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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Managed news: Inside the US/NATO military industrial media empire

05-07-2010 08:30

We face what appears to be a military industrial media empire so powerful and complex that truth is mostly absent or reported in disconnected segments with little historical context.

The US, in cooperation with NATO, is building global occupation forces for the control of international resources in support of Trilaterialist—US, Europe, Japan— corporate profits.

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Reminder: EDO decommissioners victory demo today!

05-07-2010 00:32

As resisting war crimes is now officially not a crime, there will be a victoy demo for the EDO decommissioners today (Monday 5th) outside EDO/ITT, Home Farm Road, Brighton, from 12 noon.

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Dangerous Crossroads in World History: Obama’s New Iran Sanctions: An Act of War

04-07-2010 21:22

"Iran is facing the exact same situation. Whereas the Obama Administration calmly portrays economic sanctions as “peaceful” solutions to political problems, they are anything but. The strategy here is to economically attack Iran until it responds militarily, giving the U.S. a fake moral high ground to “defend” itself, since the other side supposedly attacked first."

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Turkish troops getting ready to offensive attack against Kurdish Guerrilla

04-07-2010 21:16

Turkey says it has sent 20,000 troops into Northern Iraq in a new offensive against the rebel Kurdistan Workers Party or PKK. According to the semi-official Anatolia news agency, military officials say it's the last big attack before the onset of winter. So far there are no reports of casualties. The Turkish army is already conducting a large operation against the PKK in the Eastern Turkish province of Tunceli. Chris Morris reports from Ankara.

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Obama's new Iran sanctions are an act of war

04-07-2010 18:14

When the UN refused to agree to the severe sanctions that the U.S. wanted, Obama responded with typical Bush flair and went solo. The new U.S. sanctions against Iran — signed into law by Obama on July 1st — are an unmistakable act of war.

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Dubious intelligence on Iran's nuclear program used to justify sanctions and war

04-07-2010 12:09

Former IAEA Deputy Director General Olli Heinonen
Olli Heinonen, the Finnish nuclear engineer who resigned Thursday after five years as deputy director for safeguards of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), was the driving force in turning that agency into a mechanism to support U.N. Security Council sanctions against Iran.

Heinonen was instrumental in making a collection of intelligence documents showing a purported Iranian nuclear weapons research programme the central focus of the IAEA's work on Iran. The result was to shift opinion among Western publics to the view that Iran had been pursuing a covert nuclear weapons programme.

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Four Democracy Villagers jailed

04-07-2010 09:05

Four Democracy Villagers were apparently jailed yesterday (Saturday 3 July) by District Judge Nicholas Evans at City of Westminster Magistrates' Court, London.

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Photos from the Decommissioners trial

03-07-2010 23:24

On Wednesday after five of the Decommisioners were acquitted
Some photos from the closing days of the Decommissioners Trial, Hove Crown Court, July 2010

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EDO/ITT Decommissioners: photos

03-07-2010 17:34

photo call on the steps of hove crown court
A few photos from outside the court yesterday after the verdicts for Chris Osmond and Elijah (James) Smith had been announced, and from the press conference afterwards.

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Sanctions and war threats against Iran: Who cares about the Iranian people?

03-07-2010 12:11

Women Against War's billboard displayed in Albany, New York (April-June 2008)
Seemingly, the history is being repeated once again. The western leaders send sympathetic messages to the Iranian people and declare that they want the well-being of our nation. They express their understanding of the status of Iranian people and assert that they want to empower the "subjugated" and "oppressed" Iranians. However, the United States and its European allies, in long with their past trajectory, are recurrently failing to practice what they preach.

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[Video] Report of the blocade of the new detention center in Belgium

03-07-2010 11:59

The 25th of june 2010, 60 activists was bloking the new detention center in construction in Steenokkerzeel near Brussels, Belgium.

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An appeal for publicity to help Phoenix get his video footage returned to him

03-07-2010 01:14

Phoenix has lost his video camera with all the footage of the Democracy Village campaign and this is an appeal to help him get publicity to get the video tapes back to him as soon as possible.
Following is the message that Phoenix has just posted on Facebook and it is quite clear that this is a big loss to him.

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Hammer time: EDO decommissioners victory demo!

02-07-2010 23:32

There will be a victory demo to celebrate the EDO decommissioners' acquittal this Monday (the 5th) from 12 noon outside EDO/ITT on Home Farm Road, Brighton.

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Report: Israel, US preparing for war with Iran

02-07-2010 21:44

"The Israeli aircraft reportedly landed at the airport in Tabuk in northwest Saudi Arabia, which according to the report will act as the central base of operations for the Israeli air campaign against Iran."

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BP's Past and Present Wars Against People and the Environment

02-07-2010 21:38

The Guardian's George Monbiot and others on
BP War And Theft in Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Brazil, Angola, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Alaska, Texas, Gulf etc.

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Annual demo at Menwith Hill July 4th with Mark Thomas and Peter Tatchell

02-07-2010 16:39

Independence from America annual demonstration at Menwith Hill Sunday 4th July 2.00-7.00pm with Mark Thomas, Peter Tatchell Roy Bailey and loads of live music.

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EDO decommissioners victory complete!

02-07-2010 11:10

Smash EDO

Press Release

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Medialens: McChrystal - Death Squad Poster Boy

02-07-2010 09:42

The sacking of the head of NATO’s military command in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal, caused a surge in coverage of the man described by political analyst James Petras as “Cheney’s chief assassin”.

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The Spooks - the State’s department of smear, misinformation and cover up

01-07-2010 12:12

The Spooks, whether in the UK or USA are the State’s department of smear, misinformation and cover up.

If you take note of the MSM, the US people can sleep safe in their beds and their gallant spooks can rest easy, sure in the knowledge they have achieved a major coup by rounding up a paddy-wagon full of some of the USA's most deadly enemies. No, the FBI and the various US intelligence agencies have not finally rounded up the CEOs of the major US banks, who, due to their greed, negligence, some would say criminal behaviour, managed to bring the US economy to its knees. Nor is G.W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and General David Petraeus in jail, waiting for an indictment for war crimes to be handed down.

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Day Four of Five Day Peace Walk to Colchester

30-06-2010 19:59

Peace campaigners complete longest leg of five-day walk to support war resisters and to oppose Afghan war.