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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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The Coming World War

11-10-2006 16:49

US officials spoke of the necessity of a new world war right after Sept 11, 2001.. Perhaps permanent disorder is central, not a new order in the world.. Do they only want to fill their pockets by setting the whole world on fire?

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Law of the Land - WE RULE - an indictment of the Bush regime

11-10-2006 16:10

The UN-Elected Bush regime now states cowardly Americans have no
longer any legal rights to defend themselves from unlawful arrest
if commanded without reason by the lawless as godless, bushite
enemy LIARS. Are YOU fooled?.. I didn't think so.

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Oxford Boycott Israeli Goods Day of Action

11-10-2006 15:45

On October 7th Oxford Palestine Solidarity Campaign joined campaigners throughout the country to draw the attention of the retail trade and shoppers to the abuses suffered by the Palestinians on a daily basis as a result of the Israeli occupation. The call from them was to boycott all Israeli goods. Oxford PSC organised a picket and leafleting of the three supermarkets in Summertown, all of whom currently stock Israeli goods.

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Australian Wheat Board “oil for food” inquiry ends with threats

11-10-2006 14:06

The affair and the Howard government
While the Australian media and the opposition Labor Party have happily promoted the AWB “scandal”, neither has raised any connection between the affair and the Howard government’s sordid calculations in the lead-up to the Iraq invasion. Their silence again demonstrates the complicity of the entire political and media establishment with the criminal invasion and occupation of Iraq, and the violent drive of the Bush administration to seize control of its resources.

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All’s Fair in Love of War

11-10-2006 12:59

The real terrorists reveal themselves!

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655000 Iraqi victims of war

11-10-2006 10:22

This from the Lancet this week.

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CPP congratulates DPR-Korea for nuke breakthrough

11-10-2006 10:20

Kim Jong-Il
The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today congratulated the people and government of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea for successfully and safely carrying out its first-ever nuclear test and hailed the successful test as a “militant assertion of national sovereignty and the right of an independent country to develop its own powerful self-reliant defense capability amidst constant efforts by the US to impose its imperialist hegemony over the world, maintain its monopoly of nuclear weapons along with a few other powerful countries, and subvert the sovereign will of the DPRK.”

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Provocative US attack on Shiite militia in Iraq

11-10-2006 08:04

An attack over the weekend in Diwaniyah, a city to the south of Baghdad, signals a major intensification in the operations of US forces in Iraq against the Mahdi Army, the armed wing of the Shiite fundamentalist movement nominally headed by the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr.

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The Prospects for Fascism in America

10-10-2006 22:21

It’s now cliché for radicals to make links between US policy and Nazi Germany (it’s just really easy). Some take the analogy further, claiming that fascism in all its glory is fully integrated into American culture— with death camps soon to come. To some extent the various predictions are credible; the historical correlations are often unshakable. Sometimes however, the fascist bogeyman is revealed as exaggeration, or simply paranoia. Underestimating the drive and desperateness of those pushing the fascist agenda in the US is of course dangerous, with much of the population making this mistake; on the other hand, a common, tactical error many radicals make is in overvaluing the resources, organization, and receptiveness these groups have attained, often leading to demoralization and inaction. Exposing fascist tendencies in the US, their future prospects as well as limitations will be the goal of what follows.

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Israeli Holidays Impede Palestinian Freedom of Movement

10-10-2006 21:45

This post comes from a Brighton based activist spending October in occupied Palestine with the International Solidarity Movement, a Palestinian lead group supporting non-violent resistance to the Israeli occupation...

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Palestine Today

10-10-2006 17:32

Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre for Tuesday October 10th, 2006.

One Palestinian killed east of Rafah, in the West Bank, an Aqsa Brigades fighter was injured near Jenin, the army takes prisoners in morning invasions to several cities and efforts to form a national unity government between Hamas and Fatah continues. These stories and more, coming up. Stay tuned.

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Join Stop the War at Faslane blockade 6th & 7th November!

10-10-2006 12:44

On 6th & 7th NOvember the Stop the War Coalition is blockading Faslane in Scotland, the base where Britain's nuclear weapons are deployed. If you want to join the blockade on those days contact / 02072786694.

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Faslane 365: Sheffield and North Derbyshire action

10-10-2006 10:47

Personal account from 1 member of the action

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Protest Against the Iraqi Court

10-10-2006 10:37

Because of the lack of honest media that reflects both sides of the conflict, I translated this letter, handwritten by Saddam Hussein in protest against the court’s procedures, the letter was wriiten two weeks ago and published today.

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US vs. Iran - Is An Attack Inevitable?

10-10-2006 10:37

Following is an article about the looming US (and Israel? and UK?) attack on Iran by Dr. Abbas Bakhtiar. This is a story being ignored by the mainstream media -- most people seem to be in denial that this war could be launched later this month.

The possibility that the Republicians might loose control of Congress on 7th November in the US and their talk of an October suprise to ensure that this doesn't happen has led to much speculation, including the possibility that a 2nd 9/11 (for example a dirty bomb or nuke being let off somewhere like NYC -- NYC is the only US city to have had a radiation mapping exercise conducted and this data is just what you need for doing a before and after study of the effects of a nuke...) might be set up and then used to justify a massive shock and awe bombing campaign against Iran that could include the use of nukes. Of course this is speculation -- there is nothing I'd like better than to be wrong.

If this were to happen before 7th November the election might not even happen and if it did it could ensure a victory for the Republicians (though things don't always go as they plan, eg the election in Spain after the Madrid bombings).

See also:

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Iran Attack Looks More Likely as Eisenhower Carrier Group Sails for Iran Theater

10-10-2006 09:43

Such a war would be an act of madness, & yet we know that the plans are already drawn up

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EDO Corp Sued For Racial Discrimination

09-10-2006 23:21

More legal woes for arms company EDO Corporation.

The Washington Post reported Monday that EDO face a US Federal Court law suit after accusations of racism against an African-American owned company.

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Hate speech (by Latuff)

09-10-2006 22:18

Hate speech
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of the brave Palestinian people and their struggle agains U.S. backed IsraHell's state terrorism.

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Sack Parliament - More Photographs

09-10-2006 22:03

Outside Parliament
Pictures from this afternoon's demo in Parliament Square, London, and some brief comments.

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Australian government demands hand-over of Solomon Islands’ attorney general

09-10-2006 21:51

A major expansion of the military
This unanimous support indicates what is at stake in the Solomons for the Australian ruling elite. Howard recently announced a major expansion of the military and specifically listed the PNG, Vanuatu and Fiji as potential targets for Australian intervention. In this context, a successful challenge to Australia’s grip over the Solomons would prove disastrous.