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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Art of War : 20th Century

28-03-2005 08:11

20th Century

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US Army Recruiters on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

28-03-2005 05:17

The US Army's 7,500 military recruiters, saddled with "a quota of two new recruits a month" and pressured by the Army brass, are on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

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Images of 19/3 Demo

27-03-2005 21:11

Woman uses her T-shirt to protest
Images of the Saturday March 19th 2005 peace demonstration in London from the perspective of those who travelled from the City of Birmingham. All photographs may be used freely. Larger quality images available on request. Photography: Adam Yosef

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27-03-2005 16:14


26th March 2005

EMBARGO: For Immediate Release

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Smash Edo high court injunction affects 1000+ people.

26-03-2005 15:20

Yesterday Smash Edo, Bombs out of Brighton and 14 individuals found themselves issued with intended injunctions against them in the High court, London.

This is the first time that groups outside of the Animal rights movement have found themselves issued with intended injunctions at the High court.

Over 1000 people are connected to the groups listed in the injunction, most people in the anti-war movement in Brighton are members of Sussex action for peace, Smash Edo etc.

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Picture Story of March 19th Demo (reposting)

26-03-2005 11:59

Some Portraits of the day's participants.
Due to a dispute about the layout, this item has been reposted in the author's original intended pictorial format (with resized images).

Several hundred thousand people assembled in the middle of London last Saturday as a timely, pre-election reminder to the government that many people still do not support their phoney war for oil.

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'Leaflets Trouble' by anti-Straw group outside Blackburn mosque

26-03-2005 11:57

Graphic of LET article
A group of muslim campaigners were assaulted in Blackburn yesterday when distributing leaflets urging people not to vote for Jack Straw in the upcoming general election.

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1984 (Radio play)

26-03-2005 02:28

This is a 1949 NBC radio adaptation of George Orwell's classic dystopian nightmare: 1984
The acting may be dated, but the cautionary message remains just as, turn up the sound, dim the lights, and remember... Big Brother is watching you!

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Noam Chomsky in Edinburgh

25-03-2005 23:43

Recent Noam Chomsky lecture in Edinburgh on tuesday

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25-03-2005 21:35

There have also been recent actions against the Arms Trade in Scotland, with a 20-people blockade of BAe's facility at Crewe Toll, and a banner drop in Edinburgh amongst them.

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Oxford 9/11 Truth - report of Public Meeting

25-03-2005 21:22

30 people attended the inaugral meeting of Oxford 9/11 Truth on Thursday 24th March. The meeting consisted of a 40 minute talk by Nick Kollerstrom from the London 9/11 sceptics group, and a presentation of the DVD "In Plane Site".

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Caterpillar "Defence" 16/3 - photo and report.

25-03-2005 17:47

Sp[ecial delivery for management!!!
A handful of protestors visited Cat "Defence" in Shrewsbury on 16/3 to hand out copies of the new War on Want alternative Company Report on Caterpillar, and to remember all the victims of Israeli military Caterpillar bulldozers in Palestine.

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Shocked and awed into `freedom'

25-03-2005 14:59

Two years after being shocked and awed into `freedom', freedom on the ground is a meaningless concept for large swathes of the Iraqi population. Sunnis and Shiites alike tell Asia Times Online of a brutalization of everyday life.

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Brilliant film: "Why we fight" (BBC /Arte)

25-03-2005 07:31

Why we fight
Seen wednesday on BBC 4 in the 'Storyville' series:
The very impressive documentary "Why we fight" by Eugene Jarecki. Absolutely the most brilliant film about America's militairism i've ever seen. In january, this new film won the Grand Jury Prize at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival.

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What a State

25-03-2005 00:10

Hard Core Anarchist Action at EDO Today.

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Palestinian Political Prisoners Day Actions

24-03-2005 17:03


Call for demonstrations on April 18th at ICRC offices!
Demand that the ICRC take public action against
Israel’s treatment of Palestinian political prisoners!

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Plunderers of Iraq

24-03-2005 13:44

Join the corporate pirates in a week of action

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Iraq, oil and conspiracy theories

24-03-2005 07:49

"... we may be right or we may be wrong, I mean people have their different views about why we're doing this thing. But the oil conspiracy theory is honestly one of the most absurd when you analyse it." Tony Blair, 6 Feb 2003

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Indigenous Ahwazi refugees suffering in Iraq

23-03-2005 21:19

Ahwazi human rights activists sent an urgent appeal this week to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees over the safety and security of Ahwazi refugees living in southern Iraq.