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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Stop Arming Israel

10-09-2006 01:39

Brilliant new cross-coalition campaign in the UK - Please forward to
friends and appropriate lists... a Manchester protest tommorow

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neo-Nazi/military plot busted in Belgium

09-09-2006 22:17

Sounds a bit like a fake, but it's real. Read the international press. 19 neo-Nazis have been arrested by the Belgian police, most of them serving in the Belgian army. 110 weapons were found that could have served to launch a racist terrorist attack.

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Is the War on Terror Bogus?

09-09-2006 21:01

Are the people who are behind the attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq the real architects of the War on Terror?

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Ask Michael Chertoff Ask the Secretary of Homeland Security something

09-09-2006 21:00

Ask Michael Chertoff Secretary of Homeland Security a question:

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Thoughtcrime in Britain’s Ascendant Police State

09-09-2006 20:03

The latest bit of media hyperventilation surrounds the supposed discovery of an “Islamic school in the Sussex countryside, where it is alleged night-time training exercises were staged,” according to Mike Sullivan, billed as the Sun’s “crime editor.”

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Brighton Police Attack on Demonstrations

09-09-2006 19:57

Starting with violent attacks on demonstrations against the EDO bombs factory, Brighton Police - under their Divisional Commander Kevin Moore - swamped the last demonstration against the bombing of Lebanon, harrassing demonstrators, especially Arabs and Muslims and videoing everyone present. Moore later declared the march anti-Semitic.

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Will Clinton, Berger and Albright threaten the BBC with a libel suit?

09-09-2006 18:28

As you know, the BBC is planning to show Disney/ABC's defamatory "Path to 9/11" program in the UK on Sunday. I'm told by a friend that under UK libel laws there is no public person defense and damages and costs can both be in the millions. And, "British libel laws are considered pro-plaintiff, meaning that the defendant must prove that she or he did not commit libel."

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Bush's Speech Translation

09-09-2006 17:30

what Bush didn't say yesterday

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Israeli-US Strategy: Lebanon and Iran

09-09-2006 12:52

"In this most perverse of all ceasefire resolutions, the aggressor (Israel) retains its arms, its occupation of Lebanese land, sea and air space, and increases its purchase of offensive weapons. The Lobby pushes the US/UN to encircle Hezbollah, control Lebanon’s border with Syria (thus losing sovereignty) and stop the flow of any defensive weapons to replenish the supply depleted defending the country from Israeli invaders ...

"The ‘dual purpose’ wars are designed to weaken and destroy adversaries to US-Israeli plans for regional dominance and to create military bases, geographic encirclement and economic pressure for the ultimate military assault on Iran."

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3 Arrested at Blair Protest

09-09-2006 09:44

3 just arrested in London

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Dissecting the war on terror

09-09-2006 09:10

After five years of post 9/11 government, U.S. foreign and domestic policy continues to be dominated by the all-encompassing ‘war on terror’. Events have since exposed this so-called war for what it is: a gross propaganda campaign used to suppress civil liberties and launch global war.

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Murdoch’s media empire girds up for a war against Iran

09-09-2006 07:20

An assault on Iran
It is not designed to convince, but to browbeat and intimidate. The editorial is one more indication that an assault on Iran is being planned for sooner, rather than later.

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Bliar war crimes arrest delayed pending No. 10 eviction notice

09-09-2006 05:25

BLIAR with his No.100
Bliar war crimes arrest delayed pending No. 10 eviction notice.
Cambell/Bliar "45 minutes" report may be used by anti-bushorc and wingnut prosecutors.

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Foreign Office Blockade video

09-09-2006 04:59

The small resolution video of the Foreign Office Blockade on 21-08-06.

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Israeli right-wing party threatens Brazilian cartoonist

09-09-2006 02:09

Print screen of Likud's page
Just a tiny example how the IsraHell' dirty tactics work.

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Brighton Police Chief Accuses Lebanon Demo of anti-Semitism

09-09-2006 01:57

In over 30 years of activism, the Police response to a demonstration calling for an end to the bombing of Lebanon was the heaviest I can remember. Sussex Police are now in the habit of detaining anyone on 'terrorism' suspicions (remember Walter Wolfgang) and are now trying to define support for the Palestinians or opposition to Zionist terrorism as 'anti-Semitic.'

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Sack Parliament! Benefit Gig 16th Sept rampART

08-09-2006 22:54

Benefit night for the October 9th Sack Parliament actions featuring Rass Smallmoney (conscious hip-hop), boogie knight, Stuart P (Hit or Miss), Sarah Bear & Josh (Sunday Sounds), Mad Scientist (Burning Spear), El Crisis (reggae), Excentral Tempest and Vendetta (Fun-Da-Mental).

Saturday 16th September 8pm til 1:30am. Donations welcome.
rampART, 15-17 Rampart Street, London, E1 2LA

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Peace cyclists detained in Israel

08-09-2006 16:53

Peace cyclists detained in Israel.
Respect MP George Galloway speaks out and calls on the government to intervene.

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The Wounds of War Must Be Healed

08-09-2006 15:34

The human rights violations during the war between Israel and Hezbollah must be investigated and researched. Amnesty International presses for this.

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08-09-2006 15:23