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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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OAP Block!

16-09-2005 23:32

Not moving unless you arrest me!
DSEi London 4:30 pm on Tuesday an elderly lady decided she had had enough and was going to block the east entrance to the EXCEL centre

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DSEi arms traders serenaded

16-09-2005 18:51

A barber's shop quartet of Oxford protestors came into close disharmony with arms traders in two hotels on Wednesday and Thursday.

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More Pics and Report of Protests at DSEi Gala Dinner

16-09-2005 18:31

main banner at the protest
Some more snaps and report from Thursday's protests at the DSEi gala dinner in upmarket Park Lane.

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DSEi Video - KinoKast

16-09-2005 17:25

8min video of two days of protest at the DSEi in East London.

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some pics from dorchester dinner protest

16-09-2005 14:52

pig city
police busy protecting the dinner of dsei delegates against angry protestors
park lane blocked for about half an hour

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DSEi gala dinner

16-09-2005 14:22

Security breached at Dorchester Hotel during DSEi Gala dinner.

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Weapons inspectors visit Norwich factory

16-09-2005 13:12

To coincide with protests at DSEI a group of weapons inspectors entered an arms manufacturer in Norwich on Friday 16th September. MSI Defence Systems, who have been in the business for 80 years, have a stall at the London Arms Fair promoting their missile and naval gun systems.

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Fact-sheet on Iraqi oil union

16-09-2005 11:23

The GUOE is an anti-occupation, anti-privatisation and politically independent union of Iraqi oil workers, who are fighting to resist both the corporations and the US/UK occupation forces. It is a non-sectarian union, that aims to unite all oil workers in the South of Iraq, and has also worked to expel oil company bosses who were supporters of Saddam Hussein.

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Disarm DSEi march - Tuesday

16-09-2005 10:04

Video of the march from East Ham Central Park.

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dsei photos from the critical mass cycle, street dancing & on the river

16-09-2005 08:23

Police boat patrols the waters next to the arms fair
Some photos taken on Wednesday around the Arms Trade Fair area. Pictures of street dancing, critical mass cyclist and the millitary vessels on the thames for more see

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Govt slaps peace activist with $11,000 travel bill

16-09-2005 01:26

The Latest Australian Fascism
"I've given talks about the US anti-war movement and I've given talks about Halliburton and I've given talks about non-violent social change, you know peaceful ways of doing this like [Martin Luther] King and Ghandi, but I've never done anything which they're trying to allude to."

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Fashion Show DSEI Style

15-09-2005 23:32

The bazooka, it's this years must have accessory
Hosted by Dick Taylor or was that Dick Taitor? DSEI show off this years summer collection...

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Report and pics from protest outside arms dealers banquet

15-09-2005 23:17

Both carriage ways blocked
A roudy greeting faced the arms dealers as they arrived for their supper at the Park Lane dorchester hotel.

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Iraq court demonstration Wednesday 14th September 2005

15-09-2005 22:11

This is a 1,100 word article about the Iraq activists' court case at Thames Magistrates' court on Wednesday 14th September.
Ten photos of the day are attached.

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CO11 - Official Statement: 'We got it wrong'

15-09-2005 14:56

CO11 would like to extend a full apology to all civilians included in the 13/09/05 CO11 Operation Oracle 17 "bingo" cards.

CO11 accepts that these people were mistakenly identified as a threat to Public Order due to an ideological error.

That error has now been rectified and we have issued new cards to all officers involved in Oracle 17 with criminals we now accept pose a VERY REAL threat to public order and global security.

Please contact our legal department to make a claim at your earliest convenience. I have been assured by very senior officers that the Metropolitan Police Service will make extremely generous payments to all those affected by this awful error.

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DSEi 05 loop animation

15-09-2005 14:37

loop animation of images from DSEi 05

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DSEi Reports - Thursday 15th Sept

15-09-2005 13:31

Reports from ongoing protests and actions against DSEi Arms Fair + this evening's arms fair gala dinner at the Dorchester Hotel in central London:

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The Un-Australian Newspaper

15-09-2005 08:45

The Latest Australian Fascism
opinion: Greg Sheridan

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Yet more dirt on BAE murderers

14-09-2005 22:32

DSEI exhibitor BAE systems must be the most shamefully corrupt of all the death dealing companies at DSEI.

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Waterside Anti-Arms Fair Protests - Opposite DSEi (pics)

14-09-2005 20:25

Says it all really
This afternoon the last large group of protestors (approx one hundred) moved into position opposite the Excel centre - facing the warships across the basin. As the sounds of the PA sound system echoed across the water - a mix of music, slogans and speeches - defence police and army personnel zipped across the waves in zodiac style speedboats (complete with waterborne FIT). This was about the best place campaigners could get to in order to maker themselves heard by the arms dealers. Demonstrations of military speedboats and landing craft were greeted with jeers and slogans shouted out over the water, meanwhile one person jumped off the quay and made a swim for the warships. (14/09/05)