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Great Speech by Occupy Exeter Protester

24-11-2011 10:25

A great speech from a woman at the Occupy Exeter camp, she sums up many of the injustices and wrong doings in the world. She explains why it is so important to have a say and that the old structures that we serve, such as the banks and our love of consuming could be dying out for a new way of thinking. Please feel free to share the video. I have posted the text to the film on here also, and a link below to where you can watch the film in high quality video.

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Short notice! Census court case Wed (23rd) in Birmingham

22-11-2011 21:53

If anyone has a free hour or so Wed afternoon, there's a census court hearing at Birmingham Magistrates Court at 2pm. Solidarity and support would be much appreciated.

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Cost of Sri Lanka Oxford Union PR is $ 8 million

20-11-2011 09:52

Sri Lankan Central Bank Governor Ajith Nivard Cabraal reveals that Chime Group offered favourable front page interviews in The Time and The Daily Telegraph alongside an Oxford Union speech and glory to Mahinda Rajapaksa was almost bought out in December 2010.
Liam Fox the UK defence minister who recently resigned , his assistant Adam Werritty and some hitherto unknown associates had helped raise funds to pay contacts they themselves have identified.

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George Bush & Tony Blair's trial: Sparks fly at Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal

19-11-2011 14:11

George Bush and Tony Blair attend the NATO summit in Istanbul, 28 June 2004
Today, seven judges of the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal sat to hear formal charges against former President of the United States George W. Bush and former United Kingdom Prime Minister Tony Blair for Crimes Against the Peace.

But before the actual proceedings could get underway, Defense Counsel Team Leader Jason Kay Kit Leon charged one of the Judges with bias. Prosecutors characterized the allegation of bias and request for recusal as a "surprise" attack for which the Court had not had the opportunity to prepare.

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UG#577 - Money = Debt = War (The Rothschild Formula and The Myth of Barter)

18-11-2011 18:02

More of money's dark secrets this week. We begin with Edward Griffin on the connection between debt, central bankers and their direct financial interest in perpetuating war and the threat of it. We conclude by reading The Myth of Barter, chapter 2 of David Graeber's Debt, The First 5000 Years.

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Game On? “Protest the Drone Wars” demo, 16 November, Kensington

17-11-2011 21:52

Chris Cole, Drone Wars UK
Gaming enthusiasts are often accused of having a distorted perception of reality and blurring the distinction between the virtual and the real. But what if your military day job consists of doing what seems like playing a computer game, while picking off real targets? Where bombs guided by you from a safe distance really “splat” kids on the streets of Kabul, Gaza and Mogadishu? Welcome to the very real world of drone warfare.

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13 December: Oxford Census Refuser's court hearing in Reading

17-11-2011 13:25

Deborah Glass Woodin of Oxford, green activist, mother of two and widow of Mike Woodin, is due in Reading Magistrates Court on Tuesday 13 December at 10am for refusing to complete the 2011 Census.

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Census Refuser in Court in Birmingham: 5 January

17-11-2011 08:04

Roger Grenville, 66, a former Local Government Officer and local Councillor from Leamington, Warwickshire, is being prosecuted for refusing to complete the 2011 Census on grounds of conscience because of Lockheed Martin's involvement. Solidarity and support needed at the court hearing in Birmingham on 5 January.

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Assange seeks leave to appeal to Supreme Court over extradition ruling

15-11-2011 22:34

Update 15 November 2011: Julian Assange’s team have raised the following points of law as grounds to appeal to the Supreme Court:

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Second Brum FNB event

15-11-2011 11:09

Birmingham Food not Bombs in Pigeon Park.

