde Vs Rudyard Kipling Re The Folly Of Invading Afghanistan

26-12-2012 20:05

A 19th Century Cartoon About Afghan Invasion
It's time for British and American troops to withdraw from Afghanistan. Oscar Wilde told us this 131 years ago.

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Kuchi Refugee Camp in the Shah's Back Yard

24-12-2012 01:26

Maya is currently with a peace delegation in Afghanistan and sent this report via the VCNVUK blog.

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First days in Kabul

24-12-2012 01:21

Beth from Oxford is currently with a peace delegation in Afghanistan and sent this report via the VCNVUK blog.

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From Cowley Road to Kabul

24-12-2012 01:16

Susan from Oxford is currently with a peace delegation in Afghanistan and wrote these reports and reflections while preparing for the trip..

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Abolish the Armed Forces

21-12-2012 13:27

I just created a new petition and I hope you can sign -- it's called: Abolish the Armed Forces

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free bradley manning graffiti

20-12-2012 21:03

solidarity graffiti in exeter

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Caged in the USA: Torture in America’s many prisons (report from London event)

13-12-2012 21:45

Below is an article, reprinted in full, reporting on an event in London, organized by the Cage Prisoners organization. One of the featured speakers was former US political prisoner Robert H. King of the Angola 3, who was released in 2001 after 29 years in solitary confinement. King's comrades Albert Woodfox and Herman Wallace remain behind bars and have now been in solitary for over 40 years

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Won't Get Fooled Again? Hyping Syria's WMD 'Threat'

13-12-2012 09:42

Reading about crimes of state over many years, it is tempting to try to fathom the mind-set of political leaders. What actually is going on in their heads when they order sanctions that kill hundreds of thousands of children? What is in their hearts when they wage needless wars that shatter literally millions of lives? Are they desperately cruel, mindlessly stupid? Do they imagine they are living in a kind of hell where monstrous acts have to be committed to avoid even worse outcomes? Are they indifferent, focused on what will bring them short-term political and economic gain? Are they morally resigned, perceiving themselves as essentially powerless in the face of invincible political and economic forces ('If I didn't do it, someone else would.')?

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Drone info stall in Wrexham 11 Dec: report and photos

12-12-2012 11:32

We held another drone information stall yesterday in Wrexham.

See also this indymedia report and photos from a previous stall and this recent protest at RAF Waddington from where British armed Reaper drones will be controlled.

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Bradley Manning Hearing: Notes from the Courtroom 11 December

11-12-2012 16:38

Sketch by Clark Stoeckley: "The prosecution's case is falling like dominoes"

Witness evidence in the Bradley Manning Article 13 'unlawful pretrial punishment' motion hearing is now completed after 10 days and the hearing moves on to both sides presenting their closing oral arguments, starting with the defence (Bradley Manning represented by David Coombs). See Tweets below (which will be updated later), this report from Kevin Gosztola and this from Nathan Fuller, both with live updates.

For other court reports from this hearing, see notes from the courtroom: 10 Dec | 7 Dec | 6 Dec | 5 Dec | 1-2 Dec | 30 Nov | 27-29 Nov | Bradley Manning's Testimony.

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Bradley Manning Hearing: Notes from the Courtroom 10 December

10-12-2012 23:39

Sketch by Clark Stoeckley: Coombs x-examines CWO Barnes... back for more today

CWO2 Denise Barnes, who made the decision to remove Manning's underwear, returned to the witness stand on Monday 10 December in Bradley Manning's unlawful pretrial punishment hearing (see Tweets below and this report from Kevin Gosztola).

For other court reports from this hearing, see notes from the courtroom: 7 Dec | 6 Dec | 5 Dec | 1-2 Dec | 30 Nov | 27-29 Nov | Bradley Manning's Testimony.