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from the archives: 'Why isn't Saddam being tried for genocide?'

04-01-2007 21:31

How was life in Iraq before Desert Storm? This is a subject that is taboo for Americans to know.

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The "Demonization" of Muslims and the Battle for Oil

04-01-2007 20:53

map of the new Middle East

The US led war in the broader Middle East Central Asian region has the purpose of gaining control over more than sixty percent of the world's supplies of oil and natural gas. The Anglo-American oil giants also seek to gain control over oil and gas pipeline routes out of the region.

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US prepares to escalate war in Iraq

04-01-2007 13:08

Bush seeks bipartisan backing from Democratic Congress

President George W. Bush appeared with his Cabinet Wednesday in the White House Rose Garden to make an appeal for bipartisan collaboration between the administration and the incoming Democratic-led Congress. He called upon Democrats to join him in pursuing an agenda that includes an escalation of the US war in Iraq, intensified political repression and a continuation of social and fiscal policies aimed at transferring wealth from the broad mass of working people to America’s financial oligarchy.

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2007: Decisive Year for the Israeli-Neocon Attack Iran Plan

04-01-2007 11:26

"The Israelis are not prepared to wait for the glacial turn of American politics, especially now that the decidedly pro-Israel Democrats are taking over the reigns of Congress."

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Israel and Saudi Arabia Planned to Assassinate Nasrallah

04-01-2007 07:45

An Arabic web magazine, run by Syrian dissident journalist Nizar Nayouf, has published a report claiming that Israel and Saudi Arabia planned to 'take down' a special Saudi plane that was supposed to carry Hezbullah's Secretary-General, Hassan Nasrallah, to Saudi Arabia in a secret visit on New Year's Eve.

See the full article in Arabic:

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Friends of the Earth blockades Faslane nuclear submarine base, Scotland

03-01-2007 22:38

Activists British block submarine base
Faslane Naval Base (near Glasgow), Tuesday 2nd January 2007 - A group of 25 activists from the Belgian environmental group "Friends of the Earth Flanders & Brussels" have blocked the British nuclear submarine base since 8am this morning. This morning 8 activists were arrested after nonviolently blocking both main entrances to the base. Amongst those arrested were people from Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal and Finland.

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Lauren Booth (Blair's sister-in-law) backs Ugly Rumours’ anti-war single

03-01-2007 16:23

Lauren Booth (Blair's sister-in-law) backs Ugly Rumours’ anti-war single

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Saddam No "Cause Celebre" for Death Penalty Opponents

03-01-2007 13:19

Executing Saddam will do nothing to end the chaos in Iraq.. Even Saddam Hussein had a right to human dignity despite his crimes.. It's a bizarre notion that this inhuman spectacle should aid the development ot democracy and order in Iraq.

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Secret U.S. plan to overthrow Syrian government

02-01-2007 19:56

The Bush administration is secretly funding political opposition to the Syrian government in a bid to topple President Bashar al-Assad's regime, according to a classified document seen by the Time Magazine.

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How to Start a Civil War

02-01-2007 18:48

"In "Crime fighting or Crime Cover-up", the German blogger "Freace" asks if the bombing of the Basra police station really was what we were told in the mainline media.

According to BBC reports, it was apparently the same police building in which last year 2 special unit Brits wearing Arab clothes and driving a car full of explosives had been detained and arrested after they had shot several policemen. The building was then stormed by British troops to free those obviously false flaggers."

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In Plain Sight

02-01-2007 14:20

Welcome to 2007, the year of plain sight and little doubt! The criminal incompetence of the Bush regime is impossible to hide, thanks in part to a highly successful American son, Bill Gates – and everyone thought that Bin Laden posed the greatest threat to the American way of life! It was Bill Gates, the world’s most successful capitalist, who, a decade ago, accelerated the development of the “information super highway”. His superbly streamlined and devastatingly efficient marketing machine facilitated the age of open communication that many take for granted today.

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Democrats Waffling On Iraq War

01-01-2007 21:54

Only days and weeks before the November 2006 Mid-Term Elections Democrats nationwide took hard line positions against the Iraq War; many Democrats were predicting the possibility of ending America’s involvement within 4 to 6 months into the new year, others predicting by the end of 2007; now less than 60 days since the elections most Democrats are projecting that American involvement could extend well into 2008 or beyond.

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American Leaders Promise More Pain

01-01-2007 13:05

US leaders ignore voters & reality. Violence is sure to follow.

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When the dust settles

01-01-2007 12:06

Is it really about whether Saddam funded terrorism, or was a brutal dictator and an abuser of human rights? Because the United states has historically funded terrorism, and the current government has a horrendous human rights record. So who will put our leaders on trial for this war of aggression?

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Bush Saddam snuff movie based on sound marketing research.

31-12-2006 18:24

Bush Saddam snuff movie based on sound marketing research.
(aka Hussein video )


"Two-thirds of Americans polled last month said they support the idea of televising executions — and 21 percent said they’d pay to watch Osama bin Laden put to death."

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Saddam is Dead, Long Live Saddam Hussein

31-12-2006 18:07

If there is one constant in regard to the Iraq imbroglio, it is the fact that the neocons told big fat brazen lies to get the United States to invade and occupy the country and they continue to tell lies to keep us there.

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Selective Justice and the Execution of Saddam Hussein

31-12-2006 16:37

The transformation of Saddam Hussein from ally to enemy

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What to do with a 'gift' from the US government

31-12-2006 12:49

Lowered US flag at USAF Croughton in 2000, not theft, wrote to US Ambassador requesting appointment to return and discuss presence of US Visiting Forces etc each year, December - given the flag..........what to do now!

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A Life of Crime

31-12-2006 12:17

The execution of the murderer, Saddam Hussein, by American organised criminals, via their proxies in Iraq, highlights the fact that criminals vying for power determine the course of the world. The coalition of Bush, Blair and Howard is directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians yet these leaders commit their crimes with impunity. The defining principle is not law (as is claimed) it is brute force! Economic and military power determines who is a ‘criminal’ and who is a ‘saviour’, regardless of the similarity of the acts committed.

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Saddam Hussein Executed

31-12-2006 07:31

On December 30th, 2006, former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein was executed by hanging just hours after the Americans handed him over to the Iraqi authorities. Saudi Arabia criticised Iraq's Shi'ite leaders for executing former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein during the Eid al-Adha religious feast. Human Rights Watch came out against the execution stating that the execution "following a deeply flawed trial for crimes against humanity marks a significant step away from respect for human rights and the rule of law in Iraq."

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