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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Art of War : Anti War

01-10-2005 15:14

Washington DC
Washington DC September 24, 2005

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Regional & Bristol Stop-The-War News : October 2005 : (VIRTUAL Version)

30-09-2005 22:41

[Covering South & South West, Wales & West Midlands]

You don't need to be affiliated to us to be publicised by us. This months
newsletter contains large numbers of activities. Try to get involved in at
least some of them. Send regional events to:

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Regional Stop-The-War News : October 2005 : (PRINTER Version)

30-09-2005 22:36

Welcome to the October 2005 version of the Regional & Bristol Stop-The-War Newsletter. This printer friendly version is in part a tactical response to the gap between the amount of info we've been able to send those with email, & those without. Please read on to find out how you can help us close this information gap.

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Report of Rome anti-war demo on Saturday 24th with photos.

30-09-2005 10:10

This is a 3,000 word report of the demonstration against the occupation of Iraq held in Rome last Saturday along with an analysis of the Italian media and a biography of Silvio Berlusconi.

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Azelle Rodney murdered by Police (his murderer is still on a paid holiday)

30-09-2005 00:56

Azelle Rodney (police shot him dead). His family want justice.
Mother asks why was her son shot dead in the street by Police?
"My son, Azelle Rodney, was tragically killed on Saturday 30 April 2005 outside a pub in Hale Lane, Edgeware by an armed officer of the Metropolitan Police. Azelle, who had just celebrated his 24th birthday and was looking forward to the birth of his first baby, had been busy making plans to build a life for him and his new family."

Officer who shot and killed Azelle Rodney still on holiday as letters to Sir Ian Blair ignored (30/09/2005)
Members of the Azelle Rodney campaign are incensed that the officer who shot and killed him on 30 April has yet to be interviewed although he remains on holiday. Blair's orders to "shoot to kill" have murdered innocents, and Blair has not responded to Azelle's family.

The police must obey the same laws as everyone. Ignorant racist police should go to jail when they commit a crime such as the murder of Azelle Rodney. If bad police are allowed to go unpunished, they will continue to commit crimes. It is because we have a Prime Minister like Tony Blair that murderers are allowed to walk free. New Labour have caused the high crime rate.

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Italy need passport to internet /PH/FX

29-09-2005 23:03

Be prepared for a major invasion of their privacy!
Anyone visiting Italy and wanting to use an internet point, or cafe, will need to take along their passport – and be prepared for a major invasion of their privacy.

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Reed Elsevier in Oxford targeted again

29-09-2005 17:20

Oxford activists demo Reed Elsevier management site in Kidlington over their connections with the notorious DSEi arms fair.

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Craig Murray exposes SOAS academic's complicity with Uzbek tyrant

29-09-2005 13:28

Is SOAS academic Shirin Akiner on the payroll of Islam Karimov?

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Don't dare to object to New Labour

29-09-2005 12:15

The days of dissent are limited it seems. No protests (or perhaps evening lobbying) allowed outside the House of Commons, and no dissent in the party conference...

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Wildcat Demos at EDO MBM Back with a Vengeance

29-09-2005 12:06

EDO MBM - Brighton's very own arms dealers - have been forced to confront the realities of their immoral trade for over a year now as protesters have demonstrated their disapproval outside the factory gates in many and varied ways

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Smash EDO Sunday Roast from 2pm Sun 2nd October

29-09-2005 11:57

Come and Eat Bangers and Mash to support the campaign to close down Brighton's arms dealers

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Evans: moderate threat

28-09-2005 23:55

it's not too late to whip it, whip it good!
Now whip it, into shape, shape it up, get straight, go forward, move ahead, try to detect it, it's not too late to whip it, whip it good!

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israeli anarchist speak in london tommorow

28-09-2005 22:44

tomorrow, 29th september a talk with an israeli activist from anarchists against the wall in london 8 pm

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"Insurgents seize 5 towns near Syria," Or more psyops a la "Wag the Dog"

28-09-2005 15:42

These are special operation guys, as you say MOSSAD, CIA, or Blackwater guys disguise as Arab/Muslims. Muslims don't kill Muslims. Sunnis don't kill Shiites. They are paving ways for US to invade Syria. Spread the word. Hope Muslims in Iraq know and understand this situation. But, I believe there must be real Mujahideen fighting to uphold Quran and Sunnah."

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Open Letter on behlaf of iranian Workers

28-09-2005 07:30

Support Iranian workers, support their struggle, and join us in the ‘Week in Solidarity with Iranian workers’ to show that:
Iranian workers are not alone

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George Galloway and Friends Rock the House to Close Historic September 24th

28-09-2005 05:36

George Galloway, spoke to a capacity audience at the First Congregational Church in Washington, DC. Ralph Nader and Dennis Brutus were special guests, while Louisiana activists were honored. Appearing with Galloway were Virginia Harabin (moderator); Mounzer Sleiman, PhD; Camilo Mejia; Elias Rashmawi; Rose Gentle; and Ahmed Shawki.

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Democrat Will Oppose Anti-Terrorism Laws

28-09-2005 04:24

Asking the wrong questions
AUSTRALIA: NSW: September 28th 2005 : NSW Democrat MLC, Dr Arthur Chesterfield-Evans, has accused the Premier, Mr Morris Iemma, of selling out to John Howard after agreeing to new 'Anti-Terrorism' laws yesterday. Dr Chesterfield-Evans said the proposed laws agreed to by Morris Iemma will not work.

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Mein Kampf by John Howard

27-09-2005 23:14

These governments ARE the terrorists
All Sieg Heil John Howard as his enabling act gets passed.

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A History of Concealment and Deception: Iran-US

27-09-2005 16:21

Washington hasn't the faintest idea about the kind of adversary it faces.. If Iran makes the Euro the oil trade currency, a greater flight from the dollar to the Euro and a catastrophe for the US will occur. The dollar will be weakened and imports will be more expensive for Americans.

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Amnesty International censors secret pro-war policy

27-09-2005 14:41

Amnesty Internaional's new policy towards war is that Amnesty
may oppose war and may also recommend that war be used under the pretext of protecting human rights. A leaked version of this document on IMC Poland has been deleted (not just hidden) following a request by Amnesty International Poland.