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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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30-01-2004 02:13

Art of War
Art of war

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Summit of informations for the actions in Munich (no-nato)

29-01-2004 23:46

What is the “NATO security conference“?

At the annual Munich “meeting for safety policy” as it officially called, military strategists, generals and armament experts, the ministers of foreign and of defence affairs of the NATO and the EU states, as well as representatives of the armament industry and the media, meet at the hotel “Bayerischer Hof “.

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American women soldiers returning from Iraq report rape by comrades-in-arms

29-01-2004 22:57

An article from the US newspaper Denver Post reports cases of US women soldiers being sexually assaulted by males in their own army. (And a thought of my own: if GI Janes are being raped, what are the "liberators" doing to Iraqi women?)

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Damn Hutton - But Don't Mourn Auntie

29-01-2004 22:01

Greg Dyke resigns , but it seems he is only following the orders of the BBC Board . You can look at this in all sorts of ways. For instance, I thought to myself: "So?" Others might be inclined to say something like "Huh?" and "Who gives a shit?"

Let's get back to the real issues...

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Greg Palast: BBC At War

29-01-2004 20:14

An excellent analysis of the Hutton whitewash.

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29-01-2004 14:51

The case of the Devonport 3 is now due to go to trial on 25th February NOT 9th February as originally expected.
There will still be a peaceful presence outside the court, so please do come along and support. For more info see

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Arms Trade Meeting

29-01-2004 12:50

Controlling the Arms Trade meeting

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Morons in Space

29-01-2004 03:35

state and corporate interests collude to militarize and monopolize space

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Lakenheath Action Group: Peace Events For Your Diaries

28-01-2004 10:04

17th and 18th JAN - Reclaim the Bases..More Likely 18th. demo at the gate, walk
around the base and display your banners.!..LAG more details Helen-07881782772.

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New Violence in Congo

28-01-2004 06:34

Even as the newswires are carrying stories about a media release from United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan praising steps toward reconciliation between Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and its neighbour Burundi, new violence has taken place in DRC

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Footage from Fairford coach Judicial Review Jan 2004

27-01-2004 23:17

Footage of Rhytmns of resistance protest outside Royal courts of Justice on JAn 15th 2004.

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'NO WAR' against Sydney Opera House 2 - Interview with 1 'artist' = Dave Burgess

27-01-2004 19:19

On January 30 [Will+Dave] will be charged for painting NO WAR in 5m high blood-red letters on the Sydney Opera House [..] Now the state authorities are [..] threatening a jail sentence of 5(!) years, plus charging an outrageous A$151,000. [..] Green Left Weekly spoke with Dave Burgess about the "very real prospect of going to gaol" (so Judge Blackmore) [..]

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Leak against this war

27-01-2004 19:01

US and British officials must expose their leaders' lies about Iraq - as I did over Vietnam.

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Libya and the US: How Terror Won

27-01-2004 18:48

If you believed the Reagan administration, Qadaffi was the source of every explosion, earthquake, blizzard and thunderstorm. If you believed Clinton and Major, he was responsible for Pan Am 103. If you believe Bush on anything, you need your fucking head examined.

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My correspondence with Benny Morris

27-01-2004 17:36

My correspondence with Benny Morris about his article in Haaretz

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Holocaust Day is Hutton Eve - poem

27-01-2004 17:11

An 18 line poem the peace and justice campaigner author was moved to create after attending a Holocaust Memorial in Swindon on 27 Jan - just one day before Hutton reports on death of weapons inspector Dr David Kelly

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An Idiot Guide to the Ubiquitous WMD

27-01-2004 16:37

An Idiot Guide to the Ubiquitous WMD

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Humanitarian Bombers in Court

27-01-2004 13:27

Dutch leaders give evidence on the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia - full version.

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Petition to Bush for Release of 3 Anti-Nuke Nuns from Prison

27-01-2004 04:41


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...“Bring ’em on,” “is” the Bush doctrine! Unlike Clinton Bush understands What

27-01-2004 00:15

Bush Is Unafraid to Personally Go to War?
In every age...the ultimate sources of war are the beliefs of those in power:
their idea about what is of most fundamental importance
and may therefore ultimately be worth a war.
-- Evan Luard, author International War