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22-07-2010 13:27

video from KASHMIR.. same everywhere..
could be Palestain could be everywhere..

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Call for Action Against House Demolitions in Al Farisiya and Fasayil

21-07-2010 09:18

On 19th July 2010 the Israeli army demolished 23 homes in Al Farisiya
in the Jordan Valley making 91 more Palestinians homeless. They also
destroyed the shelters for over 1000 sheep that members of this
bedouin community owned, and have 'confiscated' the sheep and demanded
payment from the farmers for their food!

On 21st July demolitions took place in the village of Fasayil

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Speakers Corner: Iran propaganda echoes buildup to Iraq war eight years ago

21-07-2010 01:50

Discussion on Iran's nuclear programme between Labour Councillor Martin Golding and Oxford Economist Martin Summers, both Labour Party members.

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Democracy Village eviction night, Parliament Square - pics

20-07-2010 23:33

Folk musicians entertain villagers just hours before the eviction
High Court bailiffs finally came to evict Democracy Village from Parliament Square, Westminster, London shortly after 1am on Tuesday, 20th July 2010.

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"Peace Envoy" Blair gets an easy ride in The Independent

20-07-2010 19:03

Last month, the Independent carried an interview with Tony Blair, the former British prime minister and now "the international community's Middle East envoy." (Donald Macintyre, 'Tony Blair: Former PM urges Israel to ease Gaza blockade', Independent, June 4, 2010;

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Early release for Israeli soldier who killed British peace activist

19-07-2010 17:58

UK peace activist Thomas Hurndall, age 21, was shot dead in Gaza on April 2003
An Israeli soldier convicted of shooting dead a British peace activist has been granted an early release from prison, the Israeli press reported Monday.

A military committee accepted Taysir Hayb’s appeal, and he will be free in one month, the Israeli news site Ynet reported Monday. Hayb shot Tom Hurndall, who died aged 22, during an incident on Gaza’s southern border.

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Democracy Village after the verdict.

18-07-2010 11:44

Drumming and dancing
This text is to accompany the video. The village called a people's assembly/peace rally following the loss of its appeal.

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Scotland’s Peace Walk for a Nuclear-Free Future - 30 July to 29 August

17-07-2010 14:06

Footprints for Peace in Brussels, July 2009 (D. Viesnik)
Gretna to Edinburgh, 30th July - 29th August, 2010

Footprints for Peace invites you to take part in a journey of solidarity for a nuclear-free future.

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*Trident Ploughshares Summer Gathering* 2-6 September, Reading, Berks

17-07-2010 12:36

Aldermaston Big Blockade, Feb 2010 (D. Viesnik)
The politicians won't listen. It's time to start seriously plotting how to get rid of our Trident nuclear weapons of mass murder, and stop the £97bn replacement. It is up to us, the people, to take direct action and put a stop to this nuclear MADness.

2-6 September: keep those dates free!

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A Closer Look at Israel's Role in Terrorism

17-07-2010 11:17

Israel's Role in Terrorism
Jeff Gates – America's Terrorist Ally: A Closer Look at Israel's Role in Terrorism ... "It's very good….Well, it's not good, but it will generate immediate sympathy (for Israel)". –Response of former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when asked on September 11, 2001 what the attacks meant for U.S.-Israeli relations. Game theory war-planners rely on mathematical models to anticipate and shape outcomes with staged provocations. For the agent provocateur, the reactions to a provocation-as well as the reactions to those reactions-thereby become predictable within an acceptable range of probabilities. With ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan poised to expand to Iran and Pakistan, it is time to take a closer look at how conflicts are catalyzed-by way of deception.

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5 Latin American countries condemn US & allies for the militaristic aspirations

17-07-2010 10:03

Ambassadors of Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Venezuela meet in Tehran
"We, Ambassadors and Heads of Mission of the Member States of the Bolivarian Alliance of the people of our America -– ALBA -- in the Islamic Republic of Iran condemn the destabilizing and militaristic aspirations of the United States’ Government and its allies, specially the Zionist government of Israel, whose acts lead to a conflict scene against Iran which will be extended to all the Middle East.

We ratify the support of our governments to the sovereign right of the Islamic Republic of Iran to generate atomic energy and use it with peaceful aims, the right of all the nations laid down in the NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty)."

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World outrage as Turkey and Syrians massacre Kurds

17-07-2010 07:55

Syrian troops and Kurdish tribesman are locked in fierce battle since the Syrian army blasted four northeastern Kurdish towns and neighborhoods at the end of June. Hundreds of Kurds are reported dead.

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Help Launch More Boats to Gaza!

16-07-2010 20:17

GFM is helping to launch new efforts to send boats to Gaza for Fall 2010. We will be posting details here as they emerge. We will continue to support viable efforts to sail more boats to Gaza, now and in the future, as long as this strategy serves to pressure Israel and the complicit governments to lift the blockade! ... Israel's deadly actions against the humanitarian Freedom Flotilla will not go unanswered! Visit the Flotilla page for steps you can take NOW and to check latest news, report backs, and events!

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Songs about nuclear annihilation from the 40's to the 80's

16-07-2010 18:51

I made this mix with songs about nuclear weapons from the 40's through the 80's. Please download, listen, and pass the word.

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July 4th 2010 at Menwith Hill

16-07-2010 15:38

An account of the Independence FROM Amercia demonstration

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Fidel Castro: An incident could set in motion an all out nuclear war

16-07-2010 15:12

Fidel Castro Ruz
Obama intends to mislead the world talking about a world free of nuclear weapons that would be replaced with other extremely destructive weapons designed to terrorize the leaders of other States and to accomplish the new strategy of complete impunity. The Yankees believe that Iran will soon surrender.

From my viewpoint, the United States and its NATO allies have said their last word. Two powerful states with authority and prestige failed to exercise their right of vetoing the perfidious UN Resolution. It was the only possibility to gain time in order to find a formula to save peace, an objective that would have given them more authority to continue struggling for it. Today, everything hangs by a thread.

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US Navy and Univ of Wisconsin Continue Brutal Treatment of Animals

15-07-2010 18:04

The US Navy has subjected primates to chair confinement for months at a time. Their violation of a treaty with India caused Indira Gandhi to ban primate export to the US. Their sonar and propellers kill whales and dolphins. Their jet bombers launched from aircraft carriers have bombburned to death countless animals.
They have used dolphins as weapons carriers. Now with the University of Wisconsin
which has also tasered pigs for the Justice Dept. and tortured primates, they have
killed 3 of the sheep they are experimenting upon with painful bends.

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Inquiry Confirms UK Collusion in Torture

15-07-2010 14:51

Highly classified documents have been disclosed that detail the involvement of Tony Blair's government in the torture of its own citizens. The documents not only support claims by six former Guantánamo detainees that British Intelligence were complicit in their mistreatment but also implicates the previous government in a number of illegal operations and thwarting attempts by Foreign Office officials to try the suspects in the UK.

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Annual Independence FROM America demonstration

14-07-2010 20:56

An account of the Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases (CAAB) annual 'Independence FROM America' demonstration held on Sunday 4th July 2010 at Menwith Hill, Near Harrogate.