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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Yellow-belly alert in U.S. (by Latuff)

22-12-2003 08:18

Poor Uncle Sam...hehehehehe!!!
Even the world's most powerful nation is frightened by only the possibility of an attack in its own territory...

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U.S. soldiers digging their own graves in Iraq (by Latuff)

21-12-2003 09:06

Digging their own graves
Soldiers with the U.S. Army's 101st Airborne, expecting certain death due to Iraq resistance attacks, are digging their own graves.

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perpetual war, perpetual terror

21-12-2003 02:51

an analysis of the military industrial complex and its role in perpetuating the so called war on terror

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Shaheedah in Nablus, Palestine

20-12-2003 09:45

The roads from Asira Shamaliya to Nablus city, the regional capital, have been closed for some time. Those trying to brave the mountain trails or skirt around settlements risk military aggression. Kamleh Mohamed Asa'd Sawalha was a recent victim.

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20-12-2003 08:43

Peace on earth

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Two more U.S. soldiers die in Iraq

19-12-2003 15:56

By SAMEER N. YACOUB, Associated Press Writer

Capt. Tammy Galloway of the U.S. Army's 82nd Airborne Division said a homemade explosive device exploded on the roadside as a military truck was passing. Iraqi witnesses said earlier that it was an oil tanker and that two soldiers were killed in the blast.

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The capture of Hussein, again a sleazy farce

19-12-2003 11:59

flying splice
A poorly staging á la Hollywood with date palms on scene of the asserted imprisonment which yield fruits in December although the last crop was in August. A fake like the Jessica Parker story, the rollig chemical laboratories, the nuke treatment and further shit. All for justify a illegal war of aggression, only for moronic voters and for a flying splice. Enjoy the movie 'Wag the dog' and you know how the wind blows. This U.S. regime has
propagate so much featherbrained propagana lies that nobody but morons can believe them over again

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Dublin - Solidarity with Ploughshares Backin the Four Courts, Friday Dec. 19th

17-12-2003 23:10


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Saddam's Capture and the Media Circus

17-12-2003 17:48

A few thoughts on the capture of Saddam Hussein, the reaction of the corporate media and whether or not this will diminish the Iraqi resistance to colonial occupation.

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Democracy U.S. style (by Latuff)

17-12-2003 05:02

Copyright-free photomontage by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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"Bad Santa Saddam" - short video

16-12-2003 19:33

Using the Centcom's press conference footage of Saddam Hussein's capture, the fictitious Santa News Network breaks the story of Bad Santa being captured.

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"The truth can get you in a whole lot of trouble here."

16-12-2003 16:48

Friends of truth and the recognition it brings,

Well all is backslapping and smiles as the Saddam monster (of US creation) is corralled. Looks like he’s been hit with a good course of benzodiazphines already, lest he begin to jabber about his old friends in the CIA and White House betraying him.

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15-12-2003 16:34

DISARM DSEI 2005: Shut down Spearhead
The fight continues...

Open Meeting: 18th January 2004, 2pm, LARC, Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel, London.

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When Dictator is Booted from White House America Can Rebuild.

14-12-2003 19:53

I find it very interesting that just a few days after the American appointed governing council in Iraq votes to begin a tribunal for Iraqi war criminals even though no constitution has been ratified that could legitimize any form of Judiciary in Iraq, Saddam Hussein conveniently shows up.

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a good day to bury bad news

14-12-2003 17:33

Poetic response to the news about finding Saddam Hussein

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Gulf War Latest - Republican Guard in Watford Gap

14-12-2003 16:36

The latest news from the year 2095 - Iraq has invaded Britain and toppled its despotic regime. Republican Guard tanks have captured Watford Gap. Regime paramilitaries are conducting a last stand around Oxford. Read more to find out what life will be like at the end of the twenty-first century.

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A Bloody History of Northwood HQ: Theatrical Protests, 17 January 2004

13-12-2003 21:57

From World War Iraq
A Bloody History of Northwood HQ
Theatrical Protests around the base

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Justice for Urslaan! Detained by US Military in Iraq for 7 weeks without charge

13-12-2003 19:24

British student arrested and detained without charge for 7 weeks by the US Military in Iraq. Despite been under constant interrogation, he has had no access to legal support or his family. We appeal to the Foreign Office to bring him back to the UK immediately and if any charges are made, at least he will be given his full legal and human rights.

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Alternative x-mas carol service

13-12-2003 00:47

Join the alternative x mas carol service!

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Human Rights Watch slams Coalition's dirty war tactics

12-12-2003 18:10

The Coalition took many precautions to spare civilians from the effects of the ground war, including vetting cluster munition strikes and giving guidance to troops involved in direct combat. The use by U.S. and U.K. ground forces of cluster munitions, especially in or near populated areas, however, was one of the major causes of civilian casualties in the war. Moreover, in some instances of direct combat, problems with training on as well as dissemination and clarity of the rules of engagement may have contributed to loss of civilian life.