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From Brighton to Beirut Public Meeting

05-02-2007 10:30

Caiomhe Butterly, an activist who was in Lebanon during last summer's bombing, and speakers from the Smash EDO campaign will talk about the direct action response to the Israeli attack on Lebanon

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SDO The Neo Clingons mp3

05-02-2007 02:56

SDO The Neo Clingons mp3
We are hearing too much "Green and Gold Spin" from the corporate world. And it sounds like PANIC. Its about time to show the pretensions for the global environment amounts to no more or less than clinging on to their privileges and life style. Featured speakers: Prof D. Suzuki, Graham, Tanya

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FLASHBACK: A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties

05-02-2007 00:52

The following essay represents, in my opinion, the accurate and detailed plan of the present Zionist regime (of Sharon and Eitan) for the Middle East which is based on the division of the whole area into small states, and the dissolution of all the existing Arab states. I will comment on the military aspect of this plan in a concluding note.

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British children - taught to HATE

04-02-2007 22:19

Kids as young as five are being exposed to a filthy, racist comic book that is full of violence, blames the Muslim world for every ill and encourages children to be ready for a life slaying the 'Mohamedan threat'. This comic is graphic, blood-spattered and filled with poison. It entices innocent minds with bingo, cheap holidays, sexual titillation, crosswords and idle celebrity gossip, and then whallops them with a load of hate.

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Bush, Dems Work Together to Kill Iraqis, Iranians

04-02-2007 18:39

It is a “political pilgrimage” that sends an incisive, unambiguous message: Bush’s neocons will work with the Democrats, not only on “U.S. energy self-sufficiency, global warming, economic competitiveness and immigration,” but also on the mass murder “surge” in Iraq and, soon enough, Iran.

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WAR of the 21st Century

04-02-2007 17:42

The real war today is for survival; whether the species earns the right to survive or annihilates itself remains to be seen but the money is on annihilation, where it belongs! It is counter-productive to focus on the external manifestations of man’s evolutionary struggle against his dual nature – the WAR today is the final war for the species, it is the last battle of LIFE against DEATH.

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War Howls

04-02-2007 16:14

Escalation will not finish the "job" that president George W Bush charged admiral William Fallon. The language of bombs is too simple for a complex matter like the Middle East.

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Boycott Campaigners to picket Israeli Company on Feb 10th at 1pm

04-02-2007 13:47

Demo on 10th outside Carmel-Agrexco in Hayes

Only a stones thsrow away from the No borders demo at Harmondsworth - why not go to both?

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Iran: A War Is Coming

04-02-2007 11:22

In his latest piece for the New Statesman, John Pilger describes American plans to attack Iran, possibly with nuclear weapons. Although the majority of Americans voted last November to end the war in Iraq, the Bush cabal remains undeterred by inspid protests from Democrats and is proceeding with another, even more dangerous adventure.

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12th February Aldermaston Blckade - a Reminder

04-02-2007 09:43

Come and join the next blockade at AWE Aldermaston against the next genaration of nuclear weapons

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Vicenza, Italy: 'YANKEE GO HOME'

04-02-2007 03:58

(A civic protest movement against one U.S. base in the stately Italian city of Vicenza has turned into a rally call for Italians and those Europeans opposed to the presence and expansion of hundreds of American military bases in their countries.)

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AIPAC “Money People” and the Iran Attack

04-02-2007 02:47

It is precisely “pro-Israel,” “New York money people,” “influential in the Democratic Party” who are calling the shots, demanding Democrats “toe the line.”

“Calling Iran a danger to the U.S. and one of Israel’s greatest threats, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton said Thursday that ‘no option can be taken off the table’ when dealing with that nation,”

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9/11 Hero to speak in Oxford

03-02-2007 17:59

One of the last survivors to escape the collapsing Twin Towers on 9/11 will be speaking in Oxford this month as part of a nationwide tour.

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spanish AUDIO: Interwiev Brian Haw and African People from Canary Islands

03-02-2007 03:01

Here you have a interview in spanish beetween the peacemaker Brian Haw and some African persons conecting together in the World Peace Day

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21,000 Troops To Become The Latest Guinea Pigs For Pentagon

03-02-2007 01:59

In light of President Bush’s determination to send an additional 21,000 plus troops to Iraq, regardless of the position of Congress and the American people, the citizens of the United States must be made aware of the ongoing experimentation and outright disregard for our American troops. With nearly thirty-six percent of our Gulf War I troops disabled, we must hold those responsible for such negligence accountable for these atrocities.

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SOCPA - full court report - banned from the zone!

03-02-2007 01:41

barbara arrest 24th jan (photo: brian haw) 1
barbara tucker has for the moment given up her daily protest in parliament square. she was forced into this decision through ill health caused by more than a year of police victimisation and harassment, and by a court threat that if she breaks bail conditions imposed today she will be imprisoned. having been detained overnight by police on a dubious charge of breach of bail, steve jago has now regained his unconditional bail and is free.

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Osama bin Aqua Teen Hunger Force

03-02-2007 00:37

In short, Americans are easily frightened by crass manifestations of the tawdry and shallow consumer society they passively accept, even celebrate, usually with dangerous levels of credit card debt. Fear and mistrust are now endemic, thanks to nearly six years of incessant propaganda concerning universal terrorists, Muslim evil-doers, liquid bombs, homegrown fanatics, even dire warnings of pregnant suicide bombers lurking on the local bus or train.

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Zbigniew Brzezinski: Bush is seeking a pretext to attack Iran

02-02-2007 23:59

A political bombshell from Zbigniew Brzezinski

Ex-national security adviser warns that Bush is seeking a pretext to attack Iran

Testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Thursday, Zbigniew Brzezinski, the national security adviser in the Carter administration, delivered a scathing critique of the war in Iraq and warned that the Bush administration’s policy was leading inevitably to a war with Iran, with incalculable consequences for US imperialism in the Middle East and internationally.

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Iraq: Who did the US military massacre near Najaf?

02-02-2007 21:22

Massacre near Najaf
Whether the slaughter outside Najaf was inflicted on a cult, anti-government tribesmen or a combination of both, it demonstrates that the illegal American presence in Iraq can only be continued by repression and indiscriminate killing in every part of the country. The scale of the massacre is a warning of what is being prepared as US operations are stepped up in Baghdad under Bush’s planned “surge”.

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Terrorist Charge Ridicules New Laws.

02-02-2007 17:40

Eight non-violent peace activists at Mildenhall police station have today been charged under anti-terrorist laws, SOCPA 128,which is the result of an action last October, when the activists entered USAF Lakenheth nuclear base and chained themselves to secure the gates of a munitions storage area to stop the movement of cluster bombs.