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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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DEATH SQUAD DEMOCRACY IN IRAQ: How America Installed Its Puppets

13-04-2005 04:29

Tens of thousands of Iraqis poured into the streets to say No To America, No to Death Squads, and No to the new puppet government. As Iaqis are conditioned to kill each other it is believed that the "tipping point" of insurgency has already passed.Nonviolant demonstration of peaceful Iraqis might be the only method towards success. prove be the best strategy

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Caterpillar workforce surprised by Israeli arms trade protest

12-04-2005 19:49

- An article about a recent Manchester action to inspire any Oxford activists thinking of going on the Caterpillar national action on Saturday -

Workers arriving at the Caterpillar - Perkins site in Irlam, Greater Manchester on the morning of April 10th were surprised, first by a 30 foot yellow banner with an acrylic image of a Palestinian, head in hands, whose house is being demolished by a Cat bulldozer while an Israeli soldier stands guard.

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Caterkiller Peterlee (Co. Durham) Blockaded

12-04-2005 19:02

The blockade in progress..
On 12th April 2005, activists from across the North East carried out a blockade of Caterpillar's Peterlee site in protest at their supplying of bulldozers to Israel, used in house demolitions which have made 50 000 homeless since 1967, and killed dozens.

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London groups forms to help Craig Murray defeat Jack Straw

12-04-2005 15:28

A new group has formed in London to provide support for Craig Murray’s campaign to unseat Jack Straw – get involved and help make dodgy dossiers and torture endorsement old news.

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12-04-2005 11:50

Defend the right to protest.

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EDO day of action in Brighton

12-04-2005 11:36

Come along tomorrow to EDO/MBM's premises to demonstrate against thier bomb-making factory and for the right to protest. EDO is seeking a High Court injuunction in its attempt to quash peaceful protest at its Brighton factory.

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"Hit The Road Jack Straw" - Craig Murray's campaign song

12-04-2005 08:20

Craig Murray's campaign song, recorded and produced by The Rub, is now online.

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Remember Iraq when voting, pleads conscientious objector

12-04-2005 08:16

A conscientious objector who refused to fight with the
British Army in Iraq will this week urge voters in
Reading to remember the cost of the decision to go to
war when making their election choice.

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12-04-2005 02:50

Tens of Thousands of Protesters poured into the streets of Iraq cities and shouted No!No! to America. Give our country back we do not want you and your recently installed selected imported puppets that are hiding in your Green Zone. Iraqis said for anybody who likes to hear that they want the American and their Death Squads out of the country. These new nonviolent strategy, if persistent, might be a far effective way to get rid of the invaders that the insurgency.

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Fallen Soldier's Mother Speaks Out - Murderous Thugs

12-04-2005 02:49

Lying murederour thugs run this country and I am imploring you all to wake up!

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Caterpillar Kills: PSC Motorcade and Rally in Birmingham April 16th

11-04-2005 17:03

National/Regional PSC Caterpillar Kills

Action April 16th 2005

Motorcade and Rally

Show your opposition to house demolitions and casualties

Gather Hopwood Service Station M 42 at

Then Motorcade to Caterpillar Headquarters at Hockley Heath Solihull for a legal drive by.

Make your views known. Bring a letter of protest and a small symbolic object for Managing Director and Board of Caterpillar.

Then convoy to Birmingham, Victoria Square at and Rally for Palestine.

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support human rights activists in Colombia

09-04-2005 20:52

Below is a letter to the powers that be in Colombia. Please send it. I know writing letters is not the most empowering thing to do, but in this case its probably the only thing we can do

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Operation Gladio

09-04-2005 16:14

the gladio project was a real thing that happened why not read some more folks

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April 13: International Day of Action to Stop Caterpillar

09-04-2005 15:32

International Day of Action to Stop Caterpillar
Human rights groups to demand investigation of Israeli war crimes at Caterpillar's Annual Meeting in Chicago on April 13 - Simultaneous protests scheduled for dozens of cities around the world.

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Faslane G8 Action

09-04-2005 11:20

A call-out for support for the Faslane Blockade Monday 4th July

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Pope buried in the dung heap of civilization

08-04-2005 17:26

Il Papa: Nobody protested at this unprecedented gathering of criminal world leaders...

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Don’t go boys and girls

08-04-2005 15:46

(Note to U.S. troops. If you are ordered to participate in any action
that is a violation of the Geneva Conventions or the Law of Land
Warfare, you have the legal right and obligation to refuse these orders and report the violation through the chain of command and PAST THE CHAIN OF COMMAND if necessary. If you are stifled in any way in your reporting of criminal activity, contact us at BTHN,( and we will assist you. We have access to military legal experience. Hostage taking is one of those violations. No one above the rank of SSG has been prosecuted for Abu Ghraib, so you know when these things come out who will be designated to take the fall. Every officer will develop amnesia about the incident and leave you twisting in the breeze. And read the piece below about your fearless leader, Donald Rumsfeld. He's assessing your situation with 'metrics' in his 'Iraq Room.' Dr. Stranglove, anyone?) Please spread this message to military folks everywhere.

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Murders, Death Threats and Disappearances in Colombia

08-04-2005 15:37

Following the massacre of 8 members of the San Jose Peace Community in February, other human rights activists connected with different peace communities are under attack. A death threat was received by the NGO Justicia y Paz a week ago, and now 5 members have been "disappeared".

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The Peace Cycle 2005 - A Unique International Event

08-04-2005 13:57

The annual bike ride from London to Jerusalem to raise awareness of the situation in Palestine is now being planned and riders for this year can sign up via the website

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Report of week of action against Iraq Pillage

08-04-2005 13:00

free market map of Iraq

The first days of April were designated a `Week of action against the corporate pillage of Iraq' by a group known as the Corporate Pirates [Website | Email ]. We report back on how that week of action has gone...