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Smash EDO Talk at Occupy Sheffield

15-11-2011 10:28

On Monday 14th November, campaigners from Brighton came to talk at Occupy Sheffield about the campaign against the arms trade with Israel, and specifically the campaign to shut down the EDO factory, which supplies parts used against civilians in Palestine, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

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Matthew Gould and the Plot to Attack Iran

14-11-2011 14:28

Matthew Gould photo
This is an article from, analysing the Fox/Werrity saga further than the MSM have been prepared to, in connection with drumming up support for military action against Iran. It was offered as a paid article to a number of newspapers but appears to have been too hot for them to touch. As some readers will know, Craig was the only diplomat to have fallen out with the FCO (Foreign Office) over the policy of extraordinary rendition and torture-tainted intelligence. Permission has been given to re-publish/re-tweet this article anywhere - please do so!

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11/11/11. Report and photos: Alternative Armistice Day Event, London

14-11-2011 14:17

Sue and Ciaron reading the names of the military and civilian dead
Catholic Workers and Veterans for Peace held an alternative Armistice Day event on Friday 11 November starting at the Occupy LSX site at St Paul's Cathedral and concluding at the Bank of England. The ceremony outside the bank included naming the war dead in Afghanistan both civilian and military, anti-war ballads, reflections on war and its links with finance and bankers, reflections from the scriptures on nonviolent resistance, thoughts on the victims of war including the war vets who are abandoned on their return to civilian life and those who are targeted for speaking out against the wars.

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8 December, Liverpool: Another Census Refuser's Court Hearing

14-11-2011 12:46

Lockheed Martin F-16s used by Israel to bomb Gaza
Sarah Ledsom, 56, of Bromborough, Wirral, a grandmother who suffers with a disabling chronic condition, is due to appear at the Magistrates Court in Liverpool on Thursday 8 December to answer a charge of failing to complete the 2011 Census form. Sarah's objections to completing the census relate to the contract with arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin for processing census data. Sarah refers in particular to the use by Israel of deadly Lockheed Martin weaponry on the people of Palestine.

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More photos from Friday's Census court hearing and Remembrance

13-11-2011 23:19

Some photos and a short report from Wrexham, where anti-war and anti-Lockheed Martin conscientious census objector Judith Sambrook appeared in court on 11/11/11.

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SmashEDO Tour comes to #OccupySheffield 14/11

13-11-2011 13:53

Smash EDO are touring the country gathering support for the 2012 Summer of Resistance, a summer of anti arms trade direct action in Brighton. The workshop will include a rundown of the campaign so far, a direct action workshop and a chance to plan actions for next Summer in Brighton. Come along and find out how to get involved.

The summer of resistance will be a summer of antics and opposition to Brighton’s very own peddlers of death. Start working on your cunning plans now and join in!

We will be at Occupy Sheffield at 1pm and 7pm on Monday 14th November

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#OccupyLSX solidarity with the revolutionaries of Egypt

12-11-2011 18:49

Outside the offices of BAe

About 40 people responded to a callout for a 'tour of shame' of the arms companies who accompanied Cameron to Cairo days after the fall of Mubarak.

The tour left the camp at about 3.30pm and called at the offices of Qinetic and BAe.

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Britain’s sports stars at the service of war propaganda

11-11-2011 23:17

2011 Poppy Appeal poster features Andy Murray
Sadly, world-famous sportsmen like Andy Murray, David Beckham, Rio Ferdinand and Jonny Wilkinson are deeply complicit in genocidal wars.

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11/11/11: Census refuser Judith Sambrook in court. Report from Wrexham

11-11-2011 19:11

Demonstration outside the court
People started to gather outside Wrexham Magistrates Court from about 9.30am this morning in solidarity with conscientious census objector Judith Sambrook. Judith's census refusal stems from the involvement of WMD manufacturer Lockheed Martin in processing the data from the 2011 census in England and Wales.

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Arthur Hewlett Peace Award 2011

10-11-2011 15:56

Wrexham Peace & Justice Forum, which has been actively working for peace and justice in and around Wrexham (and beyond) since 2003 has been chosen to receive the third annual Arthur Hewlett Peace Award. The award is made by the Movement for the Abolition of War and funded by a legacy left by the late Arthur Hewlett, founder member of the Quaker Peace Studies Trust.