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Ask Michael Chertoff Ask the Secretary of Homeland Security something

curious george | 09.09.2006 21:00 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | World

Ask Michael Chertoff Secretary of Homeland Security a question:

Go on, ask him a question. For example:

Mr Chertoff

I am 16 years old and I have three questions that I'm struggling with right now about Usama bin Laden and the war on terror:

First, I'm curious about these liunks my friends have sent me that suggest bin Laden is already dead:

or very sick, even back in 2001?

These reports are directly contradicting what President Bush is telling us. Can you please resolve this matter once and for all. I don't believe it but don't really know what to say to my friends when they throw this stuff at me. Are these media reports lying?

Second, why is bin Laden not listed on the FBI site as wanted for 9/11? Do the FBI not understand that he was the architect for 9/11? What is wrong with them?

Finally, what guarantees are there that after the November elections and then the presidential elections two years from now, that President Bush and VP Cheney will be able to carry on their war against terror. Supposing the propaganda from bin Laden begins to turn even well-intentioned Americans from hearing the call to arms? What is America doing to ensure that its people are not turned against our own values?

Thank you for thinking about these questions.

God bless America.

What do you want to ask him?

curious george
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