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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Hamas ready for peaceful coexistence with Israel within the borders of 1967

20-12-2006 00:03

an interview with Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal

Khaled Meshaal is the political leader of the Palestinian Hamas movement, which earlier this year came to power with a large majority in the free and democratic election in Palestine. In summer 2006 the Israeli Minister of Justice Haim Ramon publicly confirmed his government’s order to kill Khaled Meshaal. In 1997 in the Jordanian capital Amman Meshaal survived a assassination attempt by Israel’s secret service Mossad by a narrow margin. Currently the leading Hamas politician lives in Syrian asylum in Damascus under strong security.

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55 mile walk from Brighton to London ends in SOCPA showdown.

19-12-2006 23:19

3 Brighton activists marched the 55 miles for 3 days from Brighton to Whitehall to deliver letters to Downing Street and postcards to the foreign Office demanding the release of Brighton resident Omar Deghayes from Guantanamo Bay.

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Faslane action

19-12-2006 20:21

Wednesday morning, 7:30am. A dark road somewhere North of Glasgow. Scottish cold and rain beating in my face. I'm chained via a bike lock to Irene, veteran of the Faslane struggle. One arm disappears into a tube, at the other end of which is my mate Steve. There are seven of us, five women and two men, standing in a line stretched across the road.

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Iraqi unions attack plans for foreign control of oil

19-12-2006 17:47

Press release from PLATFORM on the oil grab in Iraq

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Falsified Records Aid 9/11 Coverup

19-12-2006 12:20


On May 16 2004, I published an article entitled “Media published fake passenger lists for American Airlines flight 11”. The article was revised on Sept 20, 2006. The article revealed that the mainstream media had fabricated passenger lists for the alleged flight American Airlines 11. I say “alleged flight”, because official flight data from the US Bureau of Transportation Statistics indicates that no such flight existed on the day.

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UK troops rampage through Kandahar

19-12-2006 10:59

An official investigation was launched December 9 into allegations that British troops had opened fire indiscriminately at civilians in Kandahar city, southern Afghanistan, following a suicide car bomb attack on a NATO-led convoy.

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piquet against repression in chile

19-12-2006 02:31

Land and freedom to all political prisoners
In support of all the political prisoners mapuche.

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Privy Council: Vast majority of Afghanis struggle for the "bare essentials of su

19-12-2006 00:57

The bleak forecast of the heavily censored report is at odds with recent claims by other Canadian officials. It says the vast majority of the population still struggles for the "bare essentials of survival," just as they did in the days of the Taliban
Last year’s report slammed NGOs for their "squandering of aid money"

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Grey power for peace

18-12-2006 23:49

Prosecutor's plan to retry 69-year-old Rosemarie Jackowski, for blocking traffic while protesting the Iraq war. The battle is turning the feisty 4-foot-10 inch former schoolteacher into a darling of the dove crowd, the anti-war movement's newest folk hero and cause celebre.

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18-12-2006 23:45

US Supply Line
The flawed assessment offered by the Baker-Hamilton report neglects a crucial aspect of the political-military situation of the US and other foreign armed forces in Iraq: the danger that the US army of occupation might be cut off, encircled, and annihilated as a fighting force over the next few months. This flaw in turn makes it easier for Baker-Hamilton to reject a priori the one rational response to the current reality, which is the extrication of US forces before it is too late. We do not need a new way forward in Iraq; we require a speedy way out of Iraq.

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Police Refuse to Investigate Assault on Protester

18-12-2006 22:46

Smash EDO Press Release

Contact Andrew Beckett or Sarah Johnson For more

Email -, tel 07875708873

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New Year's Eve Peace Vigil on Salisbury Plain

18-12-2006 19:02

map of Imber 1
For the fifth consecutive year a Salisbury Plain Peace Vigil will be held on the army range at 12 noon on New Year's Eve 31 December 2006

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speech of Rabbi Cohen in Teheran: Orthodox Jewish attitude to the 'Holocaust'

18-12-2006 18:53

"As is well known, Zionism and the Holocaust have become very much intertwined over the years and the Zionists make a great issue of the Holocaust in order to further their illegitimate philosophy and aims."

"We put effort into attending occasions such as this because we feel that we have both a religious and religion based humanitarian duty to spread our message as much as possible."

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CIA Recruiting 'Terrorists' in Egypt to Fight in Iraqi and Afghanistan

18-12-2006 15:39

Russian newspaper Pravda reported a few days ago that the Russian president is "furious" with the American war leader, George W. Bush, over his breaking of a promise to not provide US funding to Israeli for their War on Lebanon last summer. In an even greater affront to Russia, and its supposed Middle Eastern ally Egypt, reports also accused the US of operating a "CIA/French Intelligence backed terror ring on Egyptian territory for the recruitment of foreign fighters to be deployed in the Iraqi and Afghanistan wars." Egyptian authorities, however, had infiltrated the group and arrested the American and French ring leaders.

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See also Al-Ahram's article "The European connection":

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Bush administration elaborates plans for bloodbath in Iraq

18-12-2006 15:18

Reports on the Bush administration’s discussions on a change of course in Iraq indicate that Washington is preparing a major new bloodbath as part of a desperate attempt to salvage its nearly four-year-old bid to conquer the oil-rich country.

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Chomsky, Zinn et al.: petition for troops out of Iraq now!

18-12-2006 15:06

Why we stand for immediate withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Iraq

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The March to War: Political Crises in Lebanon and Palestine

18-12-2006 01:06

map of the 'New Middle East'
Lebanon and Palestine are both unique lands on the shores of the Eastern Mediterranean and within the Levant; they are two ancient lands that have seen great armies and navies come and go in the course of history. Under various names and identities, both Lebanon and Palestine have seen more than their share of bloodshed and violence as different groups, interests, and entities have sought in the course of history to take control of their lands.

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No Matter What Ahmadinejad Does He'll be Portrayed as the New Hitler

17-12-2006 19:17

Did Ahmadinejad really threaten to wipe out Israel? No more than scientists predicting the melting of the polar ice caps are threatening to melt them themselves. What Ahmadinejad did say was that, "The Zionist regime will be wiped out soon the same way the Soviet Union was" (5) ­ a prediction, not a threat.

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Short film of smash edo masquerade

17-12-2006 14:10

Smash EDO,, aim to close down Brighton's arms dealers, EDO MBM

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US Call to Action: Days of Resistance to the War - March 19 and 20th, 2007

17-12-2006 10:09

This call to action comes from a number of different organizations and individuals involved in the anti-war movement. Our organizing experiences have left us feeling disappointed in ourselves and in the movement as a whole. Organizing against the war in Iraq has led us to believe that marching and chanting has not made enough of an impact nor done enough to end the brutal realities of the occupation. This has got to change.