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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Food Not Bombs this Saturday 11th February

09-02-2006 19:15

The fortnightly Food Not Bombs event will be taking place in the city centre on New Street inbetween Starbucks and Tesco, or by the HSBC bank if it is raining. The event starts at 4.00pm.

Free food will be served to homeless people and anyone else who wants to come along, or even get involved.

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The Ultimate Treachery

09-02-2006 14:35

Ex-U.N. Inspector, Scott Ritter*, is one of the latest Net whistle-blowers to warn the world that the Bush/Cheney junta has already committed itself to attack Iran and that nuclear weapons will be used.

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Smash EDO - CPS drop CIA case

09-02-2006 04:11

Smash EDO Press Release

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C of E Divest from Caterpillar

09-02-2006 03:58

War On Want report on divestment

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09-02-2006 02:36

The Bush Administration is preparing for an eventual nuclear war with an expressed preemptive first strike option against even non-nuclear countries.

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a call to arms

09-02-2006 00:50

a call for the formation of a colonial guard to protect and defend those who no longer have a voice in Washington

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Cambridge Forum on the Arms Trade

09-02-2006 00:04

How many people are aware that their taxes are going to fund a government department that specifically promotes arms sales worldwide ? - including to regimes, such as that of Indonesia, with absolutely terrible records on human rights. Come and learn more on Tuesday February 21st. There will be the usual opportunity at the end of the evening for questions
and discussion.

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The approaching war with Iran

08-02-2006 22:56

When bullets become the commodity to secure a currency, it is a clear sign of devastating calamity looming. To ignore the warning signs is to suffer like you have never suffered before, or to die. Harsh words, but true.

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Rotten judgment in the state of Denmark

08-02-2006 15:29

The Danish paper that printed the cartoons wanted to stir up trouble -- and the government wanted a culture war. They got more than they bargained for.

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Ex-U.N. Inspector: Decision Already Made To Attack Iran

08-02-2006 14:55

Ex-U.N. inspector: Iran's next: Ritter warns that another U.S. invasion in Mideast is imminent

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(correction) Peace Not War concert on Friday - activists' discount

08-02-2006 13:47

Make Love Not War
Correct information: activists get in half-price (£3) if they send an email to by noon on Friday with a note of what they do in the movement peace/environment/anti-capitalist/gender activism etc). Office volunteers in peace groups get in free.

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08-02-2006 13:30

An important film examining Britain's commitment to freedom and diversity has just become available on

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07-02-2006 20:48

US past and current policy using a broader definition of corruption

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War's Stunning Price Tag

07-02-2006 18:50

The final bill will be much higher than previously reckoned - between $1 trillion and $2 trillion.

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We get the message...!

07-02-2006 15:15

The demonisation of Islam has reached fever pitch in the UK

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Taser Distributors are jumping ship

07-02-2006 15:04

ALD Advertisment
More and more of Taser's distributors are dropping the controversial stun gun from their product line, in an effort to distance themselves from inclusion.

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Download here anti-war artworks

07-02-2006 08:09

Copyleft artworks by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Permanent War

07-02-2006 05:51

US Secretary of Defence, Donald Rumsfeld, recently announced the ‘war on terror’ would be re-named “the long war”; this announcement has not surprised analysts who are aware that neo-con ideologues and strategists follow the Straussian (and perverted Trotskyist) doctrine of permanent war. Some interpret this as nostalgia for the ‘good old days’ of the Cold War in which a clearly defined enemy (communist bogeymen) kept the nation on permanent alert and amenable to the powers of the time.

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07-02-2006 01:10

Consideration should be given as to whether there are other, more machievellian forces at work in this storm in a tea cup, particularly as to how ripe it is to being used to support and advance the neo-con agenda.

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Peace Not War Residency @ Brixton Jamm

06-02-2006 19:51

Peace Not War returns to Brixton Jamm to launch their regular night on Friday 10th February 2006. With an eclectic group of conscious musicians and some of the best known names in the music scene, this residency promises to show case the best in live and urban music.